Parenting as a Survivor of Abuse.

#SpermGuilt & Gender Disappointment

“The spine looks…  uhhh… puhh-retty… gah-oood” the technician with the wand on my wife’s gelatin covered belly said in the slowest way possible.  The room that we were in for our 20 week anatomy scan was smaller than my first dorm room and as dark as a December night except for the glow coming from the black and white screen....more

Sex Day!!! (Finding Out)

It’s 4:23AM on Thursday, November 20th 2014 and Lynette comes back to bed after a “nervous poop”.  I’m as jealous as a pearl-less oyster.  When I’m nervous I lock up as though my bowels are a series of dry ropes and rusty wrenches.I go into the bathroom and eventually drop one single, simple and sad musket ball and when I get up I realize that I’ve been on the toilet for much too long.  I’m the newborn shaky-legged deer on pins and needles feet....more

1st Black Ice Encounter in 2014

Driving mom to Day Program is like being in a scene from the movie, "Ground Hog Day," as she repeats the same comments as if for the first time every morning.One of her comments since we moved to this location is about the subdivision road we travel to get to the main road. Mom comments about the two sharp turns we travel down to the main road.  Her morning comment is, "I hate to see these turns in the winter."...more

Dads Don't Talk

It was 6:11PM on a Tuesday when the text came in…“I’m pretty much freaking out at this point so it will be a good time to interview.  Will we be covering ‘not ready for this shit’ anxiety?”I imagined my neighbor Kevin in a moment of weakness frantically thumbing it out on the phone like a meth head with a tiny Pac-Man cabinet.  Maybe he was hiding in the bathroom.  Maybe he was at work.  After all, he is the Vice Principal at a school.  He could have seen one too many shitty kids and decided that he didn’t want to deal with it....more

Seniors Need Home Care = Home Care Workers Need Hours

We had a home care worker (HCW) scheduled for tonight and yet here I sit without one again.  I rarely write about our home HCWs, mostly because of an an irrational fear they may vanish completely, but I am TIRED.Tired of the HCW turnover.  We just lost another regular HCW who left the agency because she was not getting enough hours.  That is the second amazing HCW that we know of who left because they did not get enough hours.  I wonder how many have left the agency for the same reason....more
I have worked as a nurse case manager for over 10 yr  and I have also been a home health nurse ...more

Stomach Bug..."The Beauty and the Beast"

Our family is expected to share, but sometimes that means the bad stuff too.We were all afflicted with a violent stomach bug over this past weekend as it went from one family member to the next. No one was left out. How kind.As I miserably counted down the hours for the 24-hour bug for myself, as well as each member that I had the pleasure of caretaking for, I saw the "beauty and the beast" of the stomach bug....more

Tips to avoid Scammers: the Law is with You!

For most organizations identifying frauds and spams is getting difficult and trickier day by day. These scams and frauds are cleverly camouflaged that it has even become difficult to differentiate between the original and a fake one. What gives the fraudsters an added advantage is the latest and sophisticated technology. With such kind of technology at their disposal, they are able to trick people easily and effortlessly....more

FMLA: Where Siblings Aren't Really Family

Earlier this week I happened across this article in The Atlanti...more
As a mother who also has a now adult child with autism, I total understand your concerns, I ...more

The Spirit of Giving

Our family has always celebrated Christmas in a big way.  Some would say in an excessive manner.  But I ask, what is wrong with excess (tempered by reason, of course)?  I LOVE buying people gifts, and there is nothing more exciting for me than to watch them open.  I love decorating (I ususally have 3 Christmas trees along with Hannukkah decorations), I love wrapping, I enjoy giving.  ...more
suzannestavert Even if a person can only give one dollar to the Salvation Army bell ringer, ...more