Why I'm Boycotting Halloween

Halloween is just days away, and I'm sticking to my guns.No costumeNo partiesNo treatsNo, my reasons have nothing to do with any religious beliefs, but I respect those who choose to refrain from the festivities because of them.Mine are a bit more simplistic and are based on a shift in my parenting cycle. Next year, the decision to boycott may be rescinded. Maybe.COSTUMES...more

Pssst! What No One Else Will Tell You About Your Aging Body

 Getting older and wiser?  Fully self-actualized? Secure about your future plans?   Hold on to those good feelings. You will need them as you age.  Now that you’re an empty nester it’s time to get over your anger towards big pharma.  You may not have kids around to intervene in your passion play but without the intervention of pharmaceuticals more opportunity is just, well, more opportunity.   ...more

Settling In

"Build a bridge," I told him.  "What have you got to lose?  Go ahead, apply for the job."  Be careful of what you say when someone asks your opinion.  Especially if that someone is your husband and the topic is a new position, out of state.  ...more

A Homecoming

Autumn ColorThomas Wolfe said one can't go home again, and in a sense, that's true. I cannot be a child again....more

A Midlife Scare!

Midlife isn't all fun and games! This lesson has been brought home to me over the past couple of years, and I received another reminder just this week....more

This Big Blue Binder Will NOT Get Tossed

How A Binder of Recipes Can Change Your Perspective ...more
I can so relate.  I got a recipe box and recipes at my wedding shower.  One of the kids broke ...more

Lost In The Wilderness: Finding My Purpose

How often do you find yourself stretched in more directions than you can count? Attempting to be all things to all people, leaving little time for self? I am without a doubt, guilty as charged. I recently walked past a mirror and barely recognized myself. Having lost a few pounds in the past few months, I am probably in the best physical shape of my post-childbirth life. Yay Me! However, the reflection in the mirror said, “Woman, your hair and your brows are in need of some dire attention!” I glanced at my nails and realized that a manicure and a pedicure were also very much in need....more
charmedtreazures Thank you for the feedback. Much appreciated.more

A Life of Purpose? What for?

Creating a life of purpose and focused living is hard work....more

Mastering the Transition: Embracing Your Life After the Kids Are Gone

Transition: The process or a period of changing from one state or condition to anotherIt’s been about a month now since you settled your son or daughter into their 12 x 10 dorm space with a new, complete stranger, and drove away thinking your heart might never feel the same.Thirty or so days for your child to adjust to their new world. How are they doing? ...more

Never-Empty Nest

A few weeks ago my youngest sister moved out of our parent’s home to begin her journey to adulthood and independence.  My Mom is finally an empty-nester.  She has had children at home for the past 32 years.  32 years.  She obviously was a tad excited as she spared no time changing my sister’s bedroom into her new craft room.  But I know she felt sad and a bit lost as well.  She wasn’t sure what to do with herself without actively playing the role of Mom all the time.I can only imagine how tricky that transition must be....more