Day 17 - A Cut Above

 I spend a lot of time suturing in the E.D.Usually I like to pull these patients back right away so I can get started on them, because ...more

the post I shouldn't write

I work.Specifically, my work involves people. People at their most vulnerable moments. People trying to fight or fly. There are breaking points, learning curves. I am a nurse. My work is people.I always shy away from writing about work. There's this frightening thing out there called HIPAA. And though it is very good and very necessary, it makes me afraid to type out and talk about what I do for a living....more

Revisiting My Worst Days On a Visit to the ICU

My husband and I went to see a friend who had suffered a stroke during a routine heart surgery. The stroke happened over three weeks ago, but since my son graduated from the elementary school where I used to run into him during carpool duty, I didn’t find out about his condition until last week. I was catching up over lunch with another mom and she asked if I’d heard about what had happened to D. She thought my husband and I would be able to encourage him with a visit. So I texted his wife and she said we could go anytime to see him at the local Veteran’s hospital....more

Bleeding out and the Frightened Child

My mother is on Coumadin to prevent blood clots. And which, evidently, can thin your blood to the consistency of tap water. I say “tap” because when turned on, the blood will flow. And I say “evidently,” because when she fell and gashed the back of her head on the corner of an open bureau drawer, within minutes she gushed enough blood to saturate her blue bedroom carpet, paisley bedspread, fleece nightgown, even the medical alert button around her neck which she did still have the panicked presence of mind to activate. ...more

Memories my mother never mentioned...

Between the ages of 6 and 19, I moved often. When I was in fourth grade, my family lived in one house for just three months before abruptly moving to another for an equally brief period. The reasons we moved were different---my fourth grade year, for instance, high rent necessitated the first move while the death of the landlady required the next---but the results were the same: We became adept at packing. We also got into the habit of not fully unpacking....more

Teaching Children To Cope With Change

We know that young children feel safe and secure when they have a steady routine.  Knowing what comes next is how they measure time.   They feel more self-assured when they are with people they know and trust in a familiar environment.  The same is true for older children and adults.  Rare is the adult who thrives from the knowledge that change is coming.  Even more unusual are those adults who institute change.   It is so unusual that we have come up with names for them - “change agents.”  But then life changes and we look at each other and say,...more

Getting Someone on Your Side Sometimes Means Meeting Them Halfway

Last night, I had an actual “good parenting” moment. They come so rarely, I simply had to document it in case it never happens again. At dinner, my husband and I were trying to talk to each other about our days. He was trying to get Kaylee to eat her dinner, which she would only do while sitting in his lap. Zach was sitting next to them and kept distracting her. We repeatedly told him to stop and just sit facing the table....more

One Ask Act of Love

The Elizabeth Hospice - One Ask Act Of Love...more

Just a mistake

Monday was one of those days. The kind of day that puts the phrase "the Mondays" to shame. It's been hellish....and I didn't even go to work. I tried. I really did. I was dressed for work, the kids were dropped off at school, and I was on the road....more