A "Different" Kind Of Thanksgiving...

I'm not really crazy about "different"...change...all that stuff, but no matter how I don't like it, things are gonna change (sigh...).  And this Thanksgiving was definitely "different" for me. ...more

It's Like Having 24 Sisters

I find glitter EVERYWHERE - my skin, my hair, my clothes, even in my bed. Pop music can be heard blasting at pretty much every time of the day.We share clothes and shoes like nobody's business....more

Reminiscing Halloween

Lifelong Learning ...more

Sometimes Maybe Means Yes

Everyone has been on one side of this conversation or the other; a child says, “Mom, can we…” and mom says, “Maybe.”The kid replies, “But, mom I REALLY want to!” And the mom says, “I SAID maybe!”Next the kid says, “But MAYBE always means no!” And the mom says, “No it doesn’t, maybe means maybe!”This can go on and on, but you know how it goes. You’ve been there....more

Photo Friday - A day with Emma

Today, Emma and I chucked all our responsibilities, took a day and went for a car ride.  We just drove and ended up touching each other's hearts, sharing our fears, laughing until we cried, crying until we laughed and spending too much money - Sorry Beerhound!  But what a great day....more

Empty Nester - What Does it Mean?

I was talking to a friend today and we were discussing what it means to be an empty nester after having been a full time stay at home mother for so many years. The phrase empty nester conjures up a feeling for many people. For some it is apprehension and for others it represents possibilities. Being parents of college age kids my husband and I will presumably be empty nesters now for the rest of our lives. At least that’s what we hope -lol -although today many kids come back to live at home after college. So what does it mean to be an empty nester?...more

Does Sending Your Kids Off To College Get Easier Each Successive Year?

Somebody asked me the other day if it gets easier to say goodbye to your college kids in the fall when they are a sophomore, junior or senior in college. I had to stop for a minute and think.  For me the answer is a qualified, yes. A lot of the anxiety that I experienced when each of my kids first went to school was tied to my child and the unknowns with respect to each of them. Would they like their roommate? Would they be able to handle the course load? Would they like their courses?  Would they make good friends? How smoothly would move in day go?...more

Cooking! Family members that can't cook.

Good Afternoon Everyone,...more

And the Wedding Plans Begin

WhenBrittanygot engaged and said they had decided on an October 2013 wedding, I thought we would start talking about it in November or December.Silly me.The emails and phone calls have been flying. Venue ideas, food ideas, bridesmaid dresses, rehearsal dinner, did I like this photographer’s website?...more

Somebody Help Me! We’re Having a Wedding!

 John and I have known for four and a half months that Dan was going to propose to Brittany. We were visiting them in Charleston last March and while the guys were grilling Dan said:“Mr. John,” (So Southern!) “Since we’re alone right now I wanted to tell…I mean ask you if it’s ok with you if I ask Brittany to marry me?”John: “Oh, thank goodness!”OK, just kidding, what he really said was something like, “Well we just want her to be happy.”...more
good luck with the wedding! Will it be in Charleston?more