I'm Busted!

I love disaster movies.  Absolutely adore them!  When the SyFy channel runs an all day marathon on a Saturday, the channel never changes.  Now on to how I got busted.I have Apple TV at home.  It allows me access NetFlix.  When I get a movie on NetFlix, I use my son's account which he generously shares with me.  What I didn't realize...every time I watch something, it shows up on the queue and he can see it....more
Ha!Ha! Jerrilynn! So funny. With these kids, there is no where to hide....more

Empty Nest – Am I the only one?

I wonder what the Mama bird feels like after her babies fly away and leave the nest. Is it a sense of accomplishment that she has fed them and nurtured them so that they are able to fly away? My girls “flew” a long time ago. They are both happily married, with young children of their own, and doing well. You’d think I’d have adjusted to the “Empty Nest” by now – right? NOT!...more

The right-brain side of Paris

The plane leaves for Paris in 17 days, whether I’m on it or not. I keep adding to my to-do list to the point where it’s shutting me down, keeping me up at night. I can hardly accomplish one task before adding three more....more

Survival Story: Visiting Adult Kids

It was touch and go for a bit, there was no telling, once we started our six-hour journey to upstate NY, that it would be successful.  The expectations seemed realistic – my two boys and I were going to have family time and since my younger boy was deep in work, we would visit him in “his space.” It would be our own version of visiting day. I certainly didn’t think I had oversold the adventure to my eldest son, but I was beginning to think that perhaps I had oversold it to myself....more

My Control Key Quit Working

I spent all day yesterday helping my daughter move to a new apartment. Cleaning bathrooms, hanging up clothes and shower curtains. Got home at almost 11pm, dog tired. I allowed myself to sleep til almost noon, something I don't remember doing since my 20s. I was still groggy.Coffee in hand, I stumbled to my desk to check email. As I set down my mug, I spilled coffee all over my keyboard. My brand new $70 Apple keyboard. I got a quick hint that it was going to be that kind of day.After cleaning it all up, looks like the only thing not working is the control key....more

If You Can’t Say Something Nice – What Not To Say To Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

According to the 2010 Census, almost 5 million children live in a grandparent headed household. Most of these are either the grandparent raising the grandchild alone or the child’s family moved back in with the parents. There are numerous reasons this could happen, and it’s likely you know someone in this situation. ...more

8 Simple Rules For Moms Visiting Their Adult Children

Yesterday, I had the experience of hosting my mother for the day while she visited with Firecracker. Without giving away too many personal facts, I'll just say that the best part of the visit is that I now have a new blog post subject. So, here is a list of 8 Simple Rules for Visiting Your Adult Daughter (Or Son). This isn't a cry for sympathy, but just a simple "How To," I hope to remember when Firecracker is grown. I tried to make it a little funny, but it's probably too serious....more
I would love for my mom to walk through my door right now, rearrange the furniture, move my ...more

My Dear, Let Us Don Our Disguises

When my adult daughter and her country music lovin’ friends invited my husband and me to go with them to the honky-tonk for cowboy dancing, I had a moment’s pause.   Let’s face it, how many cowgirls do you know named Victoria?  I have no problem having high tea at the Empress Hotel, but riding bulls among the beer crowd is Greek to me.  But when one...more

Puppy Love

I grew up without ever having a pet. We were a family of 5 children and looking back, I’m surprised the subject never came up. But, it didn’t.By the time I was an adult I just wasn’t all that interested. I would watch people walk their dogs and stand and wait while the dog did his thing and then have to scoop the mess up in a little plastic bag and think “Who would want to do that day after day?”Brittany’s friend recently bought a two-month-old Jack Russell Terrier. She went with him to pick up the dog from Georgia and emailed me about 20 pictures of Addison (Addie)....more