Are My Facebook Posts Obnoxious?

The messages that started this post were a few of the comments I received. I know most of them were meant to be sarcastic because only my family, where sarcasm is a dominant gene, and friends, whom if not connoisseurs of sarcasm don't last long, are my friends on Facebook. So I know they were just teasing... sort of... kind of... right? Or are they nicely, with humor, trying to tell me something else? Does posting this kind of thing make me obnoxious? Is it offensive? Does it mean that I'm unfeeling or out of touch? Am I a show-off and just plain nasty? ...more
Jealousy is an interesting and tricky thing.  When I know I'm not in a place to celebrate with ...more

'Female Force: Julia Child' Now an Interactive App!

Loved the Female Force: Julia Child comic book? Get ready for the app! -PJ Gach...more

Here We Go Again: Mercury Retrograde 6/7/14!

Retrograde Mercury strikes again on June 7, 2014, the 2nd of the year. It begins in Water sign Cancer – emotions, family, friends, the past. Then on 6/17, the planet backs into the Air sign it rules, Gemini, until 7/1 when Mercury, planet of communication, short trips, siblings, goes Direct. We can deal, we can handle, we will survive it! Again....more

'Maleficent' Movie Review: Why did she curse that innocent infant?

No Spoilers Here... just a few peeks at the lucious imagery of Disney's latest....more

An Open Letter to Gwyneth Paltrow (With Apologies to Madonna)

Dear Gwyneth,I am sure you won't be offended when I say, WTF girl?  Do you LIKE destroying yourself in the public eye?  Is this some sort of negative attention PR campaign you're fooling around with as in "Any publicity since I became a recluse Mommy is good publicity?"  Um, NO.  Not in your case sweetheart.What does your mother have to say about this?  Of course I hardly recognize her in her new commercials for her bone medication but still, Blythe has what does SHE have to say about you?...more

Do Gadgets Help Kids?

There are a few universal expressions that every parent has uttered since the dawn of time. “Boy, they sure grow up fast,” is likely a contender for the number one spot for parents of older children. On the other end of the spectrum (ie. parents of young children), it's likely, "things were a lot simpler back when I was a child."...more

10 Things I Will Never Understand

1. Dog food commercials ...more

New Moon in Loquacious Gemini 5/28/14

Yes, I could have just used the word “Chatty”, however, Wednesday’s New Moon, with start up, initiating energy, will be in Communication focused Gemini. The Moon is considered “New” when the Sun and Moon are in the same Zodiac sign and this time is great for new ideas and implementing new projects. Just be sure to verify whatever information comes your way before taking action. We will certainly be spurred on to share thoughts, feelings, stories at length regardless of who wants to listen. So get your facts straight. (Short and sweet works best sometimes....more

Words of Wisdom That Don't Work Because I'm Too Neurotic

  *Author's Note:  Proceed only if you're checking in with your sense of humor in tow*  Because I always make sure to watch only quality television, today's post was inspired by some lines I constantly hear from certain reality shows.  (Don't bother asking me which ones I'm referring to).  Admittedly, I did have to add some on my own, thus completing this list of words of wisdom that drive me insane when I hear them spoken....more
Lori Wescott LOL!  That's funny, but SO true, Lori!  Thanks for that added 'words of wisdom' :-))more

Weekend Moon in Aries and Taurus – Crackle & Practicality

Beginning on Friday May 23, 2014, the Moon vibrates in energetic Fire sign Aries for most of the weekend. As always with Aries, ruled by “warrior planet” Mars, make sure you have something physical to do. All this sign’s energy can make it a fun time, but just reign in any aggressive urges, think before you act. Power down occasionally so that loved ones don’t feel that they are in the presence of a bulldozer, but by all means, take advantage of the action....more