Grieving on Planes

I seem to do much grieving on planes....more

Dropping Katie Off at College

It amuses me that I am never at a loss for words unless it requires me to share my emotions.  Talking about what I am feeling, especially when I'm in the grips of an emotional moment, renders me speechless.  So it was yesterday on the ten-hour drive back from New York City.After kissing and hugging her goodbye I knew I had to walk out the door and not look back.  I knew I had to get on that elevator and take a few deep breaths to keep the water-works at bay....more


As I drove away from my children yesterday, leaving them to begin their new journey as college students, I knew I would cry and be an emotional wreck. That was a given....more

How College Drop-Off Turned Me into One of 'Those Moms '

August 23, 1998. The date will remain forever scorched in my memory as the day I became one of those mothers. The kind the rest of us whisper about when she leaves the room to get more tea. The kind who gives a bad name to motherhood. I wasn't one when I left my own driveway, but by the time I reached Burlington, Vermont, I was a full-fledged wack-a-doo. A June Cleaver with bi-polar disorder and a twitch beneath my right eye. ...more

Countdown to the Empty Nest

The prospect of becoming an empty nester isn’t something people like to talk about much, not until it’s staring them in the eye.  I know – I’m in the middle of a staring contest right this moment!  Our youngest son Zack will be attending Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in the fall.  While Zack prepares for his big move, his older brother Jake recently graduated from Cal Poly.  Sure, this is exactly what we’ve all worked toward and hoped for all these years, and we couldn’t be happier.  But let’s be honest.  As happy as we are, change – and the unknown - can still be h...more

It's Never Too Soon to Start Finishing Well

I’m a voracious note-taker. Sometimes people tease me about it in meetings or at doctor appointments, but it has come in handy many times. I also like to record memories by taking plenty of pictures or video with my cell phone. I did none of that, though, during one of the very most significant events in my life: Mom’s memorial service last summer....more

Country Music Sunday and Other Ties that Bind

Tomorrow is Country Music Sunday. Oh, you’ve never heard of it? Really, it’s a “thing,” at least in my little sliver of the world.No, you didn’t miss some kind of nation-wide hype about celebrating the country music scene. The weekly observance was designated by our Zack and his group of friends several years ago, when they were young teens, assigning obscure and quirky themes to each day of the week. Well Dressed Wednesday, Polo Shirt Thursday. You get the idea....more

Finding home, leaving home,


For Gracious Sakes It's About Time!

So, today is the first Monday of August.  I love nothing more than turning over the calendar to a fresh new month!  I love to make to do lists and give myself monthly goals to achieve.  Not that I achieve them.  Some I do.  Most I do not.  That doesn't stop me from making my lists though. ...more

Life is a Beach

There is nothing (and I mean nothing) like the silence when people you adore leave the house after a good visit, and you are left all alone. In a family our size, this happens with regularity, and I’m still not used to it....more