Changing not Exchanging

Dear Friends,What gift will we exchange this year?Give me the gift of your time, that's all I want. We don't need to talk about the crazy people you work with and what you'd really like to say to them or the latest buzz in the entertainment world. Let's talk about our friendship.Let's talk about what we'd like to bring into our lives in the coming months. We have all lost something this year, ...more

Caprock Canyon State Park

As I mentioned previously, I had never visited this state park.  It really should be on your list if you ever find yourself in the area.  As unexpected as this trip was, this was perfect weather for a trip like this.  I believe I am much more interested in camping in the fall than in the spring/summer months.  For one thing, I don't really like being hot and not being able to find any relief from the heat.  For another thing, I don't like flies, mosquitoes, other random bugs, snakes, etc.  These problems were not a problem on this trip....more

I've got some explaining to do!

I know my blog took a turn and a road-trip.  Just a quick catch up post here, then I have some chores to catch up on....more

So Tired.

I am so tired I can barely complete a thought.  The past days may have seemed a little unexpected to some of you.I'm right there with you!A road-trip was not in my plans at the beginning of the week, but by mid-week my calendar was cleared and it became my top priority.  Most of you know I have two girls.  Two very grown girls!One of them needed me.  It hasn't happened since they've left home, but when it did, I went.I always will....more

Birthday in a Box

I think I'm experiencing a bit of arrested development. By this age, most of my friends  have already packed up boxes of goodies for a college-bound child or missed the celebration of a major holiday with one of their kids. But, until today, I had never tried to stuff a package full of gifts for a far-away offspring, knowing that they would be celebrating a birthday without me. Having attended every one of them (that first one was especially memorable) for the last twenty-five years, I can't believe I'm not going to be there for this one....more

Sometimes you reach a point...Then have to choose a direction.

Going to let you guys in on a little secret.   I'm trusting you to keep this just between us.   We're friends, right?   The name of my farm is CrossRoad Farm.   The little slogan I do my best to tag on everything...  ...more

No Matter The Age

Yesterday morning as I left work, my son was actually awake.  Mondays are his day off and he is usually sound asleep when I leave. As I was preparing to leave, he said, "No, Mom...stay with me today!"  That is when I realized that it does not matter if your child is a grown man or a toddler...when they ask you to stay with them, it is a gut punch.   If I could have, I would have stayed home.  My son wanted me with him, and even though he is 24, he needed me and I wanted to stay....more

Dance Dunce

  In one of our early moments as empty nesters, my husband and I were having an average, uneventful day when the song by Josh Turner “Why Don’t We Just Dance” comes on. Impossible to resist, I kick off my Crocs and dance....more
Too funny. And I will never look at an AARP magazine or ad again without breaking into fits of ...more

Why I'm Boycotting Halloween

Halloween is just days away, and I'm sticking to my guns.No costumeNo partiesNo treatsNo, my reasons have nothing to do with any religious beliefs, but I respect those who choose to refrain from the festivities because of them.Mine are a bit more simplistic and are based on a shift in my parenting cycle. Next year, the decision to boycott may be rescinded. Maybe.COSTUMES...more

Pssst! What No One Else Will Tell You About Your Aging Body

 Getting older and wiser?  Fully self-actualized? Secure about your future plans?   Hold on to those good feelings. You will need them as you age.  Now that you’re an empty nester it’s time to get over your anger towards big pharma.  You may not have kids around to intervene in your passion play but without the intervention of pharmaceuticals more opportunity is just, well, more opportunity.   ...more