cookie butts

if you've visited the "about" tab, you know that "cookie butt" is a nickname i came up with for our pets. it actually started out being our husky's nickname. her "real" name is nevaeha and she's a beautiful girl who turned 8 years old in january....more

The Russian Adoption Ban; It Doesn’t Apply to American Foster Children

We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone. ~ Ronald Reagan...more
Hi Katie..I'm from Puerto Rico and I heard  a story about a Puerto Rican family that had ...more

A Dream Come True after a Dream Come True

When I first brought my adopted daughter home to meet her brothers eleven years ago, I thought how incredibly lucky I was and that my life was complete. I had spent years searching for a daughter via medical methods and finally adoption....more

please don't


Two Moms, One Daughter: Caught Between Roles of Motherhood

The push and pull of motherhood is one that we all feel. In our own ways, for our own reasons, certain things will affect us. Lisa at One Thankful Mom had a moment of realizing that her reaction to things her children say are shaped by having her feet firmly entrenched on two sides of motherhood. It's a moving piece. ...more

What the Receptionist Said (And What I Need to do About it)

A few weeks ago I hauled all six kids to a doctor's appointment for Fikir. She is my seven-year-old recently adopted from Ethiopia. She had a skin issue commonly seen in kids who have spent time in institutional settings with lots of germs and close quarters. It was out of control, getting worse even though she's been here in the US six months, and the doc, who I adore, squeezed me in for the last appointment of the day. I left five of them in the waiting room that was well stocked with books and toys, and took her in. We were the only ones left in the office so I didn't worry too much....more
@JennaHatfield Heck, yes! Anyone that adoption/abandonment or relinquishment touches needs more ...more

Holding Desperately to Hope: Waiting on Adoption

This June will be our two-year anniversary of waiting for a child through adoption.   It's been two years, two LONG years since we were considered "Approved and Waiting".    Before that, there was a year process to get approved - homestudies and a pile of paperwork that would make the IRS quiver with fear, so all in all, this adoption thing has taken up three far....more
Your words are mine, too. And there are few who can understand. Nearly nothing makes me a ...more

Who Are All These Women and Why Are They Standing in My Dining Room?

It could get crowded in my dining room with those three other women, the mothers of my adopted children. It made things tight bringing food out and clearing the table, struggling to inch past them, the skinny and stout, all with black hair and brown eyes, and the wide cheekbones that are the national trademark of Nicaragua. It used to bother me a lot -- their silent clucking at what was for dinner, the suspicious eyes cast on the siblings. The slight head shakes wondering why I went all the way to another country to find children for my family. It bothered me. They just wouldn’t quit....more  Thanks Robin.more

once again...

once again i have neglected to post in a really really really long time!  a lot has happened since i put those christmas pictures up!  ...more

My Birth Son Probably Doesn't Know He's Adopted

I recently found out my birth son was likely never told he was adopted, and has been publicly speaking out about an ancestral heritage that, genetically, isn't entirely true. And I'm worried -- nay, freaked out -- about how he might feel, if he discovers his adoptive cultural background and biological background don't match....more
@Jasperblu THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.  As an adoptee (dealing with adoption issues even at ...more