Sometimes, family just sucks!!!!

So, I'm so sick of dealing with the girlfriend drama, when it's also the grandkids drama. When did it become a rule that when your son meets a new girl, the grandkids from the first relationship get thrown into a mix of new girlfriend rules and her child drama? I have absolutely no problem loving the new girls child until it becomes a problem. When the Dad tells his Mom,the grandma, she can't see her grand daughter unless she takes new girlfriends child too. I find this rediculous and selfish on the sons part....more

Nanny's Holiday Pay

My family…” our nanny started slowly, “come from El Salvador to U.S.A. December twenty and eight.”Celina had been with us long enough for:...more

Planting #BFAT Seeds

In the beginning God created a skinny chick. And it was good. So I thought.The term # BFAT began with the seed planting of a positive and kick-ass attitude in the wake of a life-changing diagnosis.It was nearly eighteen years ago when # BFAT changed my life....more

4 Ways to STOP Giving Crappy Gifts to Parents

I despise it with the power and fury of a thousand suns and if it’s over $10 I'm gonna need the damn receipt” I think to myself as I swallow a sharp and acidic pie-sliver of bile.My hands fumble around the disgustingly sherbet pink onesie.  My 14-month-old would never wear this even if it did fit.  It doesn’t have a receipt or tags... Hell, even if it did the trip to Marshall's and the line wouldn't make it worth the $7.99 plus tax.  The gift is basically 100 times worse than nothing, and no, the thought doesn’t count....more

The Women Who Make A Difference: Amanda Filipczuk

Amanda Filipczuk is Co-Founder and Managing Director of Tusaidiane. After 2 years of working domestically, she decided to take her social justice concerns to the international level....more

Bye Bye Nursing Bra

My friend Shannon, mother of 3 small boys, former "Big Law" attorney, and blogger in her own right recently posted a wonderful essay about motherhood, change and the bittersweet surrender of one phase to the next.  I asked her if she'd let me put it up here for you to see, because I think it will strike such a chord.  If you'd like to see the piece in its or...more

Can You Make the Sun Come Back, Mommy?

We were most of the way between lunch in Eau Claire with M's cousins and dinner in Milwaukee with a deploying friend. In the hour before, the sunset stretched from horizon to horizon. Bright purples and reds and orange puffs of clouds, hovering over fields glowing gold beneath the sky. Now the sun was beyond the treeline to the west, and a deep rainbow still clung to the air where it submerged, casting a warmth to the wintry purple of the sky ahead. RH couldn't see the pages of her Pocoyo book, and she called to me from the rear of the car. ...more