"We Saw Your Boobs" at the Oscars - Seth MacFarlane's Sexism, Biting Satire or Both?

Seth MacFarlane performed what is likely Hollywood’s most thankless job Sunday night -- hosting the Oscars.  Right on cue, his bad reviews came in.  Buzzfeed, among many other publications such as Daily Beast, did a takedown of his "juvenile" material and his nine most sexist moments.  Not being familiar with Mr....more
@HapaMamaGrace You were having a better time, I can assure you!more

T & T Oscar Coverage

I think Seth MacFarlane is adorable! So impish, yet innocent, and multi-talented! I suppose he based the Family Guy character of Stewie (apart from the violence) on himself. And I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks he's a doppelganger for Peter Brady (Christopher Knight)....more

She's Nine

 She's nine.She's not a Lindsey who is an adult and, should, know better.She's not a Kardashian who made it big with an infamous sex tape therefore creating a brand: sex.She's not a Janet who consciously shed her "little sister" image by posing suggestively on her new album....more

Oscars 2013

 Since I am a few hours late to the game today, my post may seem redundant. However the Oscars are like Christmas to a girl like me so I have to share my favorites. As it turns out, most of these ladies make my list every year, so I am not surprised to see them back this year.  ...more

Oscar 2013 Fashion Round-Up

Whew!  What a weekend it was!  Between our Celebrity Moms, our martini post, our blog hop, and our party on Twitter and Instagram, it was a BUSY weekend.  I got locked out of Twitter during the height of our Twitter party, so that was a little bit of a bummer.  But all in all, it was very fun!  I do have a little energy left in me to wrap up my favorite Oscar fashion picks. ...more

The Onion’s Racist Treatment of Quvenzhané Wallis at the 2013 Oscars

I love the Oscars. Every year, I sit down happily with wine and treats to watch the movies that I’ve been checking out and loving get nominated and honoured. This year, Les Miserables was my favourite, and I really highly enjoyed the performances by the cast and the speeches being made by everyone involved. Oscar Night didn’t disappoint in its general award-ceremony-ness -- but then it did....more
I can't wag my finger at Seth for an inappropriate joke because he sexualizes an infant on his ...more

It is NOT okay.

I could go off on a tangent about how much the Oscars sucked this year, how Seth MacFarlane is a disgusting pig, or how stupid it was this year, but instead I'll focus on what is sure to be the main topic in feminist (and news) sites all over in the next few hours:...more

A Normal Woman's Guide to the Oscars

It's Oscar Time! Take my excitement for what it is: a mumbled sentence.  My plane ride yesterday + an accidental overdose of Benadryl has left me a trainwreck today.  Ughhhh....Here it is: Your normal girl's guide to the Oscars. I am not an industry insider. I haven't seen all the nominees.  I do not own a designer dress. "Designer" for me means something from The Gap.Here we go:...more

Our Favorite Celebrity Oscar Moms


Hypersexualizing Women Leads to Self-Objectification - More Destructive and Prevalent than Society Admits

Images of Rihanna nestled close to fiancé Chris Brown at the Grammys last week were disturbing, considering he had previously punched her in the face, bitten and beaten her, even tattooing what appeared to be an image of the same on his neck.  Beyoncé’s recent half-time show at the Super Bowl was called “sexy” by pundits, but could just as easily be called hyper-sexualized....more
@Anita Finlay Yes!  Adele, exactly!  I could listen to and watch her sing all day.  I love her ...more