My Inked Life: An Update (Or, Part 2 of 'On Tattooing')

A few months ago, I wrote a post on Blogher called 'On Tattooing', which was my first exploration into how I got started on my current tattoo project. Eleven months into this I’m pleased that I can look back and see the progress of my full-back tattoo through the brief bit of journaling and photography that I’ve done (well, clearly other people did the photography, but you know what I mean)....more

Jennifer Aniston Caught In the Act

Actress Jennifer Aniston (Photo credit: Wikipedia)...more

To Serve Animals: Disney’s “The Lion King”

Disney’s Thirty-Second Animated Feature - 1994 (original release) 2011 (3D release) ...more

Chris Brown's Opprobrious Halloween Costume

Image Credit: Instagram   ...more

Looking for a Chicago-bound soap opera blogger, or soap opera website owner.....

Hi, ladies. Let me tell you why I'm entertering Blogher '12: To share the idea of finding a Chicago-bound soap opera blogger, or a soap opera website owner. This is not easy. You have to find someone who can take your three topics a lot more seriously. You have to find that someone who can fit your descriptions....more

The First Time

Now that Sandy has wreaked semi havoc on routine, it's time to put the pieces back in place. That was a heckuva thing - I doubted it would be that bad, and then Boom, Baby! The house was shaking and the cats were doing that kooky bad weather cat crawl.This week, Stasha asked us all to talk about our top ten first moments. In no particular order:...more
Love your list of firsts!! :)more

Who Needs To Dress Up, When America is Scary as Hell?

It's sad really, it's evident that Halloween being a celebrated event across the country that it carries a certain spirit with it. Being an excessive thinker sometimes my spirit  gets depressed anyway, but seemingly today more so than ever. I'm sure it doesn't help that today is a day people celebrate souls not being at rest, fantasy, evil, and witch craft....more

True Ghost Stories III --Kids, Animals & Monsters

Newsflash:  While reprinting my three-part series on "True Ghost Stories" during Halloween week, ...more

Finding Sunshine in the Zombie Apocolypse

It's Halloween week and I thought I would share with you something that has become a staple in our home.  We are huge "The Walking Dead" fans.  We missed the first season.  We were not interested in it a all.  One rainy weekend sometime last year found us with nothing to do and we turned on our Roku box...we got hooked on this masterpiece  through the commercial-less, sit in your PJ's all day long, and veg-out in front of your TV called ...more

Kim Goes Blond For Halloween

Image Credit: DaveKotinsky/Getty ImagesThis is what Kim Kardashian wore to the 2nd annual Midori Green Halloween Party on October 27, 2012 in New York city. Mermaid look huh? Check out her blond hair. You like?...more