Nurture & Royalty – Cancer & Leo This Weekend!

On Friday September 27, 2013, the Moon is happy in the Water sign it rules –Cancer, the 4th sign of the Zodiac. There will be sensitivity and emotion, but also the possibility of good home cooking. (Not a bad combo, as long as you don’t over eat because of all the sensitivity and emotion.) Don’t let moodiness get in the way and let Cancer’s kind, mothering instincts invite those you are fond of to share the healthy and tasty things on the stove. ...more

(Hashtag) Trending, Over It

Played out: taking pictures of food, mason jars, and food served on slate. Haven’t we all had enough of…...more

8 Reasons I Didn't Respond to Your Text/Voicemail/Email/Message/Etc

I know you sent me that text/voicemail/email/facebook message/instagram comment/smoke signal last week/month/year. I know I was supposed to respond. You and I both know that I did not. Here’s why:...more

Four Shows You Aren't Watching On Netflix

For a cord-cutter, Netflix is EVERYTHING. I watch everything from documentaries about our energy consumption to classic children cartoons (Remember Hey Arnold?) . One thing that I've been hankering for lately is television shows. After following some of the suggestions of my Blerd family, I was recently introduced to some goodies. So without further ado, Here's four shows you aren't watching on Netflix....more
I agree with everyone! My go to shows are all BBC and Syfy/Showcase shows. I love them.more

Fall Is Here & So Is The Libra Sun!

Fall arrives on Sunday afternoon, September 22, 2013. This also means that the Sun is in Airy, Libra. Lovely. Relationships of all types are now in the forefront – family, friends, marriages, business partners. It’s fun to be with people, to chat, flirt, laugh. The 7th sign of the Zodiac, ruled by Venus, loves beautiful things, wants to be in the midst of music, art and charm filled situations  - wants all the good stuff to warm and lift the spirits. My suggestion for anything Libran is always: meet some fun folks for brunch. With Communication planet Mercury transiting Libra until 9/29/13, it should make for even more clever and charming conversation for this very social sign....more

What Do You Want To BE This Halloween?

 I should have avoided the store.  Instead, I let the nostalgic memories from childhood celebrations lure me in, and I found myself dumbstruck in the local Spirit Halloween store.  What has become of October 31st?...more

Using Reality TV To Reveal Your Personality

I've been fascinated by personality tests ever since I abandoned those quizzes where you try to find out the shape of your face. At this point in my life I don't care what shape my face is. Or what shape my whole head is for that matter. What am I, a professor of geometry?...more

Moon in Sensual Taurus For The Weekend!

After the fierce and feisty Aries Moon on Thursday and Friday, we calm down when the Lunar orb moves into earthy, solid, Venus ruled Taurus on Saturday 9/21/20 remaining until early Monday. It’s about sensuality, life’s beauty and pleasures, but since the second sign of the Zodiac is a “fixed” sign, it also brings forth the obstinate bull in us....more


(Photo Credit: JB Lacroix/Getty Images)“She smiles to mask the pain in her heart. She laughs to conceal the tears in her eyes."(Khloe Kardashian Odom’s post on Instagram according to ABC News)...more

Snarking About Fugly Dresses at the Emmys

The 65th Primetime Emmy Awards will be held Sunday night. I'm tuning in for sure. I have favorite shows and actors to cheer and betting pools to win or lose. ...more
@SocalMom Ah....that's a whole other issue, it is SO NOT FUN of the networks not to understand ...more