The Silent Fighter

Since it is Mental Health Awareness Week, I am sure we will hear all the ways to fight stigma and about the most vocal stigma fighters. And I believe, rightfully so, these people deserve their recognition. However they are not my focus for this post. I want to recognize and thank the silent fighters. I want to recognize those who live day to day beyond the stigma....more

Do cry over spilled milk.

This is the tale of the magical breast milk. Two babies are being nourished with the milk I made for my precious girl. I get so much joy thinking about the little twins being made stronger with her milk. I kept thinking if I could just feed her her milk she would be well. She would be strong. I cried because she whinced in great discomfort and wanted her breast milk. I cried beacuse my milk soaked disposable nursing pads and because it dripped down my body and ran into the drain when I showered. I knew that if she could have her milk she would be well. ...more

I Watched You Dance: A letter to the Father of an adult son with Down Syndrome

Dear Father: I once watched you and your adult son, who has Down Syndrome, enjoying an outdoor summer concert together. I still think about that day, because I couldn’t stop staring at the two of you (but not for the reason one might think). The relationship you have with your son was one of the most beautiful, precious things I have ever seen. It brought tears to my eyes. I wanted to talk to you and your son so badly, but out of respect for you (and my husband, who gets embarrassed when I make a scene) I simply observed from a distance....more

Caregiver Island: My Family Won't Help Me Take Care of My Mother

I write this anonymously, but I have to confess: A lot of times I feel like I have no family support. I'm not talking about social services or the help from the family I live with. Their help is tremendous. No, I'm talking about my immediate family. Most days I feel alone out here on Caregiver Island....more
Heartbreaking and honest. Thank you for sharing and I am sorry for your struggles. Acceptance is ...more

Love and loss in 46 days

Two days ago we released my baby girl into a peaceful hereafter. I went to her at 3.00am for the last time that morning to see her and to ask her for one last request. I didn't ask her to stay with me forever. I asked her to please rest peacefully for the night. I had a seemingly selfish desire to have her follow my plan for her transition off the ventilator. To be honest, I had no idea what it meant or what would happen when we removed the tube and turned the ventilator off. But, I knew I wanted her to have peace. I knew she deserved peace. ...more
Thank you so much Shantelle. I love the reference to the phoenix. That's my Aves. She is pure ...more

Barbie's Hot Bod

My first child came home and asked if I knew that Barbie would never menstruate were she a real person and that, brought to life and expanded to human height, she would tip over because of her toddler-sized feet and Parton-sized boobs.  When she brought forward this litany of anti-Barbie slurs, I nodded in assent and talked of irrational body image, the evil of capitalizing on idealized bodies and stuff good Moms do....more

Mama-ji: Servantless Grandmother Living Dangerously On the Edge of Sanity. Year One Begins.

And so it does.   On the outskirts of Ft. Lauderdale in a very cramped one-bedroom apartment where by day I am a newly-anointed grandmother-in-residence helping my single daughter and by night, on weekends and in between those fogged out naps and rounds of poop patrol, I’m a writer.      ...more


 I want to love her.I think she is adorable and has amazing potential to be great kid and as time goes, great adult.I want to love her.I want to want to snuggle her and kiss her and tell her silly stories.But I can’t stand her. And it is not her fault.She is just a child. She copies other people’s behavior. She listen words other say. She follows action we all do around her....more

Being Adopted: It's just another part of who I am.

Remember those little evil things you say to your siblings when you were young just to get them where it hurt like, "Well, you know what, you're adopted!"Well, can you imagine my surprise when I was about 6 or 7 when my brother said that to me and I went running to my mother crying? And her response was, "Well, actually, yes, you are." And as I'm about to become even more hysterical, my mother turns to my brother and says, "So are you." So that day, we both got pies in our faces because neither one of us knew the other was adopted but only one of us was trying to be the sibling playing a joke with it....more

Corporal Punishment? I Vote General Disdain: A Guest Post by Tim of Short Stories & Sustenance

I have the great privilege today of sharing a post with you from Tim over at Short Stories and Sustenance, one of my favorite blogs! ...more