Favoriting my Mom's tweets

My Mom is a pretty tech-savvy lady: She runs a brilliant blog, texts and shares photos, and she tweets more often than I do. All of this she learned on her own, and I am incredibly grateful for her willingness to be involved online. In her point of view, she is ready to interact with her grandchildren in whatever form of social media they end up on....more

Lessons Learned at Vacation Bible School

Last week was going to be great.  My son was going to go to Vacation Bible School every morning and I was going to park myself in the library down the road and have over three glorious hours each day to get caught up on- and, dare I say, ahead in- my work.  When will I learn?  Day one was without incident.  My son gets a bit overwhelmed by larger groups but will give it a try if he sees at least one familiar face.  We were in luck on that front and I was one of the first parents to extricate myself from the classroom. ...more

Planning to outlast your partner

The other day I heard a comedian say that a successful marriage is when one partner gets to watch the other partner die first. Yes, that is pretty morbid, but it is also true: Marriage vows even state "til death do us part."...more

The Growing Costs of Long-Term Care


How to cope when you are parenting a parent!

I can so relate to crying myself to sleep or right after leaving my parent with heavy feelings ...more

The Life of a Care Giver...

The life of a Care Giver starts off just like opening a door for someone at a store, perhaps a senior citizen, a woman with a baby carriage or even a disabled person. You never really give these things a second thought, you really just do them because its the right thing to do....more

Why I Stop for the Dog on the Side of the Road

Growing up in a small country town there are always animals wandering back roads or side streets. For as long as I could remember my heart would just break when I would see a animal in the middle of nowhere wandering on the side of the road. Now that I’m older I still have the same ache in my heart and something always tells me to stop for them. To give them a second chance....more