The Spirit of Giving

Our family has always celebrated Christmas in a big way.  Some would say in an excessive manner.  But I ask, what is wrong with excess (tempered by reason, of course)?  I LOVE buying people gifts, and there is nothing more exciting for me than to watch them open.  I love decorating (I ususally have 3 Christmas trees along with Hannukkah decorations), I love wrapping, I enjoy giving....more
suzannestavert Even if a person can only give one dollar to the Salvation Army bell ringer, ...more

Run If She Cleans Your Sink

As I washed the kitchen sink today I was reminded of two women who I used to call my friends. I remembered both of these women had washed my sink out with comet.What was striking about them washing my kitchen sink was that they both spontaneously did so. According to them my sink needed to be scrubbed. Besides the oddity of spontaneously cleaning my sink was the similarities in their personalities.Their personalities were unstable and unpredictable. They both originally presented as quite normal, but as time passed their true personalities were revealed....more

Joy & Pain Taught Me To Be Present

The experiences that had the most impact on me were not planned. These experiences were both joyous and painful. All of them taught me that the present moment is what matters most.The first major life experience that taught me how to be fully in the moment was when my partner of four years died on February 11, 2005.  If any of you felt surprised by my last sentence, I can assure you it is miniscule compared with how shocked I felt. I was totally unprepared for someone so close to die....more
This was devastatingly beautiful. Thank you.more

Christmas Consumption Guilt Free

I went to Christmas at the Forum in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada today where I purchased the amazing Ferris Wheel pictured below.  The Ferris Wheel is made of wood and is a Christmas present for Vivienne.

Teary Eyed Gratitude

Today I teared up when telling a coworker that I was going home to a clean house and a home cooked meal....more

Her Latest Fall

Skulls Blowing in the Wind

 Post Halloween, there were plastic skulls blowing around on my front porch:...more

Painted Toe Nails Trump Laundry

Ever observe your laundry habits?  I started to observe my laundry habits to see if I could do less.  Less house cleaning and laundry would be great....more

Episode 34: Unexpected Praise

Isn’t it strange that sometimes a compliment can make you feel really awful!…I am a person that likes to get things done, if I have got a job to do then i am going to do my utmost to get it done,, and also do it to the best of my ability…However, life does it’s best to throw a spanner in the works whenever it can. Working with people is at best unpredictable and at worst chaotic, means that even with the best intentions in the world, things often end up going pear-shaped regardless of how hard you try.Today was one of those days…....more

Resentment Versus Gratitude