If You Can’t Say Something Nice – What Not To Say To Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

According to the 2010 Census, almost 5 million children live in a grandparent headed household. Most of these are either the grandparent raising the grandchild alone or the child’s family moved back in with the parents. There are numerous reasons this could happen, and it’s likely you know someone in this situation. ...more

8 Simple Rules For Moms Visiting Their Adult Children

Yesterday, I had the experience of hosting my mother for the day while she visited with Firecracker. Without giving away too many personal facts, I'll just say that the best part of the visit is that I now have a new blog post subject. So, here is a list of 8 Simple Rules for Visiting Your Adult Daughter (Or Son). This isn't a cry for sympathy, but just a simple "How To," I hope to remember when Firecracker is grown. I tried to make it a little funny, but it's probably too serious....more
I agree with this 100%more

My Dear, Let Us Don Our Disguises

When my adult daughter and her country music lovin’ friends invited my husband and me to go with them to the honky-tonk for cowboy dancing, I had a moment’s pause.   Let’s face it, how many cowgirls do you know named Victoria?  I have no problem having high tea at the Empress Hotel, but riding bulls among the beer crowd is Greek to me.  But when one...more

Puppy Love

I grew up without ever having a pet. We were a family of 5 children and looking back, I’m surprised the subject never came up. But, it didn’t.By the time I was an adult I just wasn’t all that interested. I would watch people walk their dogs and stand and wait while the dog did his thing and then have to scoop the mess up in a little plastic bag and think “Who would want to do that day after day?”Brittany’s friend recently bought a two-month-old Jack Russell Terrier. She went with him to pick up the dog from Georgia and emailed me about 20 pictures of Addison (Addie)....more

Passing Time in a Whataburger

I found myself with a few hours to kill one morning this week with nary a Starbucks in sight. So I stepped into the next best thing - a Whataburger. I knew they'd have coffee, a restroom, air-conditioning, and space for reading and writing the time away. Everything I needed."You doing alright, ma'am?" It was the counter lady. "Can I get you a refill on your coffee?" She carried a tray of ketchup, creamer, and napkins, making the round of tables, even this one with the woman nursing a cup of coffee."No, not right now, but thank you," I told her....more

Kids Finally Launched - Now What Do I Do With Myself?

So the adult kids are finally on their own.  They have jobs and their own places.  They are even out of town now.  One is engaged and planning a winter wedding.  The babies of the family have graduated from High School and are off to college in a month.  Mom's nest is going to be empty....more

Filling the Void

It's that time of year when our kids have the gall to graduate from high school and head off to college. I've been there twice and have two more to go. Here's the low down. And, yes, you have permission to laugh at me. Join me in my empty nesting adventures  - Filling the Void...more

When I Get Lonesome, I Will Sniff The Lemon Spray...

This post about "Lemon Spray" should go under the heading of "A Few of my Favorite Things".  Years ago, I got really hooked on using L'Occitane's Verbena line of products.  No matter whatever other fragrance they might come out with, I just can't get enough of the lemon scented, verbena line.  ...more

Ramblings of the middle-aged woman on her own.

I have been on my own outside of a serious committed relationship for 4 and a half years now.  It is a strange, sometimes painful but sometimes wonderful place to be.  To those who find themselves on their own at a time in their life they never thought they would be, the experience is unique.  You change so much when you are on your own.  You may not yet realize it but when you get to the point at that I am you look back you can definately see it.  So very much to process during this time....more