5 Skills Every Great Nanny Actually Needs To Be A Rockstar

Working moms and dads know what a huge challenge finding quality childcare can present. Because each family's situation is unique, every option comes with its own set of pros and cons. Figuring out all the pieces of that puzzle takes into consideration both parents' schedules, desires and vision for what they seek in their child's caretaker. Add to that a mix several unique human personalities and is it any wonder it's so hard to find the right match?...more

Weekly Wisdom: The Drop Box

Last year, instead of giving up something for Lent, I decided to commit to doing the daily Lent devotionals offered by She Reads Truth and sharing what I had learned from them on the blog as a way to strengthen my walk with God as I explained here. I had every intention to do the same this year as I found it to be very rewarding. But I confess, the desire was there but the discipline was lacking. As Ash Wednesday rolled around, I found myself being distracted by the busyness of life and putting other things first before my time with God. It's one thing to simply meditate on the Word, and quite another to be able to articulate what I've learned in a coherent way on the blog. I have to admit that I felt uninspired and it was starting to feel like an obligation.I felt like I needed a push. I needed the Holy Spirit to move me or just give me a big kick in the butt really. And that kick came in the form of a movie called The Drop Box. ...more

For Bitsy

Earlier today I found out that my mother's wonderful cousin and friend for life, Bitsy, passed away....more
I'm sorry for your loss.more

Lessons from Miss Rumphius

In the 3rd grade, my beloved, very British school teacher (I can only assume the woman was British based on her perfect diction, her pronunciation of the the words “aluminum” and “advertisement” as well as her perfect posture, tendency to only wear long skirts and high heels, and her insistence that we state “May I please…” before leaving the room to do anything. I mean, come on… she just exuded British-ness.) introduced the class to the storybook, Miss Rumphius....more


Okay, so apparently, I was nominated for another award, which I am thrilled by. Seriously. Plus, I like passing the love onto other bloggers, so let’s do this....more

Another year of childcare, another truancy letter......

Sitting here this morning with my coffee, I was having a relatively good morning. The kids who were here already were playing happily, and the next ones weren’t due through the door for half an hour. As things always go however, the phone rang with a parent question.“Hey Terri, we’re going to be running a little late this morning. We’re on our way. Suzy is going to be there but Matthew won’t. He’s got a temp of 102* so I am going to keep him home.”...more
reillysmom16 Provider's Garden At his age he is old enough to practice proper handwashing and ...more

When a parent has the blues

My father arrived in the U.S. in 1964 as a Fulbright Scholar with less than $10 in his pocket. When he was leaving Pakistan he was forced to empty his wallet by a greedy customs officer at the Karachi airport. My dad didn’t have money for soap or toothpaste when he began his residency at Cook County Hospital in Chicago, but he had intellect, faith in himself and the stubborn ability to work terrifically hard. He was 23 years old....more


It's a funny thing, when I started blogging, I expected to learn so much about how to be a good wife to an amputee that I would have all kinds of wisdom to share with my readers. It turns out, I don't feel much wiser at all. And I'm not sure that I'm a good wife most of the time. Still, I do have some things to share with you that apply mostly to leg amputees. ...more

Tips for Male Caregivers

The National Alliance for Caregiving published a study 2009 that showed men made up about one-third of all caregivers.  However, in 2012 Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project reports that men now comprise 45 percent of all family caregivers in the nation. ...more