Life, and the lessons learned.


A Big Mac and His Guitar

Adam is in the ICU once again.  He is fifty-three years old and over the last thirty-five years he has been hospitalized many times.  The length of stay and frequency of his visits has increased dramatically, though during the these last four months....more

Complicated Cool

I am a married SAHM of two. My husband has Type 1 Diabetes, is on dialysis and has heart problems. Further, I am visually impaired and my daughter has ADHD. We are your typical “family of 4”….but not.Every single time I type all that out I marvel at what a mouthful it is! It’s a lot, for sure, but it’s our normal.Normal? The older I get the more I accept that “normal” is subjective. One night at dinner I asked my kids what they think of our little family. My 13 year old daughter said that we’re pretty cool, but also complicated. My 7 1/2 year old son simply said, “Epic!”....more

I Was in a Bad Mood, and Then My Husband Had an Insulin Reaction

My husband had a nasty insulin reaction the other night. He hasn't had any so bad in quite awhile. He was alone downstairs after we put the kids to bed. I was upstairs in our bedroom watching Grey's Anatomy and Scandal, drinking a cup of hot chocolate and trying to get over how thoroughly frustrated I was with how our evening had gone.I was up there thinking how happy I was to just BE, me and the TV, and that yummy cup of hot cocoa. The stress of the evening was slowly melting away as I lost myself in my favorite shows.......more
Cats can be very soothing... even sometimes when they are being snooty. I'm glad your husband is ok.more

Between Intermittent Panic Attacks....

 Overall,  I think it has been a good day so far.    A decent night's sleep and getting up two hours later than on a work day had me feeling better about life this morning.   Toasting  bagels for the Manor's signature breakfast dish, the Spouse and I enjoyed quiet time on the mountain. I needed a "finger food" dish to go for this afternoon and while standing in line at Wal-Mart last night,  decide...more

Dr. Romance on To Help An Addicted Friend

 Dr. Romance writes:...more

I Am Strong

Whatever strength I have in me comes from Love.I am loved hard, and I love hard in return.I've written on my blog ad nauseam about my PTSD, anger, fears and worries as regards my husband's last major health crisis (or his health in general). Those are the things I'm not proud of, that I struggle with and have to work through.But there was something else. Something I had forgotten about, or failed to see or was overshadowed by the fear....more

Helping your Preschooler with Separation Anxiety

TLC For Kids, Inc has been St....more


Every person in this world has one's own wish, desire or expectation towards something or someone. But what makes one happy and peaceful is that the love and affection that is showed to her/him. People who do not need to show love but at least they stop showing hatredness towards the persons around them....more

Is Volunteer Work Keeping Women From Leaning In to Their Careers?

The school year is well underway, which means that teachers and PTA organizers are looking for volunteers to make copies, raise money and organize harvest festivals. ...more
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