Stage (LD)A

Late Discovery Adoptees have a whirl wind of emotions to navigate. In the beginning it is surreal and we each handle it differently. There comes a point where we all decide to move ahead. You simply cannot spend all your time in the past. Armed with a different sense of self, egg shells all around family members, hope and honor teeter and totter to start the motion. ...more

In the Meantime: 5 Ways for Adoptive Parents to Be Proactive While Waiting

If there's one thing adoptive parents know about, it's patience. Well, patience or lack thereof, depending on how one is currently dealing with the adoption process. There is alot of waiting time that goes into it, from the applications, to trainings, to home study, to licensing, to referrals, to placement.So.... what can be done in the meantime? What makes the waiting time bearable, or even positive? Here are 5 ideas.1. Finish those projects you've been "meaning to do."...more

Giving Adopted Kids Back

"We heard you were going to send her back." The school social worker looked at me over her glasses, raising an eyebrow in disapproval. Where had she heard that? Those words had never been spoken, at least not by me. Was she clairvoyant?...more

Mommy In Waiting on Mother's Day

Click, click, click.  The sound of the computer keys as I check my email for the tenth time in one hour.  I nervously flip the switch to my cell phone to make sure it's on loud, because I've checked this so many times today that maybe I've accidentally turned it to vibrate mode.  My heart jumps as I hear the email sound emanate from my phone, but it's just another work email.  The silence is deafening....more
I know first hand that feeling of agony as you wait for that call.  We waited 2 years before our ...more

A Promise to My Child: I Will Not Let the System Fail You

When I was a little girl, I used to think that having a baby meant getting pregnant, having a happy nine months of eating ice cream and taking pictures, and going to the hospital to you know… deliver the baby. Then I lived my teenage years. And my early twenties. I had personal experiences that led me to desire adopting children who need a family, and I began meeting people who did not have a traditional family either....more
Feel free to email me at if you would like to talk sometime! ...more

Our Experience With Orphan Fever: A Reflection on my Daughter's 13th Birthday

  When I met her, she seemed so far from this moment. She was at once a tiny wisp of a child and a solid soul, far smaller than her 22 months, but far clearer on her needs and wants, what she would surrender and what she would fight ardently to gain. She called me "Mamma" so easily. I wanted nothing more than to hear that title over and over again....more

Waiting to Adopt: Building a Nest in Tennessee, Part 1

In honor of Mother’s Day, a special two-part guest blog by Jody Cantrell Dyer, author of THE EYE OF ADOPTION: the true story of my turbulent wait for a baby. Part One: Jody will be published this week and Part Two: Tobi will be published next week. Thanks to Jody for her thoughtful contribution....more

Why Adoption?

"So, are you going to have know, kids of your own?""You're adopting how many?""Are you worried about not meeting them before you commit?"...more

The Sacrifice of Motherhood - An Adopted Child's Point of View

Mother's Day is typically a day to shower the maternal role models in our lives with love, praises and gifts.For some it's a day to remember their mothers and grandmothers who may be gone physically but whose memories and legacies live on.I spend the day with my family - my mother, aunts or girlfrieds who are on this journey of motherhood alongside me.  But there's a fleeting moment when my mind drifts to an unknown place to focus on an unknown face.The woman who carried me in her womb for months and then gave a loving couple the gift of parenthood....more
That is a beautiful way to think of it. Your mom decided to give you life and live you did! ...more