Does your solder have a TBI - or concussion? Read this.

If your husband (or wife) has experienced a traumatic brain injury (or even a concussion), you should read this. There's new evidence that the risk of dementia rises with a TBI.If you've followed football, this is no surprise. The retired NFL players are complaining of dementia-like symptoms, likely caused by all the hard hits they've taken over the years. It's called "CTE"  (chronic traumatic encephalopathy) and it's a progressive degenerative disease that can only be confirmed postmortem (sound familiar? Just like Alzheimer's)....more

Open Letter to Those Who Don't Believe in Publicly Funded and Regulated Daycare

In response to the commenters on this article in the Toronto Star—and every article ever—about the need for safe, affordable childcare for working families. ...more
laughingmom This is exactally my point. Perhaps those in the US think differently about the way ...more

It Could Be Worse

It could be worse.It could be worse.It could be worse.I repeated those words in my own mind for months leading up to the heartbreaking news that I had just received. My baby, my first born, my son was in desperate need of another open heart surgery.  Except this time, his fragile, tiny heart needed a titanium valve to save his life. It could be worse....more

The Birth of a Caregiver Part 1

Rena McDaniel-The Diary of an Alzheimer's Caregiver

Dear Dads...

"The Blue Light" - a Son's Story

 byTracy D. Holloman, MA, ACC, CPC, ELI-MP...more

Driving with dementia; Should you take away a loved one's keys?

When my grandfather started developing Alzheimer's, we knew when it was time to take away the keys. He hit a parked car as he was driving by, taking off the side mirror.For other people, it's not so obvious. And as you can probably guess, trying to take away someone's ability to drive is often taken as a form of repression; you're taking away their freedom in their eyes. Although few seniors probably feel they're perfect drivers (and many will willingly give up driving at night or in busy areas they don't know well), many still want the OPTION....more

Fireside Chat With The Autism Mom: Life After The Autism Waiver

My son, Evan, is 21. We were out of the country immediately after his graduation from high school which was an incredible experience. I have to tell you, Israel is DA BOMB for autism services. There are services for babies, little kids, big kids and adults. TONS OF SERVICES! So many services that they apologize to you for not being able to get your kid into a group home (if they so choose) for 6 months to a year....more
Thanks so much for your comment!!!  You are so right about other cultures and learning about ...more

There Are Wild Dogs Terrorizing My Neighborhood

I was once quoted saying that my neighborhod looks like something out of "The Wonder Years." Each summer, we greet the warming weather with block parties and lemonade stands. Mommies push strollers past well-maintained lawns of neat single-story homes. Children ride their bikes on sidewalks, then rest in the shade of leafy trees. ...more

Who Takes Care of the Care Giver: Care Giving Sucks

A couple of years ago, when a friend of mine lost her mother, I opted to send her a card that said “sorry your day sucked” rather than a traditional sympathy card.  ...more
Love this! And it's so true.more