Reuniting With My Big Sister

Ariana is Still GrowingPart 1 - Why I Had To GoOnce in a while a heart warming story about a person who cares for their adult disabled sibling gets printed in a local paper or makes rounds on the internet. These stories tug at heart strings, make you misty, and proud to call yourself part of the human race.  But when I read these stories, instead of feeling inspired I feel guilt, because I'm not one of them. My older sister is mentally retarded, and I haven't been there for her....more

What to Do If You Just Can’t Take Away Mom's Keys Yet

Driving is a rite of passage for many of us.  Unfortunately, not being able to drive any more due to age is also a rite of passage, but not a positive one.  According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, an average of 500 older adults are injured EVERY DAY and 15 are killed EVERY DAY due to driving accidents.   But, no matter who we have talked to, taking away the keys is one of the hardest transitions caregivers note having to make and most try to avoid it....more

Baby Boy " Dad's not here" But I am"

Today was such a challenge. My children's first week  of school, and the teacher calls me to inquire about my sons behavior. Since my divorce my children have been bounced around d between him and I. Unannounced to me divorces affect the children as well. The behaviors he has been expressing is of pure anger and sadness. He is my middle child I call him my baby boy. To make matters worst his father is incarcerated and I'm a single mother for the first time in my life. The teacher seemed really concerned. She was so bright and caring she seemed to really love her job....more

When Breastfeeding isn't Bestfeeding

I want to start this post by saying that although this is something I have been open about, I'm not sure I've ever been this open about it and it is something that was excrutiatingly, stomach turningly hard for me at the time. There's nothing to agree or disagree with but please don't take any kind of defense in what I write....more
LauraMannCritchley oh my God, Laura. I am so sorry that you have had to feel like this. I've ...more

The Sadness of the disease

 Nurses are caregivers so as a nurse and a caregiver,I take care of Alzheimer's patients by providing what is called memory care.It is sad to see what these dear people have become....more

While Sharing a Piece of Our Lives, I Stunned My Son's Doctor into Silence

While in the Emergency Department with Rob and Gavin last week I had the chance to speak with one of Gavin’s treating physicians while Gavin was having his MRI. Without meaning to, I stunned him into an uncomfortable silence. I don’t think his years of medical training had prepared him for the unexpected turn our conversation was about to take.I suppose I’m getting ahead of myself here. Allow me to begin at the beginning…...more
Thank you.more

When you were a kid did you ever "runaway" to a friend or neighbors? What's the protocol for the adult here?

MY NEXT DOOR NEIGHBOR'S CHILD CAME OVER BECAUSE HE WAS "RUNNING AWAY." WHAT SHOULD I DO?photocreditMOLLY: A reader from Colorado wrote us this question about her 10-year old neighbor....more

Good Morning World!

This morning, our precious Molly didn't really want to be up. She still isn't sure about the new school hours!  ...more

Most stroke victims have undiagnosed cognitive disorders

A new (small) study out of the UK found that the "majority" of stroke patients appear to have attention disorders - most of which are undiagnosed.First, you should know that there's an attention disorder called "neglect." Can you see how this might get confusing? I'd be nervous if I was a caregiver! "Neglect" in this case is an attention and awareness deficit in one side of the body....more