Somebody Help Me! We’re Having a Wedding!

 John and I have known for four and a half months that Dan was going to propose to Brittany. We were visiting them in Charleston last March and while the guys were grilling Dan said:“Mr. John,” (So Southern!) “Since we’re alone right now I wanted to tell…I mean ask you if it’s ok with you if I ask Brittany to marry me?”John: “Oh, thank goodness!”OK, just kidding, what he really said was something like, “Well we just want her to be happy.”...more
good luck with the wedding! Will it be in Charleston?more

Boomerang kids, AKA, "Crap, they came back!"

 I have many friends who are close to my age who are currently empty nesters.  They started having children when they were in their 20's, and are currently in their mid to late 40's and their children have moved out of the house.  Some are married, some in college, some are working.  I have asked many of them (the mothers usually) if they experienced the "Empty Nest Syndrome"....more
@linda herman Thanks Linda!  She has since I wrote this been able to procure two part time jobs ...more

Boomer Questionnaire: Where Will We Live Next?

(originally posted on Better After 50)In the new French “comedy,” All Together, Jane Fonda’s character, Annie, asks, “we plan out so much of our lives, so why didn’t we plan for this final time?”...more

Do It Yourself - SWAP A TUB FOR A SHOWER - Or Not ...more

Empty Nest's Silver Lining

I have been preparing for the empty nest for two decades. I hated it when my boys went off to nursery school. I was not one of those mothers who thought sleep away summer camp was a great idea. So when two of my three children went off to college in quick succession, I feared that this might not go very well. For me....more

Holding Down the Tamper on My Breaking Mommy Heart

I woke up early today. Tiptoed downstairs. Rattled scoops of dry food into pet bowls. Slurped yogurt and crunched toast. After that I headed for the calendar, knowing I shouldn't. I couldn't help it though. The days and weeks seem to possess some crazy gravitational power. In my defense, I did white-knuckle-grip the kitchen table but in the end, the calendar won. I counted the squares -- 27. Collapsed onto a kitchen chair. Pressed a cloth handkerchief to my nose. Lately I've made sure there's one in every room. In 27 days you, my oldest daughter, will make like John Denver and leave on a jet plane....more  @JennaHatfield Thanks, girlfriends:)more

Memories are complicated

I started blogging to find normalcy amid painful transitions. I had turned fifty, finished menopause, was unhappy at work, and had angry and anxious teenagers turning into young adults.Three years later, life has shifted again. My son is taking a job in another country, my daughter is beginning her last year of college, I'm three years older, and work is showing improved vital signs....more

A Professor Gives Her Nephew Some College Advice on the Best Four Years of Our Lives

A Professor Gives Her Nephew Some College Advice on the Best Four Years of Our Lives From Michelle, a Grown and Flown friend:...more

Road Trippin'!

One of the best and worst things about this time of year is the annual cross-country trip from Denver, CO to Charlottesville, VA. It’s the worst time of year because my youngest daughter, Kimberly, is headed back to school after a meager 12 weeks at home.  It’s the Best time of year because for three days I have one-on-one time with her, laughing, singing, and talking about the quirks of life, from the mundane to the serious. It brings back memories of her middle school years when she went to a private Montessori school that was an hour commute from our home....more