The Difference Between Therapists and Blog Readers

Here in our blog world, we do the opposite -- we dissolve those boundaries entirely. We expose our rawest, most intimate feelings to each other. And other bloggers aren't our clients. They're our friends. Sure, we actively grieve our friends' losses, like friends do. But, how about those other bloggers we don't know, on whose blog doorsteps we find ourselves after blog-hopping or at the request of another blogger or through LFCA? You don't have to know these peers of ours to deeply feel the reverb of their stories. ...more
I've learned the signals for when I need to back away from trauma, be it reading one blog, ...more

She comes home...part 5

"I can't get her to wake up to eat," I say quietly to the night nurse, B. "She is sleeping so deeply. I've tried everything, but she just won't wake up....more
 @jennifer.watson The suspense is killing me! I can't wait until you both make it home :)more

She comes home...part 4

"Wow..." I say softly to the bundle in my lap, "you are a very tiny little person,"The very first thing I ever say to my daughter.I'm sitting on the low, pink couch next to K's bed. The baby lays along the length of my thighs. One of my hands gently cups the back of her head (her little head barely filling the palm of my hand at all) while my other hand rests gently on her tummy. My hand covers her entire body she is so little (I learn later that she is 5 pounds 9 ounces...pretty much the smallest a newborn baby can be without needing to spend some time in the NICU.)...more
 @victorias_view Oh Victoria, it was crazy hard. Most difficult thing that I've ever done. I ...more

She comes home...part 3

I don't understand how airplanes work....more
 @victorias_view Ah, Victoria - as always, thanks for reading and commenting. you're so very ...more

Happy Birthday to my Sweet Caleb

Ten years ago, one of the most beautiful and precious little boys came into this world and made Tony and I parents for the very first time through the miracle of adoption.  Every year on Caleb's birthday I am more thankful for the selfless decision that Caleb's birthmother made in choosing adoption for the sweet little boy she was carrying instead of the alternative....more

A Break in the Storm

It's been raining all day here in Virginia, which is an appropriate setting for how I've been feeling lately. We've had a few calls here and there lately that have taken us down one rabbit hole after another only to find us falling fast onto a hard, impenetrable concrete floor. No one ever said this was going to be easy....more

I Hope You're Happy Now

I've been thinking a lot since my debut post about adoption. My brother and I talked about it (he actually divulged he has now lost that once irresistible desire to meet our birthmother and his birthfather), both wondering about people who thought adoption meant your parents didn't want you. What these sort of people don't seem to understand is that it's a very difficult decision....more
 @@BehavioralChild If I ever do meet her, I'll definitely let you guys know her story.   Thank ...more

She comes home...part 2

 Tuesday, August 30, 2011. Late evening.The extra-large purple LL Bean duffel bag on wheels is sitting in the nursery where it has remained  (fully packed with all things newborn baby....diapers, onesies, swaddling blankets, pacifiers, car seat base, etc.) since early March. Since our other adoption fell through.Chris and I never had the heart to unpack the carefully packed duffel bag once we found out that we would not be going to Arizona on March 11 to meet the little baby we thought and hoped would be joining our family....more
 @nikonMom Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to not only read the post, but to ...more

Do Nothing Days

We've had the best weekend so far ... we've done absolutely nothing! Sometimes do nothing days are the very best days, don't you agree?...more

She comes home...part 1

It's 2:37 a.m. and before our 5 week-old daughter can wake up her daddy with more "I'm hungry!" cries, I scoop her up out of her bed-top co-sleeper and whisk her off to the nursery for a bottle....more