The art of internalizing

Definition of internalizing: 1. Make (attitudes or behavior) part of one's nature by learning or unconscious assimilation.2. Actions that direct problematic energy toward the self. My child, as many children on the autism spectrum are, is an expert at both definitions. ...more

Debunking the "Nanny Wanted" Ad

Because nannying is my full-time job, I spend a lot of time on sites like to find jobs for myself and for others. I’m now only looking for occasional babysitting to keep me busy, but when I was looking for a full-time nanny job, I had to learn pretty fast to be able to decipher what mothers and fathers really mean in their ads! Like all job descriptions, there are fancy ways of saying what you want, and a lot of word-masking to entice people in the door before you really lay down what you want from your new nanny....more

Mama Drama in Nannying

I started watching Beverly Hills Nannies last night on the recommendation of a friend. It’s a show about a group of nannies in upscale Beverly Hills. They have everything they want – awesome cars, vacations, luxury apartments, all the money they can charge, and yet their jobs are ten million times harder than mine ever has been or could be. They deal with mothers who are more than just Type A personalities. They have to acquiesce to any and all demands. They’re treated like they’re subhuman, basically. And the competition is insane....more

The "Manny"

J-Lo had one. Angelina Jolie had one. And yet the rest of the world hasn’t jumped on the bandwagon of “the manny”, or male nanny, just yet. Why?Unlike other professions, nannying is almost solely made up of young women, ages 18-35, who are often going into a child-centric profession. It’s rare to see a male babysitter and even rarer to see a male nanny. Though mannies are interesting and often considered novelties, many parents don’t want to make the jump to hiring one for their children....more

Uncomfortable Caregiving: Asking Your Father-in-Law Medical Questions

Sometimes the posts we spotlight and feature about the not-so-easy task of caregiving for our aging parents are... well, let's call them heavy. Because it's heavy stuff; it's just not easy. Candance at Crazy Texas Mommy recently made me spit coffee at my screen with her funny post about caring for her father-in-law. Maybe it wasn't funny in the moment -- more like mortifying -- but, I think all caregivers could use a good little laugh, however uncomfortable. ...more

Elder Care: Make your instincts your friend

I was never on the cheerleading squad in high school.  But when it comes to women acknowledging how much we know and can apply to the elder care situation from our own life experiences, I’m all about jumping, shouting and shaking those pompoms. We have so much inner strength. Still, there’s one thing missing:  we don’t trust ourselves.It seems whenever I’m in a new situation the first thing I do is look for a specialist, someone who’s not me and therefore will surely be more competent than I think myself to be....more

5 Tips On Being a Caregiver to a Grandparent

Dresden had the opportunity of looking after her grandmother, Millie, and learned some very valuable lessons along the way. My favorite tip: "The History Channel has your back.":...more
Wow!  This was an incredibly beautiful article, and I am keeping these tips in mind for my ...more

Love Is Simply Joy

I’ve worked a lot of jobs in my life. I’ve been a garden nursery worker, tending plants and pulling weeds; I’ve been a fast-paced online marketer, updating content and helping to brainstorm creative ideas. I’ve been a freelance writer, starving in my tiny studio apartment. I’ve been a Wal-mart shoe girl, trying to peddle shoes to an uninterested public.A lot of people ask me why I ultimately chose to nanny. And the fact of the matter is, none of the jobs I’ve listed above, or any other ones that I’ve worked, give me the satisfaction and fulfillment that nannying does....more

Tips and Tricks for Getting Through The Day with a Baby

As you can see, I have a bit of a theme going on this week. But the more I hang out with Glo-Worm, the more I realize that I have to utilize many tips and tricks just to get through the day. Babies are almost like little bombs – they can go off at any minute and you can’t figure out why! I keep the peace by using a few of these tricks:...more

What Do You Do With a 1-Year-Old?

This is a question that I find myself asking constantly. Glo-Worm, like most babies, loves to play, to go for walks, and to do anything stimulating. But I find myself at a loss sometimes during our long days together. 8 hours is a long time with a baby – even if she still naps twice a day! (I know, lucky me!)...more