We Belong Together: A Book About Adoption and Families by Todd Parr

I was excited when my kid's early childhood center went Todd for a day. Brightly colored banners featuring smiley faces welcomed children's author Todd Parr. A paper statue of Otto the Dog (my favorite character) greeted guests at the front door.The enthusiasm of the parents nearly exceeded the students as we entered the music room. Todd read, drew, and danced around the floor for an hour. It was the most memorable author's event I have attended....more

Educational Accountability for Our Children Includes You

“No homework tonight Mom! I don’t remember what we did in class today. Can I play my video game? I don’t know when I’ll get my report card.” Does this sound familiar?  I know you are shaking your head as you say “yes”....more

How parents (physically) change the shape of their child's brain

I heard (part of) this fascating segment on NPR this morning about orphans' brains and how parents physically shape their child's brain.You've probably heard the stories from the 1980 and 1990s about the Romanian orphanages and how there were so many children that the nurses barely had time to hold them all. In fact, some children were left in cribs for days. In this segment, they talked about how that lack of attention can actually damage a child's brain - specifically reduced gray and white matter. These children's brains were actually smaller from lack of attention....more
Its really important when it comes to nurturing a child in an early age. The child mind is most ...more

our adoption option: happy valentine's day to her

i meant to post this on actual valentines day, but we've had a super busy last 10 days or so with travel, family, and work so here it is now and we can all just accept it. :)...more

I Bought My Little Boy a Pink Bed

I don’t know about every mama in the world, but I can tell you about me. My little boy is the center of my universe; he thinks the world will stop for him, and you know what? His just might. ...more
No, for reasons stated above. Furniture is an investment. And I was also never one to decorate ...more

Women of Latin America build bridges, changing status quo in politics

In Honduras and El Salvador, a spotlight on efforts towards addressing electoral challenges through trainings for candidates.  ...more

Inquiring Minds Want to Know About Your Family

Adoption can bring out a different side to myself. A tougher, thick-skinned side I did not know existed until faced with questions regarding the  backgrounds of my children.We are a multi-cultural family. Thankfully, in 2014, I feel we are in good company. Yet sometimes I encounter a nosy question from a complete stranger. This usually happens when we are at a restaurant. Such as this one when I was having lunch with my son: "Is your husband Asian?"...more
Thank you so much. Cheers to camaraderie!more

Black Girl, White Mom: Part 2

  So my last post, I stomped my mama bear paw and pointed my finger and wondered out loud. ...more

Saying "I Still Love You" When You'd Rather Trip Your Kid as She Stomps Out of the Room

“You’re the meanest Mommy everrrrrrrr! I don’t love you! I don’t even like you!” Ana Lu screeched, stomping on the floor, arms down by her side, hands balled into petite fists … wait for it … followed by the quintessential stomp out of the room. Into her room she goes, catapults herself onto her bed, yanks the comforter over her head and grunts octaves higher than necessary, assuring I get the memo she's pissed. ...more
Yep. We just gotta do it… even if their behavior is driving us BEZERK, lol. :)more

When We First Met

What a beautiful tribute to your son..thank you for posting.more