Resentment Versus Gratitude

Sometimes You Know

You know how sometimes you wonder if God is telling you to do something, and you wish it were crystal clear? That happened to me last week.I went to visit my mom, sister and nephew to discuss the possibility of me moving to another state to live closer to family (my cousin, with whom I have more in common than even my sister). After hearing me talk about moving either closer to them or to the state (12 hours away) where my cousin lives, my nephew stood up from the lunch table, pushed his chair in, and walked away....more

Sharing Our Family Joy

My Mother's Body Got Lost

I'm trying to plan my mother's funeral, but we have a problem. We can't find her. My mother passed away Saturday after a long illness. I had all the funeral arrangement planned months in advance, so I was prepared when the inevitable happened. After she died, I contacted the proper authorities to transport her body 100 miles to her hometown of Wendell, Idaho for the funeral and burial. ...more
Glad to hear you found your mother. I know it must have been a frustrating time. I've heard the ...more

On being a single, mildly wild 20-something who is newly going to be an aunt.

I’m 27, single, gainfully employed, wildly restless and newly going to be an aunt. My sister and her husband of 3 months came to my apartment one Sunday morning, as we had previously planned, with their Jack Russell terrier puppy, Vito. I immediately picked him up for face licks and squirmy puppy hugs. Vito was dressed up in a baby onesie that had the phrase “#1 Bro” splayed on his back, which I immediately noticed and brushed off. My brother-in-law’s family is very Italian, and thus anything even vaguely mob-related comes as no surprise....more


We are moving into a new era in Alzheimer's/Dementia research. ...more


Rena McDaniel...more

Polls Show Support for Early Education. Will Voters Agree Nov. 4?

On November 4, voters in many states will decide on ballot measures for early childhood education, and recent polls report that most Americans support making preschool more accessible for all. The surveys show that voters in North Carolina, Florida, Ohio, Colorado and Georgia view early learning as a priority at both the state and national level. Image Credit: First Five Years ...more
HapaMamaGrace BlogHer firstfiveyears EdProgress <<They're a cause partner of ours! Grace, ...more

Four phone calls that changed my life: Part I

Anyone who knows me knows I under normal circumstances cannot sleep because thoughts speed through my read at autobahn speed at bedtime. I had received phone calls that have changed my life and most certainly impacted my ability to sleep.  I hope the 4 phone calls that changed my life are the last four traumatic phone calls I will ever receive. ...more

Sobbing in joy: Schluchzend in freude

There is a growing list of places and activities to avoid being compiled in my mind.  The hope is that if I avoid these places and events, the deep sorrow over the loss of my baby girl will not overcome me while shopping for groceries, paying for coffee or driving down the street.  Well, I think it’s fair enough to say this is a completely unworkable plan.  I have a favourite funny movie that I watch to clear my head.  The main character in Along Came Polly is Reuben Feffer.  Reuben is a risk analyst who meets Polly, a world roaming free spirit.  Reube ...more
hturner89 Thank you for the prayer and the loving kindness that go with.  I really appreciate ...more