GOLDIEBLOX! Because, I'm more than a princess...

This week my friend posted this video about the new Goldieblox engineering toys for girls on Facebook and I was hooked! I immediately had to find out how to get them in my store. Now, 95% of what I feature in my store is nontoxic and organic, which these toys are not. However, they do support my mission to help empower young children to think outside the  box, be problem solvers, think critically, be creative, and use logic....more

Health Query: Are E-Cigarettes Safe?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is really occupied these days. They’re thinking of, and probably already working on, rules for selling electronic cigarettes. With many doctors complaining about the rising use of e-cigarette smokers, perhaps the FDA should hustle. But are electronic cigarettes completely safe?They’re not. To begin with, no electronic device that contains a battery and a heating device is a hundred percent safe. Add to that the nicotine it contains and you have an addicting gadget. However, many believe that electronic cigarettes are much safer than any type of tobacco cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes: Blessing or bane?...more

Weekend Fun With Creative, Playful Leo Moon

Beginning Friday night, November 22, 2013, and lasting until early Sunday morning- another Leo Moon weekend. The 5th sign of the Zodiac can set the mood for melodrama, lively romance and flashy times. Attention must be paid!...more

Sexist or Funny: Battle of the Holiday Underwear Commercials

Let the battle of the holiday underwear commercials begin....more

From bike rides to pink ribbons, Egyptian anti-violence campaigns create ripples across the country

In Egypt, where up to 94 per cent of women report having been sexually harassed, students across 28 universities have devised clever anti-sexual harassment campaigns. ...more

Which is More Useful: Twitter or Facebook?

Since I've opened it, I've spent an equal amount of time jumping in and checking tweets as I do checking good ol' Facebook. As a writer I am fairly long-winded, and it is sometimes difficult to limit myself to 140 characters. But it does force me to be concise. I've decided it's time to do a side-by-side comparison of the features of each. ...more
This was supposed to be a "reply" to Angie Rapids! :Pmore

Selfie Phenomenom

You're strolling along a ridge at the ocean during a beautiful spring day, the wind is blowing softly in your hair. The setting would make such a beautiful picture, you tell yourself. But since you're walking alone and no one is around to capture your radiance, out comes your phone and the camera app is activated. You toggle the camera so it's front facing, click, you're taking a selfie. You look at the photo and see that you're squinting, so click, click, click. Glasses on or off? Left or right side? Sultry, pondering, laughing?...more

20 Things I Could Not Care Less ABout If You Held A GUN To My Head.

20 THINGS I COULD NOT CARE LESS ABOUT- AND YOU SHOULDN'T EITHER This is my list of 20 'Things' I could not care less about if you held a gun to my head- and you shouldn't either (which I am submitting in an attempt to increase my Google ranking- because that's what's really important- am I right?)And not in order of importance......more

To Spank or Not to Spank: What you didn’t see on today’s episode of “Bethenny”

Today, the episode of “Bethenny” that Kari from A Grace Full Life and I attended as part of the trip I won to NYC aired.  During the show, there was a discussion about whether or not you should spank your children.Melissa Gorga mentioned that her grandmother used to chase her around with a wooden spoon.  It was something that immediately resonated with me.  Which is why I raised my hand and added my experience to the conversation....more