Diane Lockhart is the Best Character on TV

At the start of every semester, I ask my students what’s their favorite TV show. It’s my way of introducing myself as a fangirl and also gathering a little bit of intel about their personalities.  Last spring one student answered, “The Good Wife, because it’s the unsung hero of network television.” And immediately, I gave her an A....more

The Real Housewife of Comedy

I admit it...my biggest guilty pleasure: those damn 'Real' Housewives.  Don't make that face, I know  you're watching them too...wishing  it was you in that make-up chair getting your hair done by your portable gay with the magic wand. I wish I knew before I searched and searched for the perfect man that all I really needed was a gay guy. Ladies, those are the men we should be using our energy to find....more

Things You Should Think About When Listening to 'Serial'

There’s a new hot podcast out there right now that’s topping This American Life (for all of you podcast nerds). It’s Serial, a journalistic investigation of the 15-year-old murder of high schooler Hae Min Lee and her boyfriend, Adnan Syed, who was convicted and is currently serving a life sentence in prison....more
theladyokie BlogHer thanks, Amanda :))more

The Joy of Geekitude

Cross-posted from Measi's Musings It doesn't seem that long ago that being a geek was a bad thing. Geeks were the outsiders, the ones that never seemed to belong anywhere, the ones to look down upon. ...more

Elf On The Shelf and The Legend of Belsnickel

Elf on the Shelf is creepy. The face, the disproportionate limbs, the mythology dating back to the mid-1990s -- it is all creepy, commercialized and secularized. Obviously, it is destined for greatness.The history of Christmas as a holiday and tradition is rife with cultural appropriation, secularization and lots of red-n-green washing. Trees became mainstream thanks to Prince Albert (German) bringing the tradition to England when he married Queen Victoria. Germans carried the tradition elsewhere as well, including into the Church!...more

Sharktopus vs. Mermantula

I am so excited about Sharktopus vs. Mermantula, I can hardly wait.I keep calling it Shartopuss or Sharktopolis, but that’s because I’m me, and words don’t come out right sometimes. It’s my brain’s way of saying it’s smarter than me.I still occasionally say: "cup-o-my-chino" instead of cappuccino, but I blame that on my unsophisticated upbringing in a town where cows mooed at us during football games.(Ok, it wasn’t that bad, it was called “Champion Township” after all.)...more

Once Upon A Time, Season 4/Episode 10 Recap: When You Wish Upon A Plot Convenience

This week's episode begins with a glorious overhead shot of the rack that started it all: ...more
Oh I really hate Rumple! I was really starting to like him after he and Belle got married and ...more

10 Stereotypes You Face When Traveling Globally as a American-Californian Woman

stephliebold heheh Yes I guess so! I'd actually prefer Dr Dre's 'California' to Katy Perry's ...more

We believe

I realize at the ages of 8 and 6 years old the time our girls believe may be limited before someone or something alerts them to the realization of what may be real during the Christmas season.  Our intent when this does occur is to keep the belief alive with the magic of the season.We watched the movie Elf recently and my eldest had to read all the credits to see who was Santa, thankfully they listed Santa :)  For now, our girls still believe in Santa Claus and our Elf on the shelf, Earl. Their excitement for this season bubbles over and out....more

The Time Radar Online Beat Me To The Punch

Okay this was a totally unexpected title to a post right? I know. LOL! ...more