My Favorite Parable

A minister was out one day visiting his parishioners.  Stopping by Mrs. Smith's home, he spent a goodly portion of the visit listening to her complaints about her neighbor, Mrs. Jones.  Mrs. Smith went on and on about the faults of Mrs. Jones.  Looking out the window, Mrs. Smith exclaimed, "Look, she can't even do laundry!  Do you see how dirty it is?"  Following her gaze, the minister gazed out the window and admitted to himself that, yes, the laundry did appear a bit dirty....more


What is 6603?  It is the number of Americans who lost their lives on D-Day.  June 6, 1944 was one of the deadliest days for the American military.  While this actual date is rapidly receding in to history, it is our duty and our privilege as citizens of the United States to remember and honor the sacrifices made by those who came before.  In humble observance, we thank them....more

Letting Them Fly The Nest

Three months isn’t a long time in the whole scheme of things. A quarter of a year. A blink, a sigh.But these next three months are huge over here in the HSM household. Within the next three months our oldest will turn 18 and then make Aliyah (move permanently to Israel). He is moving ahead with his life, leaving home to make a place for himself in the world. He’s planning his life in Israel, and is counting down until he’s there....more

Mom Torture: Surviving the Dark Spots of Mothering

Mom torture n. 1 emotional pain experienced by a woman when her child is in distress 2 a strategy used to weaken a mother's resolve in regard to her own beliefs and practices 3 a primary cause of sleepless nights See also tough love....more
Thank you for this post. That list of examples left me in tears; 7 of them are relevant or have ...more

The content of their character

While my fam was in Greensboro, NC for our daughter's master's degree graduation, we visited the  F.W. Woolworth's lunch counter downtown at the corner of Elm and February One streets where we could order a complete turkey dinner for 65¢ or a slice of apple pie for 15¢....more


I cannot wait to see my daughter at the end of this week. We are going for a quick "do good on your finals" visit.   As a soph. at a college north of Boston, I am ecstatically proud of her and know she can accomplish everything she sets her mind to.  Missing her this week especially has been hard....She is the kind of girl who would stop to help anyone...and it goes without saying how grateful the terrorist was caught.What I need is to hold her in my arm, smell her hair, and stare at the one dimple we both have in common. ...more

How to Heal a Rift with an Adult Child

Frequently I help my clients work through problems with their grown children. Sometimes, an offspring is angry about something, and the parent is at a loss for what is wrong or what to do about it. These struggles often have their seeds in things that happened long ago, when the child was young. Even parents who love their children and try to do the right thing can make mistakes, and some parents let their issues—struggles with spouses, stresses of single parenting, fears about money or social disapproval—skew their child-related decisions....more
Thank you for this guidance....more

The Boomerangs

I watched the movie years ago titled Failure to Launch starring the very sexy Matthew McConaughey and Sarah Jessica Parker and thought to myself how unrealistic the storyline was.  However now that I have 2 children over the age of 21 years, I am starting to see the similarities of the character in the movie with my own kids....more

What Do Empty Nesters and Lotto Winners Have In Common?

The days are warm, long and sultry, and my schedule is definitely looser, but that doesn’t mean life is without stress. For the first time in two years, both kids are living at home for the summer and while there are sweet moments of bliss having all the beds filled, it isn’t without turmoil and large food bills. Add the anxiety and excitement of Mini-Me leaving for college in just a few short weeks, then top it off with the realization of our impending empty nest. Oy....more

Technology doesn't always take the cake!

My world (like everyone else’s) depends on technology. Whether I want it to or not.I was talking to John on the phone the other day when I heard a beep over the line. I asked him if someone was trying to call in and he said no he just got a news alert on his phone that a new pope had been elected. 15 minutes later I saw the breaking news flash on my computer home page....more