Can We Really Keep Our Children Safe?

Recently I watched a video clip of the hit HLN show Nancy Grace in which Ms. Grace discussed a case where a baby sitter is accused of allegedly bragging about sexually assaulting a child in text messages to her boyfriend. Ms. Grace leads into the story by informing viewers that the babysitter holds a Master’s degree and works at a high priced oil company. She further shares that the boyfriend also has a Master’s Degree and makes a five figure salary at the same oil company. I didn’t understand the relevance of sharing this background information about the couple....more

Are We Sending Our Kids Mixed Messages?

As McKinley grows and begins to get involved in more and more activities, including athletics and social groups, I find myself having internal debates about how to communicate the right information to her....more

Should You Consider Adult Day Care For Your Aging Parent?

 Are you considering sending your parent to Adult Day Care? It’s a hard decision to make with so many considerations. You must go to work everyday without worrying about your loved one constantly…are they okay, are they roaming outside of the house, are they a danger to themselves and to the house?...more

A Daughter Teaches, A Mother Learns.

I'd like to tell you a story about a baby girl. Did her mother know one day in April that her doctor appointment would not go as planned. Did she know they would tell her she would deliver her baby that day. Did she know the doctor would use terminology she did not read about in the baby books. Did she know after a suggested sonogram, she would be told that her baby has a "myelomeningocele - spina bifida, a neural tube defect in which a developing baby's spinal cord fails to develop properly." A what? And explain it in WORDS she can understand please! NO, I did not know....more
Thanks Heather! She is beautiful!more

A piece of peace

As we got word this morning, it has been a day of questions and nerves.  However, not a day without the knowledge that Our Heavenly Father was already here....more

The Business of Childcare

Childcare providers are amazing. They spend their days doing what most parents could never handle. They manage up to a dozen children without the help of anyone else. They deal with tantrums, tired cranky crumb-snatchers and toddlers who bite. They clean up play-dough, paint and sand from the sand box. They fix meals and snacks all day long, including special diets for little ones with allergies and lactose intolerance....more
FourtyAcresChildcare Amen my sister. We are professionals, just like doctors and lawyers. It's ...more

5 Skills Every Great Nanny Actually Needs To Be A Rockstar

Working moms and dads know what a huge challenge finding quality childcare can present. Because each family's situation is unique, every option comes with its own set of pros and cons. Figuring out all the pieces of that puzzle takes into consideration both parents' schedules, desires and vision for what they seek in their child's caretaker. Add to that a mix several unique human personalities and is it any wonder it's so hard to find the right match?...more

Weekly Wisdom: The Drop Box

Last year, instead of giving up something for Lent, I decided to commit to doing the daily Lent devotionals offered by She Reads Truth and sharing what I had learned from them on the blog as a way to strengthen my walk with God as I explained here. I had every intention to do the same this year as I found it to be very rewarding. But I confess, the desire was there but the discipline was lacking. As Ash Wednesday rolled around, I found myself being distracted by the busyness of life and putting other things first before my time with God. It's one thing to simply meditate on the Word, and quite another to be able to articulate what I've learned in a coherent way on the blog. I have to admit that I felt uninspired and it was starting to feel like an obligation.I felt like I needed a push. I needed the Holy Spirit to move me or just give me a big kick in the butt really. And that kick came in the form of a movie called The Drop Box. ...more