More proof of a link between Alzheimer's and concussions

You've likely heard about the NFL players concussions possibly causing Alzheimer's-like symptoms in retirement.But a new study looked at adults age 70 and older to determine if Alzheimer's-like symptoms were related to earlier concussions.The Minnesota study scanned the brains of 589 people. Of those, 448 had no signs of memory problems, and 141 had MCI (mild cognitive impairment) causing memory and thinking problems. All 589 participants were asked if they'd ever a brain injury that involved loss of consciousness or memory.The results?...more

Why dementia causes learning and memory problems, poor navigation and trouble planning

A Duke grad student just figured out something interesting.The posterior cingulate cortex (PCC), which is one of the first regions of the brain to deteriorate with Alzheimer's, is relatively quiet when the brain is performing well, but steps in to help out when the brain needs help with performance.Since it's one of the first areas to go with dementia, it makes sense that the person would start to have problems planning, learning, remembering and navigating (gets lost)....more

Holly Jolly Pre-Christmas Week

I have waaaayyy too many updates for one post! You’re getting them anyway. Fa la la la la la la la la!Holly Bloggy Christmas Party...more

Can't I just be happy and enjoy these special moments?

I feel like other mums are constantly putting down first time mums with stories of their terrible pregnancies! And not only that, but when we are feeling great and enjoying ourselves, they chime in with all these negative comments: "Just wait until blah blah happens..." and "You think that now, but soon..." Ugh! Just let me be! I am feeling terrific and am loving every second I have with my little girl tumbling in my tummy. I honestly couldn't be happier, so stop trying to ruin it!...more

Two Cents Tuesday Challenge: Paths Read More

 Across the Bored, has a 14 day Two Cents Tuesday challenge. The theme this go around is PATHS.  Everyone today seems to be going somewhere in a hurry – “Where do the paths lead in your world?” ...more

The Care and Feeding of Fathers

About a month ago I came home from work to find my father sitting in my driveway running his car.  It took him awhile to roll down the window to talk to me because he had forgotten how and I had to shout out directions again on how to operate it.  Once the window was down, he told me “they” and he gestured to the back and very empty seat “are paying me to drive them around town. We are going to visit the Hunts.”...more


Yesterday afternoon was a colossal mess of epic proportions in the Petzold home. [Warning: objects in this post may contain bodily fluids and otherwise yucky things.] It all happened within a window of a half hour. Two of my three beautiful angel children were having bathroom issues at the EXACT same time. (I'll spare you the horrific details, but just know that one of them involved a bathtub. GAK! And although I'll chat with ya about your healthy colon and what your poop should look like, I don't actually deal with poop well....more

Good News For Caregivers: You May Live Longer

Are you one of the 65 million people currently caring for a loved one?  While most days might test your patience, increasing your stress and, perhaps, your blood pressure, a recent study has actually found that being a caregiver can extend your life expectancy....more
Oh my goodness, this could be me 100 percent.  The percent who takes anti anxiety medication and ...more

The Invisible Woman

I’d like to tell you about Tara, The Invisible Woman.  Tara is not her real name but it has a strong and heroic ring about it which seems appropriate.I hardly know Tara; in fact I’ve only met her twice.  Yet she has become a part of my life and occupies my daily thoughts more than any other person apart from my family and close friends....more

Afro is Not a Dirty Word!

This is my beautiful daughter.Of course, I think she’s the most beautiful girl in the world…She’s just the whole package. She’s smart, she’s funny, and just look at that face. And those curls!Man, I love her hair.She has this funny saying when she wears it out.She says she’s “letting it fly”.It fits her personality so well.A happy free spirit with the biggest heart.Letting her hair “fly”....more