"I know that how I speak to myself actually causes things to change in my physiology and in my world." Deepak Chopra...more

Justin Bieber in the Recycle Bin

By Mary HillMy daugher asked for a new poster for her room for her birthday. She already had a poster of Justin Bieber over her keyboard. I figured she would just add the poster of her new favorites to her room.  I found this, however, the other day. ...more

That Customer

Lil Debbie Living Her Dream

Hey family!!!So last night if you didn't watch Black Girls Rock! on BET then you happened to miss someone who I talk about a LOT on here.. LIL DEBBIE!!!Yes.. My first born was one of the dancers with Janelle Monae and OPENED the show!!! Seriously no bias here BUT THEY ROCKED IT!!! I am sooooo proud of her and happy she got this opportunity!!...more

Art for Art's Sake

My father called this week to ask why I’m not spending every minute of every day pursuing job leads, sending out résumés and going on interviews.  He expressed concern that a fiftysomething middle manager could become unemployable and impoverished if he stays out of the workforce too long.  I could tell that he was following up on my mother’s call of last week (she was of the opinion that my ambivalence toward writing job applications must indicate that I am depressed over having been recently laid off...more


I have always understood “bluehairs” to be a pejorative term for old ladies.  From whence did this disparaging term arise?  Equating white hair with blue doesn’t make much sense to me.  Does this have something to do with poor hair coloring jobs performed by questionable salons upon the white hair of seniors?  And why doesn’t this disparaging term seem to apply to men?...more

Seduction at Sea

            Sailors who have been on a voyage away from dry land for far too long always report a sighting of a maiden sitting atop a rock, singing, while combing her long, beautiful hair. Her song is so magical and enticing that sailors do lose their focus and end up crashing against the rocks in the shallow water. From earliest times, every nation on earth has claimed waters were filled with half-fish, half-human beings....more

Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm

I kind of feel like 90s nostalgia really has gotten a shot in the arm in the last few years, and rightly so.  A lot of classic parts of pop culture really did come from that decade – music, TV, movies, you name it....more
I am going to have “Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm” stuck in my head all. darned. day. ;-)more

Die Another Day

This was originally going to be the only Madonna song on the list. Now it will be one of two. I chose this one because I feel like it’s one of Madonna’s most underrated singles, even though when I first heard it, I was kind of put off by the remarkable amount of vocoder. What worked for Cher in “Believe” apparently didn’t work for Madonna on “Die Another Day.”...more

Make It Happen

This year's NaBloPoMo will be a journey through 30 songs - with 30 different stories attached to them.  First up, Mariah Carey....more