Where Seniors Choose to Age

Senior citizens want to live at home even as they get older. And in today’s world, in-home care agencies can make it easier for an older adult to age in place. AARP confirms this fact. They found that over 89 percent of adults prefer living at home over assisted living and nursing homes.   AARP confirms this fact. They found that over 89 percent of adults prefer living at home over assisted living and nursing homes.   ...more

Impact of Long Term Care on Career

When an aging relative needs help and care at home, life for family members become riddled with problems. Across geographical distances and family generations, sons, daughters, and even grandchildren learn the hardship of rearranging schedules and responsibilities.Elder care consumes much of their time and energy. ...more

Should You Befriend The Mother Of Someone Who Tried To Destroy You?

When she made the appointment for aesthetic services, her name sounded vaguely familiar.  I assumed I would recognize her when she arrived.  I didn't, but my co-worker did and summoned me into the reception area with urgency."Do you realize who that is?"  she asked staring wildly.  The look was a definite indication that my client was not welcome there."No....why?""That's Roger's mother!"...more

Understanding Long-Term Care

When families face the challenge of learning the differences in nursing home care and assisted living facilities, it can be confusing. There's a simple way to filter through what your loved one may need.  The major difference between the two is the level of care a resident will receive. Nursing homes offer medical and care by nurses, and even by physicians. It's very similar to a hospital. ...more

Finding Mobility For Mom: KD Smart Chair

Having anyone close to you be diagnosed with an illness is never fun. When it’s a parent, it can rock everything you ever knew to be true. In 2000, my mom, a young vibrant, energetic woman. was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease. My world stopped. How could it be? She took care of ME – how could she be sick? My mind spun furiously – hitting the all the phases shock delivers to you – the last one being ACTION. How could I help? I sadly came up short when I sat to make a list....more

Guided Imagery Tools to Help You

Brenda Coffee@1010ParkPlacehttp://www.1010parkplace.com...more

Sometimes, family just sucks!!!!

So, I'm so sick of dealing with the girlfriend drama, when it's also the grandkids drama. When did it become a rule that when your son meets a new girl, the grandkids from the first relationship get thrown into a mix of new girlfriend rules and her child drama? I have absolutely no problem loving the new girls child until it becomes a problem. When the Dad tells his Mom,the grandma, she can't see her grand daughter unless she takes new girlfriends child too. I find this rediculous and selfish on the sons part....more

Nanny's Holiday Pay

My family…” our nanny started slowly, “come from El Salvador to U.S.A. December twenty and eight.”Celina had been with us long enough for:...more

Planting #BFAT Seeds

In the beginning God created a skinny chick. And it was good. So I thought.The term # BFAT began with the seed planting of a positive and kick-ass attitude in the wake of a life-changing diagnosis.It was nearly eighteen years ago when # BFAT changed my life....more