Father's Day - Thank You for the Music

It’s Father’s Day, and for those that have followed my blog, you are aware of the love and admiration I have for my dad. Although we speak regularly, it has not been easy living in different countries. There are things I miss about him – his quiet way, his cooking – but what really saddens me is the time he and my son are missing together. I tell my son stories about his grandpa, show him photos, and remind him of all the times they wrestled around as superheroes and played on the beach....more

Desperately Attempting to Impart Wisdom Before She Gives Birth

She's only been in the house for six weeks, she's 31 weeks pregnant, and she's missing some portion of common sense that I've always thought that we were born with. I run a home for pregnant women: these women don't always come from the best of households or backgrounds, I'm aware...but some of the things these women don't know astounds me. Lily, 23, didn't know how to wash dishes. By God, she does now. She also didn't know how to do a proper load of laundry. Again, now she does. ...more
This post makes me so, so sad.more

I Can't Remember the Last Time I Wasn't Squashed by My Family

It's been ten days now since my 89-year-old mother fell, broke her hip, and landed in the hospital via the ER. And thus I'm in my second week of being completely torn between my mother's and my family's total need of me. To say I am nearly being ripped apart by this is an understatement. ...more
I just went thorugh this with my grandmother. She fell and I took her to th ER becasue she had a ...more

The Nanny Plague

This will be a quick and scattered post but I can only write it in hopes that someone will read it and have some wonderful insight as to why what happened this morning, happened. ...more
@TheOrangeRhino Thank you for taking the time to give me your thoughts! That definitely could be ...more

Middle-Aged Me and My First Wrinkle

It's not a laugh or a frown line – I've been grinning, laughing uproariously and frowning deeply into mirrors, to see if the line, that very fine crease, would come and go. I've taken to wandering the house with a handheld mirror examining it in all kinds of light. The pale morning kitchen one. The brilliant sunny dining room. Out in the yard, birds glancing off my reflection. In all my car mirrors. Both side ones. Rearview. "I have my first wrinkle." My 93-year-old mother chuckled. "Your first?" ...more
Sometimes that is all we need to hear "We will age beautifully."more

My Conundrum

co-nun-drum            1: an intricate and difficult problem.                                                                          2 : a question or problem having only a conjectural answer.  ...more

Sleep is No Longer an Option

They say that new babies smile early on as a means of ensuring their survival. The idea is that if they display cuteness, their guardians are more likely to care for them. I think the same thing goes for their smell: that ineffable, sweet aroma that they all seem to emit. At any rate, as a new mother who has slept exactly four out of the last 24 hours, I wholeheartedly believe that Nature designed babies to be cute in order to ensure survival of the species....more

I Confess. Thinking About the End is Hard

This morning I started the day as usual with me checking headlines on the 7a.m. news.  Some habits die hard.  Then I had a little quiet time and a cup of joe as I ran through my self-alloted time on Facebook and Twitter....more