By the way, we are going to shave her head.

Apologies for the real time posting right now. I walked into the NICU after having a cuppa, and the doctor said, "Sydnye, we are going to shave her head." By "her" we mean my 39 day-old baby. Why you might ask, did they need to shave her head?  They are all out of veins for cannulas and long lines for the morphine, muscle relaxers, antibiotics, albumin, lasix, platelets and blood, my baby had been intravenously administered.  I immediately walked back out the door. I had to remove myself from the room for a few minutes. ...more
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tgf 0000000 size baby clothing

I have to say I am so grateful for seven 0, that's 0000000 baby clothing. My sweet girl looks stunning with her fitted size 0000000 wares. purebaby is my favorite brand for preemies and IUGR babies, like my little girl.   SydnyeAllen @SydnyeAllen on twitter  and instagram    ...more

Nanny Envy - Is it Normal?

In her brilliant article ‘Nanny Envy – it’s a thing’  Rethabile Mashale discusses an emotion that dare not speak its name: a mother’s jealousy of her nanny. Coining the term “Nanny Envy Syndrome” Mashale talks about job sabotage by employers, where a nanny could be entrapped to make mistakes and therefore legitimately reprimanded. Nanny Envy, Mashale alleges, can even lead to fantasies of termination or actual and abrupt dismissal.  Is Nanny Envy a real problem? I asked Karen Kaufman PhD, LCSW who has worked in the field of mental health for 30 years....more

This is Pediatric Cancer

Kathy@kissing the frog...more

Hey Doc., stop giving orders to those who don't want them......

As a childcare provider you learn pretty quickly that a parent will go to enormous lengths to avoid being told no. They simply cannot accept any negative feedback or honest criticism about their child’s behavior or their own.What are extremely hard to swallow are the pediatricians who seem to enable and encourage these “Momzillas” and their ridiculous demands. ...more

5 Things You Should Have Done In Pre-Marital Counseling

I am a Catholic, I married a Catholic, and as such we were required to undergo something called pre-cana class, or pre-marital counseling class, which is typically given by a priest. A PRIEST.   Uuuhhhhh, yea. But NO. I did not want someone who is not actually married giving me advice and counseling on how to be married. Sure,  he is married to Christ, but Jesus doesn't leave the toilet seat up, fart in bed, and forget to buy milk....more

What to say, and NOT to say, when someone is going through a family medical crisis

Things to say to a person going through a family medical crisis:...more


The other day, whilst out and about doing errands, I stopped in to Burger King for a coupon combo.  Sitting in the corner facing the dining area I couldn’t help but notice a young man in his 30’s with a small boy and pre-toddler girl.  The small boy was running around the play area calling out, “Daddy, daddy look at me!,” as the little girl busied herself playing choo-choo train with some french fries at the table.  The young man looked kind and was proving to be attentive in his role of “daddy,” obviously on a solo trip to lunch....more


Hideaways     I wrote this post three years ago while caring for my mother.  She has since passed away but going through my older posts I thought it might be a nice one for caregivers to read to help you through the difficult days.  I know how hard it was at times.  We all need hideaways sometimes. Most mornings I wake at 4:30 and enjoy my ...more