Beyoncé at the Super Bowl: Empowered or Objectified?

Given that Super Bowl halftime is all about the spectacle and almost never about the music—hence the ridiculous stages with crazy technical features like last night’s pop-up screen that showed the audience multiple Beyoncés all at once—I figured that even if I didn’t like the music, I could witness the spectacle and maybe learn more about why Beyoncé is such a dominant force in music. On that score, I’m somewhat conflicted. ...more
I meant sexuality.more

Dear Racists, Was the Volkswagen Commercial YOUR Idea or What?

Dear Racists, Apparently, this Volkswagen commercial from the Super Bowl was indeed racist. Please tell us if this is some of your racist handiwork, or even something you would use to spread your racism. ...more
@Jessikerbakes  I agree.  I saw the ad and the first thing I did was turn to my husband and go, ...more

If Jess Can Do It, So Can I

New Girl has become my guaranteed laugh of the week. No matter the day, the busyness, the drama or the like, New Girl manages to raise my spirits, forcing the belly laughter for a solid twenty-two minutes....more

Some Kind of My Wonderful

So I was clicking around the television the other day (the issue with having a million channels to choose from is that most times, there is nothing worth of interest on), when a movie I hadn't seen in a long time but closely identified with was on.,John Hughes' "Some Kind of Wonderful"....more

When Nerds Wed: The (Star Wars) Proposal Story

Alright. So here it is finally…as promised. The story of how we became engaged. The weekend of March 16th to the 18th a couple of our closest friends accompanied Mark and I to WonderCon, a pop culture/comic book convention in Anaheim. It was my birthday weekend, and Mark and I couldn’t pass up the chance to head to another one of those “nerd” conventions. It is just our style....more

Sassy, Sensual, Sizzling Scorpio Moon 2/2/13

All those “S” words can make for a lot of fun possibilities this weekend. However, a descriptive list, for the 8th sign of the Zodiac, would be incomplete without including others, such as powerful and passionate. This Water sign is intense. Tons of emotion can make for what Ms Davis called, in that great movie All About Eve, “a bumpy night”. Just hold on tight for the ride – Saturday and Sunday could be exciting!...more

Seeing Les Miserables as a Mother

Les Misérables (musical) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)...more

Hobnobbing with celebrities and goggling what hobnobbing means.

So you guys know how I like to hang out at only the most exclusive clubs in New York that are known for their mystery, intrigue, and discretion, right? Wait, that doesn’t sound like me at all? You are correct. However, that was totally me last night because I was rubbing shoulders with the exclusive A-listers who haunt this club nightly. I mean, that’s just how I roll and quit looking at me like that, guys, it could totally happen. But ok, to be fair, I didn’t actually rub shoulders with celebrities....more

Rihanna.. Can we talk?

 InstagramDear Rihanna,...more