Adoptions, healing, & why I write it all down

It’s TBT and I’m “face lifting” an older post. I wrote this back in September which really isn’t that much of a throwback but it marks a turning point in the motivation behind my writing.Prior to September 2013 I wrote to memorialize our adoptions. I started the blog (initially called “Adding Branches to our Family Tree”) to serve as a Q&A when we were early on in the process to adopt Doodlebug. I posted mostly adoption updates. I wrote for friends and family, people who knew us and were curious about what we were doing....more
Thank you!  I think most people are coming from a nice place when they ask intrusive questions.  ...more

Book Review: Rescuing Julia Twice

I am so happy that Tina Traster offered me the chance to read and review this important story of her daughter’s adoption from Russia (Siberia, to be precise) and the family’s struggle with Reactive Attachment Disorder.Let me start by explaining why this subject resonates with me, and why I was excited to read this book....more
KCF1 Thanks for sharing your personal story!  Contrasting your experience with the author's, I ...more

Good Adoption News!

This past weekend, I received word from E’s appeals attorney that her job was finished: bio dad’s appeal had been dismissed, which means E is now legally free for adoption! Words cannot express how excited we are. Of course, there is now tons of paperwork to go through, and a new homestudy to be done, but we are so close!...more

The agony of waiting

Adoption is hard.  Period.  And I'm not even the one adopting.I have family that has struggled for years to have a child together.  For years and years they have struggled, prayed, grieved, hoped, and despaired.  As a family we have all run through these emotions with them.  And it's been agony....more
JillR Thanks.  I know there is no way around it, but I just really feel for them.  This week is ...more

Moving Forward Towards Adopting Ballerina

I spoke to both Ringer and CW last night about Ballerina. We have our 3rd play date on Sunday, but aside from picking up the pottery, not sure yet.We’re going to come up with some ideas and see what she wants to do....more

Impromptu Playdate #2 with Ballerina

We crashed pretty hard Saturday night very early for both of us. To say it was an emotionally draining day would be putting it quite mildly. After all, it’s not every day that you get to spend several hours with a child that might be your daughter in the future.OMW I can’t even write that without tearing up. Daughter....more

Would I Lie To You, Baby?

So, true confession: I lie to my kids.Some days I lie to them a lot, some days not at all. Some lies are big ones, others are inconsequential. Some lies come easily, while others take a bit of thought. Regardless, they’re lies. As a person who values honesty in every other facet of my life, I can realize how hypocritical my fibbing is. And yet, I can also realize how many times it’s been a necessary part of parenting....more
I loved this post and I'm totally stealing the "yeah honey, the ice cream man only plays that ...more

Play Date with Ballerina - the First of Many to Come!

Hi! I didn’t post after the CW and CM visit, but Thursday afternoon, Husband and I decided to meet Ballerina this morning. OMFG. I have been a ball of knots and nerves since we made the plans. We decided to go paint pottery figuring we could talk or not talk while painting....more

Ballerina Update - Or, Meeting all the People Before We Meet the Child

I cannot go into great detail here about Ballerina, but I do have some information to share. Also, I'm referring to her as "Ballerina" as, even though she is in a Heart Gallery, the system doesn't like their kids names and photos being displayed all over the place....more

A Long Road {the end and the beginning}

He had studied English less than two years total when he set foot in America....more