Selfie = Power!

I finally had a chance, fit into my browsing time, to flip through the Kim Kardashian West’s Selfie book. I have to tell you I was surprised 1st off by the size of it, I was expecting a large book like Madonna’s Sex book, but instead a found a small book about ½ the thickness of a phone book. The 2nd surprise was that of jealousy; I was jealous....more

FF - Guest Geek

Today, for the first time ever, I have a guest blogger! Please welcome New Hampshire author J.E. Seymour to the Fandom Friday space. The Geekiest Place on Earth by J.E. Seymour ...more

Jacqueline de Ribes--Nicknamed 'The Last Queen of Paris' Gets an Exhibit at the Met

The Metropolitan Museum of Art's fall costume exhibit breaks down Jacqueline de Ribes style. -PJ Gach...more

Birthday Shuffle V - Day 6 - Are You Gonna Go My Way?

I first heard this Lenny Kravitz song when he appeared onthe David Letterman Show.I liked the beat, and I immediatelydeveloped a girl crush on his drummer. This song is on my cycling playlist because I canrock out and keep pedaling to the beat. Of course, Lenny Kravitz is more familiar nowas Cinna on the "Hunger Games" series. ...more

Birthday Shuffle V - Day 4 - Music

Music by Madonna...more

Ben and Jen Are Divorcing

 News has been confirmed that Ben Affleck (massa Ben to some - hey, I couldn't pass that one up) and Jennifer "Alias" Garner are heading to Divorce Court....more

Why I Think We Should Give Bristol Palin a Break

I'm going to assume that you've already heard Bristol Palin's recent happy news: that she is expecting her second child. However, it seems that no one is actually happy about it.For the past few days since she made her initial announcement, just about all I've seen on the internet is ridicule and disgust (from Fox News to Joe Schmoe on Facebook), so much so that Bristol made a second statement essentially telling everyone to "back off."...more

Why No One Should Be Mad at Beyoncé's Vegan Diet Business

The Internet is pretty mad at Beyoncé right now. Earlier this month on “Good Morning America” she “unveiled” that her vegan diet helped her lose weight and keep it off her self-described naturally curvy body. Granted, this is not the breakthrough of the century. We already knew that Beyoncé has been sort of vegan for awhile now....more
With all due respect, as a farmer (who doesn't even raise livestock), it goes both ways --- ...more

7 Must-See Post-Apocalyptic Shows

It's no big secret: the novel I am polishing this month is a post-apocalyptic story. I have an obsession love for the genre that has spurred on my very first novel and a short story as well.  Today, I'm going to give you the top 7 post-apocalyptic shows that will inspire you, keep you wanting more, and make you glad that you're watching events unfold across a screen and not in real life. Without further ado:...more