RIP James Gandolfini: A Jersey Girl Pays Tribute

Editor's note: The sudden death of Sopranos actor James Gandolfini in Italy yesterday prompted outpourings across social media. I really loved Theresa's memories of her fellow New Jersey native, an actor she considered one of her own. -- Julie ...more
He will be so missed. I loved him in Sopranos.more

Is Cheerios Force-Feeding Us a Multicultural Agenda?

A new Cheerios commercial is upsetting a lot of people on the Internet. In the ad, a cute, curly-haired toddler walks up to her mother and asks if Cheerios are good for the heart. Cut to the next scene, and we see the father dozing on the couch with a pile of cereal on his chest. Aww, right? Not to some people on Reddit, where a thread about the commercial has generated over 1000 heated comments. Why?...more
What is the reality of America race?    I will not start this conversation by addressing the ...more

Jada Pinkett Smith Addresses Open Marriage Rumors On Facebook

[Editor's Note: It wouldn't be the first time that Facebook was abuzz with rumors of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith's "open marriage" but it may well be the first time that Mrs. Smith herself lept into the fracas. Bitten and Bound has the full story. --Morgan] ...more

To the Duggar Naysayers: Have You Visited an Orphanage?

I would put my money on the fact that ninety-nine percent of the naysayers and the ones slamming a good, honest, hard-working, larger-than-normal American family that is open to expanding their family through the blessing of adoption have never, ever set foot in a foreign orphanage. Have they ever seen children lying in their own waste for most of the day? Have they ever heard the cries of a little one who goes unnoticed by caregivers? ...more
Shar@whateverthings I have watched the show for a number of years and I am not sure that it is a ...more

Mila the Great and Powerful: OZ's Mila Kunis Takes Over BBC1 Interview [VIDEO]

[Editor's Note: Have you seen this video that's circulating of Mila Kunis being interviewed by interviewing BBC1 reporter Chris Stark during a recent junket for her upcoming Oz, The Great And Powerful? I girl crush on this girl so hard, and this interview only drives that home....more
I completely agree with the giggling!more

[VIDEO] SAG Awards 2013 Speech Highlights: Tina Fey, Jennifer Lawrence, Daniel Day-Lewis and More

[Editor's Note: Award Season is in full swing and last night the Screen Actors Guild (aka SAG) gave out their peer commendations, which often act as a clear signal for the big acting honors come Oscar time. Reel Life With Jane compiled some of the best speeches of the night. Did you watch the SAG awards? What did you think? --Morgan]...more

Lindsay Lohan Too Serious For 'Dancing With The Stars'?

[Editor's Note: I would have paid real actual money to see Lindsay Lohan tackle the grueling schedule of Dancing With The Stars but alas, according to Missy at Bitten and Bound that won't be happening any time soon because serious actresses don't entertain such frivolity... What do you think? Is Lindsay making a mistake? --Morgan]...more
She just became the definition of "irony".more

'American Idol' Season Premiere: Nicki Minaj Calls Mariah Carey the B-Word

[Editor's Note: Holy Divas Nigel Lithgow! I can only imagine that Idol producers knew exactly what they were getting themselves in to by putting two larger than life personalities on the same panel -- and it revived my interest in the waning show, that's for sure. Did you watch? Did you feel as bad for Keith Urban as I did? Reel Life With Jane has the details --Morgan]...more
In a word, no. They've killed themselves this time.more

Jessica Simpson Pregnant Again Just Seven Months After Giving Birth!

So Jessica Simpson is pregnant again. An “unexpected” pregnancy, 7 months after she gave birth to her first daughter.I’m happy for her. Surprises happen. I’m sure it will all be fine. What’s there to judge?...more
I wish I could get a Hello World book to her!

Call of Duty: Black Ops II Strives To Break The Mold

[Editor's Note: Are you a gamer? I love reading what The Married Gamers have to offer, I'm not a Call Of Duty enthusiast myself, but I can certainly relate to bonding with my hubby through gaming! --Morgan]courtesy of Activision...more
I sense a lot of late nights in my near future.more