Is misusing ADHD meds a form of cheating? 1 in 3 Ivy League students says "No"

Despite the many possible side effects, stimulant medications for ADHD are often called "the smart drug" because some students misuse them to try to get an academic edge.A 2012 study asked 616 Ivy League college students (sophomores, juniors and seniors) WITHOUT ADHD about misuing stimulant medications and whether it's cheating. Their results were:- 18% said they had misused a RX stimulant drug for an academic purpose at least once in college- 24% of those who had misused a RX stimulant drug said they had done it 8 or more times...more

Remember the Way Home

We piled six bikes onto the back of her truck......more

Separate Beds? Not Yet. But Separate TVs? Absolutely!

I think we gave it a good shot.  Even so, in the beginning, I felt fairly guilty and thought that our failure indicated that our 27 year marriage was headed for trouble. But, it had to happen, because the harder we tried, the more miserable we both got.  The final straw came on a cold winter's Friday night when, finally, about an hour into what has to be Transformers 16, I jumped out of the recliner, and officially called it quits....more


MIDDLE AGE DATING……..MIDDLE AGE CRAZY…. I have been married so long now I simply would not know how to date….First, I am very happy with my life…Second, I could not imagine having to be single and to date past the age of 40……I have so many friends who are past 40 and out in the dating world and I must say it doesn’t look pretty…… For me personally only to imagine dating  I wouldn’t even have a clue how to do it…….I am so used to being friends with everyone I would not know how to date…..Yes, my husband and I date and go to a movie or to dinner….but I have known him for ...more

Empty Nesting Milestone: the first summer home

Whoa, can that be right? It’s nearly the end of April and fast approaching Spring semester finals week, which means the end of the academic year is right around the corner. And college students everywhere, steeped in independence and friends and dorm life and cafeteria eating, will beeline to their childhood bedrooms and parents’ presence and healthy fridges filled with a finite amount of non-magically-appearing food. ...more
LanaL There really is! This transition between "kid" and "independent adult" has so many ...more

This is life. Do what you love. (?)

Remember when The Holstee Manifesto was really popular? I’ve spent a lot of time pondering this.  ...more

When your youngest turns 18...

"Let me see. If Adam is turning 18 today, and  I was X  when he was born. Then X  + 18 = my age now.""Really? I'm only X  + 18?"(Foolishly, I had been adding a year to that since my birthday in August. I'm not as old as I thought? ... I better double check my math.)"If this is 2014, and I was born in 19_ _; then 2000 - 19_ _ = _ _+ 14 = how old I will be in August. Not now. I've been saying I already was X  + 18 + 1!"...more

The other side of the bucket list

I’m sure I’m not the first person to say this, but the problem with accomplishing a huge lifelong dream is that on the other side of that accomplishment is the realization that, for the time being, you no longer have a huge lifelong dream pulling you forward. It seems like the worst kind of first world problem to cry that all your dreams have come true and now you have to go through the process of creating new ones. Who could possibly feel sorry for that kind of lament?...more

Old Age

I am getting old and I think so are you. I went out and did the yard yesterday. Yes the kids help but I still worked on it. I bent over, lean back and pulled something out of joint.  Back in the day I could do the whole yard by myself as the kids jumped in  the leaves, played with the dog and pushed each other in the wagon.  Now I can only think of myself trying but I know I will pay for it later (NOW).  I didn't work out....more


One of the hands-down hardest things for me in the “young empty nesting” journey is that I am not actually “young”. Compared to those who hit empty nesting and retirement in roughly the same life stage, yes I am. But compared to the demographic I keep running into in my day to day life, I’m the older generation. Why does this matter? Because so much of what I want to do, so much of what I’m trying to accomplish, is simultaneously being attempted by 20-somethings who are just starting out. And I envy them....more
BonBonsforBreakfast Oh yeah the Peace Corps! Totally has the same feel to it. I kind of feel ...more