Pool Party Fun!

My DDs turned 8 years old a couple of weeks ago. They had a pool party this year and I must say it was the most relaxing party we’ve had yet. It seemed the kids were content just on the swimming even though I planned a couple of acitivities. The party was  planned from 2pm – 4pm so just a few snacks were served with some candy treats. I bought cupcakes from Target that just happened to have a flip flop decoration on them. Here are some ideas to have your own pool party.Decorations:...more

Sherrie's "Take" On Missing Birth History

Sherrie’s “Take” on Her Missing HistoryOh, how I hate missing history! I know all about my birth mother’s genealogical family, but nothing about my birth father’s....more

Quietly Dismissed

I was dismissed from morning drop-off this week. I mean, not entirely - I still have to drive the car - but as we approached the school on Tuesday morning, my daughter said to me:"Last time, Mama just dropped me off."...more

Before You Adopt

My husband and I have three children by birth, a large house, three acres of land, and a love for children.  We wanted to adopt a child.  We became foster parents first.  Our first and only foster child was a two year/two month old boy named Aaron.  He came to us sick with an ear infection, and a prescription for an antibiotic that was three weeks old.  He had just been in a foster home for three months.  He lived with his birth Mom for 20 months.  He was taken out of the home because of neglect, they lived in a motel, no job, no parenting skills.  Sh...more

Birthday Redo: Why We Repeated Our Daughter's First 9 Birthdays

She was sobbing that she wished she was only six one morning and an idea popped into my head. We missed out on her first nine birthdays. Her tenth birthday was the first one we were part of and it was the first birthday party she’d ever had. I decided to redo all of the others. ...more
What an awesome idea!!! I wish I had thought of that when our kids came to us. Ironically our ...more

A Little Help For A Good Cause

I don't usually post many personal things on here, nor do I try to spend much time advertising my etsy site, but I'm going to do both today in order to help out my family....more

Babies with Scabies and Other Complaints

Adopting children from a foreign country is so glamorous, so heroic, attention-getting, show-stopping. If you adopt a child from another country, your friends will admire you and strangers will call you a saint. You, on the other hand, know the truth. You're going to another country to adopt a child because you will go to any lengths required to have a child. Let's be frank.Still, of the adjectives above, one rings true. Heroic....more

8 Years Ago Today

Blistering heat. Like nothing. Not like back when I lived in the armpit desert that was Mesa, Arizona. This is oppressive, heavy, impossible to move. This is Plano, Texas.Unpacking a car full of too much. Too many diapers, too many onesies, too much baby stuff. But how could I know?In two days our baby boy will be born. In two days plus two more we will have to bring him to this hotel room, with all of this stuff, live here for two weeks. With no one to help. No one....more

Back to School Advice for Parents

Summer isn’t what it used to be. Back in my day everyone got off on the same day and went back the same day. Now it’s all over the place; some went two weeks ago, some are going tomorrow, some are going after Labor Day.Whatever.I can barley keep track of my own kids schedule, let alone some one else’s....more