Corporal Punishment? I Vote General Disdain: A Guest Post by Tim of Short Stories & Sustenance

I have the great privilege today of sharing a post with you from Tim over at Short Stories and Sustenance, one of my favorite blogs! ...more

5 Characteristics A Good Nanny Should Have

During past several months I went to many interviews and I applied to dozens of jobs in several different job fields, while one of my dear friends kept applying for nanny jobs and kept getting rejected. She, while still looking for a job, couldn’t understand why is it so hard to get a good paying nanny job, without asking herself what could be a reason for rejection. ...more

When You Hurt

Here's my latest. Enjoy and pass it on....more

The Truth About Foster Parenting

There is no way around it - there are a lot of eyes on you when you're a foster parent.The child's social worker. The child's Guardian Ad Litem. The children's biological parents. Therapists. And pretty much everyone that knows that she or he is a foster child. We have already experienced our 2! TWO! year old being overly criticized for her behavior at daycare, with the suspicion that she is watched closely because.... she's a foster child, you know. ...more

Nanny Camera from Nanny's point of view

I am a nanny. I spend 10 or more hours a day with a toddler and probably 50% time I slack, nap when she does and definately not providing service I know I should.I want to be perfect nanny and amuse that kid, snuggle, play, cherish and be perfect, but sometimes I just let her play and I browse cat photos on internet.My employers have cameras. Not one, but 3. ...more

By the way, we are going to shave her head.

Apologies for the real time posting right now. I walked into the NICU after having a cuppa, and the doctor said, "Sydnye, we are going to shave her head." By "her" we mean my 39 day-old baby. Why you might ask, did they need to shave her head?  They are all out of veins for cannulas and long lines for the morphine, muscle relaxers, antibiotics, albumin, lasix, platelets and blood, my baby had been intravenously administered.  I immediately walked back out the door. I had to remove myself from the room for a few minutes. ...more
I think my tears and the decision to wait another day allowed the doctors to find a vein in her ...more

tgf 0000000 size baby clothing

I have to say I am so grateful for seven 0, that's 0000000 baby clothing. My sweet girl looks stunning with her fitted size 0000000 wares. purebaby is my favorite brand for preemies and IUGR babies, like my little girl.   SydnyeAllen @SydnyeAllen on twitter  and instagram    ...more

Jellyfish in the Baby Pool: Protecting my child with special needs

Sometimes parenting a child with special needs is like the time I was shocked to find a jellyfish in the baby pool. Dangers and complications lurk where you least expect it. ...more

Nanny Envy - Is it Normal?

In her brilliant article ‘Nanny Envy – it’s a thing’  Rethabile Mashale discusses an emotion that dare not speak its name: a mother’s jealousy of her nanny. Coining the term “Nanny Envy Syndrome” Mashale talks about job sabotage by employers, where a nanny could be entrapped to make mistakes and therefore legitimately reprimanded. Nanny Envy, Mashale alleges, can even lead to fantasies of termination or actual and abrupt dismissal.  Is Nanny Envy a real problem? I asked Karen Kaufman PhD, LCSW who has worked in the field of mental health for 30 years....more