The Move

My life is currently in flux.  I am a middle-aged woman living in the 3 bedroom house that my ex and I built together but with only myself and my dogs living there now.  Well, there is the family of 4 that are temporarily living with me while their house is being built but once they are gone I will be on my own again. ...more

My Daughter Gets A Honeymoon On The Beach And I Get A Bone Graft?! (ugh!!!)

Sunday I officially had a "Wedding Hangover".  Oh, not one from alcohol but from the exhaustion of 8 months of planning.  I didn't sleep late on Sunday morning, instead got up, headed to the pool and stayed there for the good part of the morning.  The adrenaline rush had subsided and now I felt as though I could barely move around; I found I didn't even have the energy to expend on eating. ...more
I hope you are back on your feet soon! So you can enjoy a little beach time too!more


-         T.S. Dickey, In-House Author & CommentaryAll of us had lives before we met our significant other and a summation of that life makes us who we are today.  Our habits, the way in which we communicate (or not) and the tendencies we have in our approaches to problem-solving are a direct result of the daily practice we learn when we maneuver our way through life’s experiences....more

In Gratitude: Thoughts from a Graduation

Returning last week from our oldest daughter’s graduation, I feel somehow aligned with those graduates, as I am a parent moving from one major life phase to another. During the very joyful weekend, my husband, more literal and fiscally oriented than me, kept repeating ”one down, two to go” referring to our younger two children. Meanwhile, I tried to silence my more sentimental thoughts for fear of getting weepy, or sounding cliché and down-right old....more

Money, Money, Money

The first morning Brittany was home from college she had a dentist appointment. I gave her my credit card. When she got home she told me about a woman there who was getting all veneers and how perfect they looked. She said, “I’d like to do that!”I said, “So would I.” And took my card back....more

When Did You Know Your Dog Needed Therapy?

@BlogHerMoms Thanks so much for the mention, we are truly grateful. Moose thanks you too!more

I ran out of kids and had to find more

They left me, the little sweeties.  Never mind that I loved 'em, wiped 'em, sewed for 'em, worried over 'em and went to all their plays, recitals, concerts and horse shows.  They had the audacity to grow up and move on.  Fiddlesticks.  What's a career mom to do?  Find more, that's what.  Didn't take long and I was a card carrying, T-shirt wearing, dues paying member of the Sea Scouts.   ...more