Aquarius Moon This Weekend - Think “Unexpected”

If preparing for the unexpected makes you nervous, just think of the fun you can have. Beginning Saturday, 10/12/13, the Aquarius Moon gives us an opportunity to let go of convention, do some “out of the box” thinking, focus on the welfare of others and be a little rebellious....more

Miley Cyrus, just because you can doesn't mean you should...

I’m sitting here trying to decide whether to throw away my daughters’ vintage Hannah Montana DVD or hide it in the top of a closet where they’ll never find it.After the morning school routine with my elementary-aged daughters, I decided to turn on the television for the latest news broadcasting around the globe.  I’ve heard there are a few little things to be concerned about, from US raids in Libya and Somalia to a shutdown of the federal government and concerns about the health care system, so I thought I’d hear what those in the know have to say....more

Fantastic Graphic Novels for Young Readers: What to Buy INSTEAD of Archie Comics

I work at a comic store.  My walls are lined with comics, manga and graphic novels of all shapes and sizes.  I like to think I have something for everyone in store, if they'll only let me find it for them.Which is why, when a young person (usually a girl) comes in and browses the plentiful section full of comics just for them I cringe inwardly when they grab the latest issue of Archie (or Jughead or Veronica or Betty) and I scream inside my head "NO FOR THE LOVE OF BATMAN PUT THAT DOWN AND LET ME FIND YOU SOMETHING GOOOOOOOD!!!"...more
@Skye I think part of my problem is I read the first one and then skipped way ahead. It just ...more

Sinead O'Connor and a Bunch of Other Celebs Have Open Letters for You

Here's the thing. It's hard to talk about this Celebrity Open Letter Problem currently in the news without invoking She Who Is a Wrecking Ball But Must Not Be Named. A certain young performer who has taken to foam fingers and naked pica snacking while hanging out on construction sites is seeking news coverage every day, it seems, and I don't want to add to that....more
BlogHer sinead o connor's open letter is a *must read* for all. I had tweeted the link a few ...more

Where’s the Moon This Weekend?

The Moon's Zodiac sign position can set the mood or energy for the day and when the Lunar orb is in its "New" phase, the sign’s traits can intensify. It happens each month when the Sun and the Moon are in the same sign. So consider the Airy Libra Moon on Friday October 4, 2013 a great time for beginnings, a great time to start something new, a great time to be original – relationships, artistic endeavors. The universe will support innovation for the next 10 days or so until the Moon is “Full” – which begins a period of finishing up, completing projects, etc. ...more

Halloween costumes gone wrong

Sassy is another word for sexy in costume marketing speak...more

#Obsession: Capitol Couture

Capitol Couture is a high-end online magazine for the most sophisticated and fashion-forward members of Panem's Capitol. It's a narrow target audience, considering Panem only exists in Suzanne Collins' The Hunger Games trilogy. It may be the first publication dedicated fully to covering a fictional society (unless you have another for me? Comments. Link me, people.)...more

Terrible Two’s! It’s a Celebration

Did you know? City Girl Goes Digital turned TWO today! Welcome to the Terrible Two's...It all started with this little known post about my obsession for technology and love for my current city, Baltimore!...more

Six Reasons Why Mr. Rogers Was Probably the Best Person Ever

In the wake of the Boston bombings, this Mr. Rogers meme made its way around the Intertron:This made me happy for two reasons. One, Mr. Rogers was basically the mascot of my entire childhood and nostalgia is my kryptonite. All you have to do is show me a clip of the Duck Tales theme song and I will become your slave. Guys, it’s bad....more
Mr. Rogers was the best! I'm glad @motherhoodandmore said her kids are watching it on Amazon-I ...more

Eight Useless Uses of the Hashtag

Hashtags have been around for a while now. When I started out on Twitter, in 2011, I recall a certain apprehension about using them. What did they mean? Would I do it right? How does a hashtag work, anyway? ...more
Wonderful article! Fun to read, with a deep meaning also.more