Who I Am In My Family and What I Am Not Without Them

After spending many years of searching, trying to find Me, and looking to “fit in,” somewhere, anywhere, I can now say, I am finally where I belong, and I know who I am. By the grace of God, I am home! I am a wife and a mother, and a grandmother. And because I have finally earned the love and respect I’ve craved all my life, I can now lead, where before no-one would follow....more
This is beautiful! Thank you so very much for sharing. I do have tears in my eyes. I guess it's ...more

And So It Begins

This is it.  The last week of my 40's.  I have to admit, I'm feeling it this morning.  But that may just be a Monday thing!!Time for a bit of self-reflection.  Just a tiny bit...I've seen too many people get so deep in to their self examination that they get stuck there and don't move forward....more
I have to say that sounds much better than the suggestions I've gotten for bungee jumping, ...more

Got A Minute?

Here are a few tips to accomplish small tasks when you find yourself with a spare moment.  I know...they are few and far between, but they do exist!...more

Parents aren’t done when their kids turn 21

Parents aren’t done when their kids turn 21  New parents are often told that this little baby, this precious gift from God, is theirs to nurture for 18 years. It’s a lie. ...more
@Denise I'll try that next time - thanks!! I kept trying to make it right, but it had a mind ...more

They are Lucky to Have US

We American parents have taken a great deal of flak. First we were branded as “helicopters,” then we were made to feel inferior to the Chinese and now, the French, with their better parenting models. We have been accused of disabling our offspring with our over-involved, ultimately self-absorbed parenting styles. Worse, our kids have been labeled as “immature” and unable to face adulthood on their own. All in all not a great picture....more

A House Divided Only By Mere Miles

How far is too far, or too close, to live to family? If you ask me, the closer we are the better, as long as we each have our own kitchen to rule. My immediate family—father and mother, brothers and sisters—has never really lived very far from each other, at least not for long. Though we’ve moved around a lot, we’ve lived from as close as 10 easy minutes in driving distance to as far as 5 leg-cramping hours away. And that’s only because we’ve been a family on the move—moving hither and yon, for work and school reasons, and the occasional loss of a job....more
@Jane Collins Jane, a woman after my own heart! I thought I was the only one that felt I was ...more

Old Friends

I have a good friend...we'll call her "T".  We've known each other since we were twelve and I've been reminded lately that old friends are truly a treasure....more

At Some Point, It's All About Me

It Is All About Me God, it really is all about me now. Not in the self-serving, hey guess what I am doing way, but rather, in a very different and often poignant way. My daughter (my only) and I had many different roles in our lives as she grew from the tiny girl who didn’t get the part of Cinderella in her kindergarten play (she was a mouse) to the graceful young woman she became. Along the way, she ran a lot, sometimes on the track and many times from me. She studied a lot. I watched her from my studio....more

Life Lessons From My 20-Somethings...That I'll Probably NOT Pass Along

The food processor was whirring a mixture of roasted onions, garlic, tomatillos and jalapenos around like a tornado. My eldest and I were chatting; I while looking down at the appliance buttons, and she while sitting on the kitchen counter. She had asked me a question, and I looked up to respond, making eye contact. But words never left my lips because she immediately quipped,"Oh, mams...you've got a bat in the cave."...more
@LucindaA If the Urban Dictionary were the gold standard for being in the loop, then you would ...more


Brittany’s fish died. I knew when she told me she got them; they wouldn’t be long for this world. My mom never let us have pets when I was growing up. Now I’m convinced it’s because she knew about the family gene. We can’t keep houseplants or pets alive. Most of my houseplants have slowly been replaced by artificial. I have a few live ones left and I try to leave them alone. The really sad thing is; some of my artificial plants are even losing leaves! ...more