Enabling the Babysitter Addiction

I was reading Salon and found an article called My Babysitter Addiction. Interested, I clicked on it – and read a really honest and inspiring story from a woman who uses babysitters as part of her “global village” – you know, the one that’s supposed to help raise your child. She’s a single mother with a passel of kids, and she went from micro-managing her babysitters to allowing them to help her. In turn, she relaxed and was able to get more of her own identity back, and not just be “Mom” all the time....more

Crazy Caregiver's First Blog

    My caregiving life,unbeknownst to me, began very long ago....more

Caring for Elderly Parents - Connecting for Caring

Making Care Easier (MCE) is working to improve the ways families are caring for their elderly parents. Now more than ever, families are spread across the country. Our mission is to make care easier for the entire family by providing the tools and information needed to help everyone stay connected and take an active part in caring. I'd love to hear your story and get your suggestions what we can build online to make your lives easier....more

Long Distance Caregiving Tips

More than 7 million Americans identify themselves as long distance caregivers. If you are the only caregiver and far away, these tips will help you to provide a unique level of care for your loved one, no matter the distance.Collect Important Information about your loved one. Organized info, including your loved one’s medical, dental, financial, legal and insurance can prove to be a big help in preparation for an unexpected crisis. Financial RecordsA detailed list of assets and any debts accrued...more

Moving In

When the time comes for your loved one to move out of their home and into a place where adequate care can take place, there are many questions to consider. As our loved ones age; disabilities, illnesses and other problems arise that present the dilemma of where to move them. In this time of economic uncertainty many caregivers are having their loved one move in with them. Before this can be done, it’s important to think carefully about living arrangements and how they will affect your daily life and family....more

Understanding And Coping With Alzheimer’s

September is recognized as World Alzheimer’s Month. This dedication is a reminder to our community, our nation, and most importantly our world about the familiar yet, often misunderstood illness. Alzheimer’s is a progressive disease that has no known cure, although there are treatments and pharmaceuticals that can reduce the symptoms temporarily.The best way to help those with Alzheimer’s, is to be aware of “early onset” and  the gradual increase of signs and symptoms associated with the disease. The Alzheimer’s Association gives the following 10 warning signs:...more

Hubby Update - Bowel Obstruction

Around 8:30pm Thursday night Hubby and I headed to MD Anderson ER. Hubby’s stomach and back pain had intensified and he’d started vomiting.Charlie spent the night at a friend’s house. The boys thought it was super cool to have a sleep over during the week.Around midnight X-rays were done and by 2am a CT scan. The ER doctor diagnosed Hubby with a bowel obstruction. The least invasive method of clearing out the blockage is an NG tube, which Hubby protested but ended up with.The NG tube seems to have done the trick. Hubby’s stomach is no longer distended and tender....more
I'm so glad they were able to resolve this issue without surgery and I'm extra happy that ...more


Memphis, TN – The Memphis Brooks Museum of Art has brought a free interactive ...more

The Tantrum

The tantrum, like “the break-up” or “the first time you take an alcoholic drink”, is an epoch in a child’s life. Wow! Now they can tell you exactly how they feel, complete with dramatic performance of anger, sadness and defeat. While the tantrum is a developmental step that shows that your child is emotionally maturing, it’s hard on parents – and nannies. Glo-Worm has lately discovered the intricacies of the perfect tantrum, and all of our ears are ringing....more

Knowing When To Help

My friend Anne at the Belle Jar Blog gave me an article she wanted me to write about. It’s by a mother who has written a letter to other parents at the park, asking them not to help her kids on the park equipment, even if they ask. The author is trying to foster a sense of independence in her children. Anne asked me to comment on this as a nanny....more