AddieLove says...Six kids, one mom, and a messy messy house! What is the appropriate age for chores?

AddieLove says.... am I putting too much responsibility on my children? Ive recently run into some people that disagree with the fact that I have my children doing household chores. Keep in mind, I have six kids. A ten year old two seven (almost eight) year Olds, and two four year Olds. My ten month old cant exactly contribute much aside from his charming smiles and giggles of encouragement :) but I honestly don't feel that I'm asking too much of them. They aren't asked daily but three or four days a week. Except their bedrooms which are cleaned every day. Here is our chore list....more

MRI scan can tell if it's Alzheimer's or dementia

A new piece in the journal "Neurology" tells about a new noninvasive method to test if a patient has Alzheimer's or some other kind of dementia.The old tests often resulted in delayed treatment. The method, which was accurate but unpleasant for patients, included combining the results of three tests (MRI, FDG-PET and a lumbar puncture test). Using software, researchers can diagnose Alzheimer's in 10 to 20 months....more

Nanny Confessions: We Want You To Come Home On Time

I admit that as a nanny, I am sometimes excited when the parents come home late. It means extra money for me. It may also mean more time with the kids, which can be great if we’re doing a special craft or watching a movie. But nine times out of ten, I want the parents I work for to arrive home on time. I have plans, I have chores, and I need time to myself – it’s what helps me to be a better nanny. ...more

I love Grandma so much. I want to help her!

Grandma is home and I am trying to figure out what to give her that she can eat. She is having trouble swallowing and she gags. We are trying to give her soft foods but not too soft that it just stays in her throat. Ensure is gong to be her best friend I think....more

Taking Time Out For Fun: Remembering Why I'm A Nanny

In this time of dark and light, I spend a lot of time weighing the pros and cons of my life. And now that I’m free to do all sorts of different work, a good friend of mine asked me to help transition her daughter, 2-year-old Kutti (which means Little One, and is a nickname, as are all the names I use for children in my care on this blog to protect their privacy), to being looked after by people other than her family. Kutti is very reserved at first and originally was very shy around me. When a child has been only used to one or two caregivers, it can be very hard to find common ground....more

Nanny Mileage Reimbursement

  We are regularly asked about reimbursing a nanny or sitter for mileage.   Mileage reimbursement is expected when a nanny or sitter is driving the children for work purposes.  So if your nanny is driving the kids to and from school, dance, etc. in her vehicle she should be reimbursed.  Ask your nanny to keep track of the miles driven and submit them to you....more

Holidays with Granny - An Update

Well, Thanksgiving and Christmas Part 1 (of 4) is behind us.  Our family rarely has a chance to gather everyone together and this year's festivities will long be remembered as the Thanksgiving of 12 people, six dogs, the first grandchild and Granny. ...more

Getting Ready for the Holidays with Granny

We are about to have six dogs and twelve people converge on our parents' home for the holiday. Thankfully, my parents have a good sized back yard and plenty of sleeping room. Now, if all the personalities could fit in the house.My mom has been looking forward to this for a long time. Yet, I constantly hear mumbles in her voice about how our grandmother is going to ruin everything. Chances are, she might. But, if we plan for that to happen, and assume the worst, we may be predicting our own future....more

Daycare Drama: What Makes A Nanny Let A Family Go?

While I love talking about all the wonderful little people who make my life so much more fun than it could be normally, there is another side to nannying that people don’t talk about much. It’s when things don’t work out, and you have to let parents go, or when they have to let you go....more

When You Get a Text that Makes You Match Socks

"I quit." It came as a text. In one of those fun-looking little speech iPhone bubbles. This wasn't a fun bubble. It was an explosive one. Annihilating my favorite time of day, that second cup of coffee on my lounge with my dog, after dropping kids off at school. An explosive tiny bubble from the woman who has been helping my mother. ...more
Beautifully written, Sandra and Congrats! Thank you for letting me take a glimpse of that very ...more