Let Us Prepare – Time For Mercury Retrograde Again, 9/17/15

“People get ready…” Communication planet Mercury will appear to go backwards in the sky on Thursday, September 17, 2015 in relationship focused Libra. The harmony seeking 7th sign of the Zodiac is about partnerships, collaborations, socializing. Don’t be surprised if people from the past - co-workers, lovers, business partners - suddenly pop up to haunt, bite or even please us.Pay attention  to what you write, what you say in order to lessen the possibility of negative impact as you interact with others – slips of the tongue and pen, Freudian or otherwise, can easily occur. Mercury Retrograde is not automatically an event of huge, messy snafus. Back up all the tech stuff, check batteries, be meticulous and be careful. (Jump all over the details.)...more
Oh good grief. Another one? Already? And relationships? Gah. I'm not ready!more


I confess that I’m an undercover ratchet chick. For many people, this may come as a complete shock. To others, I am positive that they are cackling with delight by this admission. The struggle is real y’all. Please know that I ask for deliverance. Black progression is extremely important to me. I have protested, written commentary and used my voice to speak against the injustices in our community but I, also, indulge in some good ratchetry. I’m talking “drinking Boones Farm from the bottle while popping gum” ratchetry....more

Reasons to Host a Scavenger Hunt

 Reasons to Host a Scavenger HuntSome of the biggest questions asked of Thrill of the Hunt are, "What occasions are good for a scavenger hunt?" and "How can I incorporate a scavenger hunt into my event?"...more

Shot through the heart and tv bosses are to blame--five shows whose early demise caused great pain

I gave up on network television a long time ago. Pretty much anything that was either interesting or unique or perhaps even entertaining never lasted with few exceptions. I weep to live in a world where Sofia Vergara is the highest paid television "actress" and Asshton (deliberate misspelling) Kutcher is the highest paid "actor". It's insulting, not only to you and me, but also to people who are talented for reelz....more

FF - I heart DubSmashWar Round One

It's here! DubsmashWar Round One has begun! Well, kind of - Team Carter has their submission up, but Team Shield is radio silent... hmmm... hope this doesn't mean Loki is misbehaving again...Because this war is also raising money for charity, they've asked that people not embed videos for the duration. So, please click on the link below to view, then come back here to discuss. I'll wait...*cue Jeopardy music*Videos are up on Crowdrise, official host of DubSmashWar...more

The Rejection of My Favorite 80’s Boy Band…By My 3 Year Old

Yesterday my almost 4 year-old son was a passenger with me on the way to Wal-Mart when I cranked up some New Edition. Figuring that these fierce early 80’s beats and 13-year-old falsettos would appeal to him, I indulged my inner fangirl.I started off with the first New Edition song I’d ever heard: ‘Cool It Now’. I was at Hugo’s roller skating rink when I first heard them singing about how their ‘lite wings have changed’.30 years later I thought that sounded a little weird and Googled it. It turns out that ‘life brings a change’....more

Should Adults Read YA Fiction?

Bachelor in Paradise Twitter Roundup: Was an Eliminated Cast Member Also Involved in Textgate?

Looking for a Bachelor in Paradise fix before tonight's episode?  The next best thing to watching Bachelor in Paradise is seeing all the reactions on Twitter from the cast and Bachelor Nation on what went down and putting it in a Bachelor in Paradise Twitter Roundup.   There's always plenty of fodder each week and this week was no exception.  People had plenty to say about "Textgate", Sam the Sea Witch and DarthJoe drama, the return of Mikey T., the arrival of Tight Shirt Justin, Cotton Eye Joe on After Paradise, the new Bachelor and, of course all the love!...more