Technology doesn't always take the cake!

My world (like everyone else’s) depends on technology. Whether I want it to or not.I was talking to John on the phone the other day when I heard a beep over the line. I asked him if someone was trying to call in and he said no he just got a news alert on his phone that a new pope had been elected. 15 minutes later I saw the breaking news flash on my computer home page....more

Re-living our youths


Brittany gets a Grown-Up Car

Brittany called recently saying she was going to sell her car because she couldn’t get both her dogs and their kennels in the car she had.When Brittany decides on something, she moves fast. Two days later she had bought a Kia Sportage and was in tears. Why? Because the car she sold was a really cute little red sports car....more

Dear Miss Minnie

     This is the image I created for my "Dear Miss Minnie" postings.  As the new studio will also be for writing endeavors, I hope to be able to post more pictures of cards, invoices, catalog items and much more from my treasure trove of Miss Minnie's life. I hope to get back to transcribing the letters very soon so stayed tuned!  ...more

OMG ~ I am over 50!

What the heck happened? Last time I checked, I was 34 and busy refereeing a teenager and a tween who were chasing each other around the house threatening dismemberment to each other.  Thankfully, the only casualty was our son’s bedroom door when daughter put her foot through it, apparently he deserved a lot worse.  Anyway, on with today’s revelation…. Last Sunday hubby and I drove up to the Homestead to give it the once over for insurance purposes (as it is closed for the winter...more

Too Busy Living Life to Write about Life

Been away for awhile.  I have missed writing on this venue but the laptop had to go away for awhile for some repairs.   I have left Miss Minnie hanging, have not been writing about all the progress the better half has made with the new laundry room, and last but not least, putting down feelings and thoughts involved with the impending loss of a beloved pet. Our TZ Jahberbox, affectionately known as JB, is battling canine osteosarcoma.  Having already spread to the lungs at the time of diagnosis, we made the decision not to amputate the leg and shoulder ...more

Honesty, wow it sucks

I'm going to be honest with you but then I've always promised to be honest with you and as far as I know have never told a lie.  There are definitely things I haven't talked about, not necessarily out of respect for other people.  I'm not that nice.  Rather, I tend to be embarrassed, humiliated, mortified and just down right ashamed....more

A Cappella Heaven

A few weeks ago, even though the holidays had passed and winter had set in, I thought I was in heaven.I started to write about the experience:...more

Carrots, Eggs and Coffee

Thank you to my friend Laurie Miller for posting the story below on Facebook from a page called "A Mommy's perception". ...more

Yes, Even if I was Only Scooping the Poop!!

Yesterday's weather was very mild yesterday in upstate South Carolina.  I have to admit, I left the kichen door open to the screened porch for a good while yesterday evening.  Loving fresh air, I am so thankful to have a home that was built back in the day when catching breezes was a design standard.  Built in a bygone era, the Manor was situated correctly, facing the south, with the "master's" bedroom on the eastern approach so that the sun would awaken him for his duties of the day.  The guest rooms, on the western side, allowed leisu...more