A Child-Free Zone??

We've all heard the debate. And I'm sure we've all heard the children as well. Nothing seems to fire people up more than the question of children in public. One side accuses the other of being "anti-child" while the other lashes back saying that poor parenting creates children who run amok. Throughout the debate the underlying question remains: when and where is it appropriate to bring children and will we even be able to all agree? Where you stand on this issue depends on where you are coming from. Personally, I know my own position on this question has changed since I became a parent....more

A Parental Checklist When Looking For a Caregiver

Now, I can only speak for myself obviously, but I thought it might be helpful to list out some things I'm doing, that I wouldn't have even known I would do in this search for a sitter....more

The Food Fight: Getting Toddlers to Eat Without Tears

I used to scoff at all the nannies and parents who would complain every day on social media about the children in their care who just wouldn’t eat. Up until my last nanny job, I was blessed with children who might have been picky, but sat down and ate quietly at the table with little complaint. I was a picky eater myself, so I had a bit of sympathy with kids who just didn’t like a lot of things. I engaged my mother’s rule -- three bites and you can be finished -- and found it bore fruit. So I was really confused by people who complained about their child’s eating habits. Why did food need to be a fight? Well, then I met Glo-Worm, and I understood completely why food turns into a fight....more
@mommycall I find that really infuriating, too. And it seems the more we don't like it, the more ...more

How Not To Interview A Nanny

I get asked a lot about interviewing childcare providers, probably because I’ve been through so many of the interviews myself. I’m normally able to give a few tips, but I think now I’m just going to point people to this post. Here’s how NOT to interview a nanny....more

Finding a Babysitter Isn't As Easy As It Sounds

This found its way to my Facebook feed yesterday, and while the original list is gone, the article goes into enough detail to give you the point.The gist is, a couple put out an ad for a babysitter, and in the ad, they put 65 questions the applicants should answer....more

Nanny Confessions: Sleep Training Helps Us a Lot!

I’ve talked to a lot of parents over the years who love every part of parenting except sleep training. These days, sleep training has become controversial, involving dozens of methods that range from gentle to strict. Some cry-it-out methods, that may have been popular in the past, aren’t considered good for child development now. Sleep training can be done without hours of crying and tears. ...more

Nanny Confessions: Traditional Educational Play Isn’t Interesting For Children

Whenever I look at ads for nanny jobs one of the main job duties listed is “educational play.” Traditionally, this means spending time with children working on writing and reading using electronic LeapPads or tablets, doing mathematical worksheets, using flash cards, or playing board games that are meant to increase literacy. I understand the importance of doing these activities. Kids who practice reading, writing, and arithmetic skills at home often do better in school. ...more

The Great Diaper Debate: Where Is It Okay To Change Diapers?

I’m kind of a fan of writing controversial parenting-related posts, and this one is going to be no exception. It’s worse than the great breastfeeding debacle. It’s worse than vaccinations. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I’m going to write about diaper changing. *cue ominous music* In public. *cue gasping*...more

AddieLove says...Six kids, one mom, and a messy messy house! What is the appropriate age for chores?

AddieLove says.... am I putting too much responsibility on my children? Ive recently run into some people that disagree with the fact that I have my children doing household chores. Keep in mind, I have six kids. A ten year old two seven (almost eight) year Olds, and two four year Olds. My ten month old cant exactly contribute much aside from his charming smiles and giggles of encouragement :) but I honestly don't feel that I'm asking too much of them. They aren't asked daily but three or four days a week. Except their bedrooms which are cleaned every day. Here is our chore list....more

MRI scan can tell if it's Alzheimer's or dementia

A new piece in the journal "Neurology" tells about a new noninvasive method to test if a patient has Alzheimer's or some other kind of dementia.The old tests often resulted in delayed treatment. The method, which was accurate but unpleasant for patients, included combining the results of three tests (MRI, FDG-PET and a lumbar puncture test). Using software, researchers can diagnose Alzheimer's in 10 to 20 months....more