Another Day

d.a.marulloI wasn't expecting to have a child, definitely not a child with special needs. But I did, indeed, have a beautiful little girl with Down Syndrome. That was 12 years ago. Today I write about her and how to deal, everyday, in a world that doesn't understand. I teach, I advocate, I survive while caring for a child in a world that needs more advocates and more understanding. Parents who deal everyday have stories that need telling. Stories about love, dedication and survival. We can teach while we do and do while we teach....more

When Mother's Day is Hard

This Sunday will be my second Mother’s Day since my mother died.When Mother’s Day is hardEvery day has felt like Mother’s Day since my mother’s diagnosis with Alzheimer’s disease in May 9 years ago.  Honoring and protecting her became my life’s work during her illness....more

The Hardest Job I Could Never Do

When I look back at my most favorite teachers- I can specifically remember their names- Mr. Heggen, Mrs. Mattox, Mrs. Claypool, Mr. Spears, Mrs. Chandler... and what made them my favorite. It wasn't how well they taught algebra or literature elements like plot, climax and setting. It was how they made me feel and most likely, my other classmates- like we belonged to their class and they truly enjoyed having each one of us in it. It was how they didn't take themselves too seriously but had fun and we knew they truly loved what they did....more


She would crouch down to my level, hold me in her arms and whisper “Always tell me the truth, because I will Always love you.” At 6 years old I simply thought my mom was warning me not to fib. But now at 32 years old and a mother myself, my perspective has changed. I realized that these words meant so much more. Her words represented safety, unconditional love, trust, honesty, and moral values....more

6 Tips on Serving Others with Food

I didn't realize the real ministry opportunity of food until I had children. Suddenly, the daunting task of cooking became a near daily struggle. While pregnant and in the early days of having a newborn, making meals was not something I enjoyed. I will never forget the people that recognized that and helped me out by bringing me meals....more


Handicapped parking is a touchy subject all the way around.  The number of spaces that must be provided is mandated by law, but depending on where you live and what your business is, this may be an inadequate number or it may give you too many underused spaces....more


I attended a three day conference this week: 4th Annual Psychological Trauma and Juvenile Justice: Trauma Informed Care- Impact on Body, Mind, Behavior and Community. It was one of those conferences that leave you feeling rejuvenated and remotivated towards the hard work we do each and every day. It also left me feeling a little helpless and discouraged as well as after all, I am just one person....more

Dedicated to Rose

Dedicated to Rose. I had no idea what I would walk in and see. All I knew was that this client needed a home health aid who was professional and trained.  The family was exhausted caring for Rose, their mom, their wife, their sister, and was also tired of telling other hired help what was needed. For 3 hours – finally, they could get respite.  They could regroup, have a minute of solace, and prepare themselves for their next 21 hours of service. Caring for an ALS person is a 24 hour job....more

Dear Mom, You Gave Me A Voice

How do loss and grief become a blessing? I’ve said before that writing is how I heal. And never is the weight of grief more lifted than when I’m writing letters to my mom. Dear Mom, ...more
This is so poignantly beautiful, Lauren.  Made me cry for my own mom, and for you and yours. ...more