Virgo Moon This Weekend – All About The Details!

Saturday and Sunday, 15 & 16th of November, 2014, the Moon will be in Virgo the 6th sign of the Zodiac. There is a mood shift from the playful, sunny, “I” oriented Leo Moon of the last few days into the dutiful, service and work oriented Earth sign Virgo. Well, it won’t be sequins and glitter, but, we will be useful and organized. Make the most of it....more

Bravo TV, My Sad Addiction

I had big plans for my recovery. While resting my bum ankle  I was going to read! I was going to blog! I would email old friends! Do upper body workouts, play board games, take up the art of some sort of Zen meditation... you get the idea.  But instead. ...more
Oh you have to get back there. That is if you want to lose hours of your time and start ...more

Take Me Back To The 80’s

If time travel were possible, I would have a time machine take me back to the 80’s. I wouldn’t go back permanently, bt taking a vacation to that decade would be fun. I’d bring back a lot of souvenirs…not that I’d need many, since I think I still have some memorabilia stashed at my parent’s house! Just kidding, I’d be bringing tons of souvenirs back with me. I wouldn’t miss that opportunity!...more

Randy Jackson Syndrome his announcement that he’s leaving American Idol after 13 seasons, I can no longer claim Randy Jackson Syndrome as the reason I’m still staying put in my field after 8 years....more

Do these sunglasses make my nose look fat?

I love to tell people that I'm a comedy writer/actress because I secretly hope that they won't judge me too much on my looks...I'm not bad looking but we all have those moments, let's be honest. When I make the mistake of asking my husband if my butt looks too big when trying on outfits to go wherever, he says 'Oh yeah'! To the men who may be reading this post...not the right answer, just to let you know. I admit it, I like to eat and I don't like to work out. I can't be one of those girls who has a piece of kale for lunch and does not include the word cupcake in their vocabulary....more

Taylor Swift Representin' New Yawk Is Some B@lls**t

WTF? 8 months in a 20 million dollar spot in downtown Manhattan and now Taylor Swift represents New Yawk as New York City’s Global Welcome Ambassador ?  Fuggedabout it!...more

13 Things I Can Say That Taylor Swift Can’t Even Though We Are the Same Age

Taylor Swift's new album, 1989, came out on October 27th. It was a very Monday feeling Monday so I ran to my local Target, bought the deluxe version, and have been blasting Taylor's album during my commute for the past two weeks. One of the first things that struck me about 1989, other than how catchy it was, was how Taylor reminisces about Polaroids. (Fun fact: the deluxe album gives you a random pile of Polaroids "from Taylor" to enjoy.) ...more
I totally know what you mean about getting perspective on your life! I look at Taylor Swift all ...more

Man Crush Monday first #ManCrushMonday post. To make up for not participating for so long, I’m posting my most significant crushes over the years.Anyone here on your list? What’s yours?#ManCrushMonday Over the Years ...more
lol jump, jump!more

Once Upon A Time - My Season 4/Episode 7 Recap: Family Schmamily

 We begin this week's tale in the lovely Austrian Alps Arendelle where we see the Von...more

The Real Deal About Reality TV

Four years ago, I announced my biggest, most private secret… on reality TV.  I was a 25 year old virgin.  When I signed up for the show Why Am I Still Single, I genuinely thought it would help me in my dating life.  But I also wanted to inspire other girls.  AKA, I’m a “normal” girl, and it’s alright not to give it up right away.   Plus, I was pumped to be on television.  So I embarked on this adventure with an open mind.  Maybe too open....more