The Business of Parenting

Once I receive it, on the recommendation of my lawyer, we will be applying for a new social security number for her as well. I’ve done a bit of research on this, and it seems as though about 50 percent of new adoptive parents do the same. According to my lawyer, it is just the safest way to go. Identity theft of a newborn is something you may not discover for years, once plenty of damage has already been done....more
GAH! Stop making me feel guilty! I have four kids, the oldest of whom has SN, and NO clue ...more

To the Duggar Naysayers: Have You Visited an Orphanage?

I would put my money on the fact that ninety-nine percent of the naysayers and the ones slamming a good, honest, hard-working, larger-than-normal American family that is open to expanding their family through the blessing of adoption have never, ever set foot in a foreign orphanage. Have they ever seen children lying in their own waste for most of the day? Have they ever heard the cries of a little one who goes unnoticed by caregivers? ...more
Shar@whateverthings I have watched the show for a number of years and I am not sure that it is a ...more

Two Moms, One Daughter: Caught Between Roles of Motherhood

The push and pull of motherhood is one that we all feel. In our own ways, for our own reasons, certain things will affect us. Lisa at One Thankful Mom had a moment of realizing that her reaction to things her children say are shaped by having her feet firmly entrenched on two sides of motherhood. It's a moving piece. ...more

5 Things Adoptees Need to Hear from You

If there's one thing that the blogosphere has taught us about adoption and the experience of an adoptee, it's that the response is wide and varied. I don't know why that's necessarily a surprise considering that the response of being a human, in general, is wide and varied. Sometimes, because of that varied response, we see arguments with adoptees -- in real life and online -- because they're not happy enough, they're not angry enough, they're not something enough for someone. Amanda at The Declassified Adoptee wrote a brilliant post about the things you -- whether you're touched by adoption or not -- should say to someone who happens to be adopted. It's a list we all need to read and take to heart. ...more

My Biggest Parenting Fear: He's Not Mine

We all have fears as a parent. It's par for the course with the loving and raising of little ones. But as I read Tiffany's recent post at A Moment Cherished, my heart seized and I felt the weight of her fear. How would you feel, readers, if your deepest fear was that the son you loved could be sent away, sent back, at any moment? Her post is heart-breaking and inspiring in the same breath. ...more

An Older Sibling Shares Her Thoughts on Adoption

Maybe you're considering adopting a child. Maybe you are touched by adoption and like to learn about all aspects of the subject. Maybe you don't know anything beyond what television sitcoms and dramas feed you. Whatever the case, I encourage you to read this post Nancy at Ordinary Miracles & The Crazy 8. Actually, the post is largely written by her daughter Liv, sharing her experience as to what adoption is like as a teenager already in the family. Some good, some bad, and something great when our children share their experiences with us. ...more
This was a great post! I'm a nosy person, I admit it right here. I'm not nosy in a judgey way, ...more

Would You Have Adopted Him Had You Known?

I don't always think it's fair when we're asked questions like, "If you had known x, would you have done y." I love the post Tiffany at A Moment Cherished wrote when a question of that nature was asked about her son with special needs. I think if more people read it, they would rethink asking such questions. On the other hand, the discussions need to be had and maybe this was a good prompt. Either way, read the post. ...more

The Anti-Adoption Camp Can't Deny the Horror in India

News stories like the one that Sharon at Whatever Things Are True recently covered are the things of nightmares. Police in India have been accused of raping minor girls and forcing horrifying, not-medically-sound abortions on the ones who became pregnant. I just can't even go there. Sharon points out that this is a reason why international adoption needs to take place despite what the critics say. ...more

Roots and Trees: Talking to Your Kids About Adoption

I think the trap that those in the adoption triad often fall into is that we assume because our child isn't asking question that they don't have questions. I love this post by Vanessa from At the Picket Fence. It shows that even when children have always been told their life story, they sometimes need a little reminder or a conversation about the ins and outs of family. It's really a beautiful, informative and helpful piece for anyone navigating these waters. ...more
@BlogHerFamily I wrote a post about talking to my own son about adoption from the side of being ...more

A Mother-Daughter Blog's Blue Ribbon Cheesecake

[Editor's Note: I've been saving this post since last Mother's Day, when I spotted it and thought it was a wonderful story about mother-daughter relationships, blogging, AND food. Not only is this cheesecake recipe fantastic, but you're going to love the story of how Apron Strings got its start. It's a terrific way to start off this day that honors the mothers we know and love. --Genie]...more
I love seeing Donna and Anne featured here.  Donna is a good friend in Salt Lake and I'm looking ...more