Babies with Scabies and Other Complaints

Adopting children from a foreign country is so glamorous, so heroic, attention-getting, show-stopping. If you adopt a child from another country, your friends will admire you and strangers will call you a saint. You, on the other hand, know the truth. You're going to another country to adopt a child because you will go to any lengths required to have a child. Let's be frank.Still, of the adjectives above, one rings true. Heroic....more

8 Years Ago Today

Blistering heat. Like nothing. Not like back when I lived in the armpit desert that was Mesa, Arizona. This is oppressive, heavy, impossible to move. This is Plano, Texas.Unpacking a car full of too much. Too many diapers, too many onesies, too much baby stuff. But how could I know?In two days our baby boy will be born. In two days plus two more we will have to bring him to this hotel room, with all of this stuff, live here for two weeks. With no one to help. No one....more

Back to School Advice for Parents

Summer isn’t what it used to be. Back in my day everyone got off on the same day and went back the same day. Now it’s all over the place; some went two weeks ago, some are going tomorrow, some are going after Labor Day.Whatever.I can barley keep track of my own kids schedule, let alone some one else’s....more

Updating my Home Study

I can honestly say I am (finally) in a really good place emotionally. The clomid did a number on me, but it wasn't just that. I think after so many failed infertility treatments, my mind (and body) just had enough. I needed a break. I needed to give myself time to breath and recuperate. Being home with my Mom, Dad and brother was great. Being next to the ocean, I was home. It was powerful. It was incredibly rejuvenating. I thought a lot about our next steps while we were on vacation....more

An Adoptive Mom Speaks: Who Is Looking Out for Baby Veronica's Best Interest?

As an adoptive parent and an adoption professional who works in the foster care system, I have been very interested in the case of "baby" Veronica since it's inception almost four years ago. I have followed the ins and outs, ups and downs. I've read articles, court briefs, and blog posts. I don't watch TV news and in a way I think that may be a good thing here. I have no preconceived notions about either party based on their demeanor or media slant based on what network aired the interview(s). ...more
@AmandaR  you are misinformed. He fought for custody the moment he was served with the adoption ...more

"Baby" Veronica Is Growing Up: ICWA, 2 Families, & Now an Arrest

After the Supreme Court decided against a biological father in the so-called “Baby Veronica” case two months ago, I found myself worried not just for the family in the case, but for adoption in general. Adoption is riddled with misunderstanding and the mainstream media tends to exacerbate the problem rather than clarifying. ...more
I have a story of unjust adoption. My niece was sold away by a family friend and neighbor that ...more

"Mommy, When You Adopt Me, Will Your Skin Turn Tan Like Me?"

"Mommy, when you adopt me, will your skin turn tan like me?" My heart stopped as I looked into my son's beautiful brown eyes, as he expectantly awaited an answer from me. All the preparation in the world could not prepare me for taking his little hand in mine and trying to explain to him that no, we do not look the same, but we are family bonded at the heart. That his culture is one I am proud to be a part of. That he is special and gorgeous and unique just the way he is. ...more
All kids need that kind of love and acceptance. And it's how kids express that need reminds us ...more

Mami, am I Black?

“Mami, am I Black?” “No, Sweetheart. You’re Brown.” That’s not much of an explanation, is it? ...more

You Are a Joy and a Treasure

To my beautiful boy,I write you today, just because.  It is not a special day of any kind, and yet, I felt like I needed to say some things to you.  Even though you are 7 and not allowed on the computer without permission and you might never even read this, I write this to you so I can remember today....more