The questions around homework

I have some memories of doing my homework when I was little: The phonics workbooks at the small table in the kitchen while my mother cooked; math homework with a friend where we didn't understand what we were doing and later found out we did the homework completely wrong; studying spelling words alone at my desk in my bedroom (that last one never worked out for me)....more

Homeshooling, Unschooling, Worldschooling, Online High School, why so many schooling labels?

 I put my first daughter, Teen Kiddo, in preschool when she turned a year and a half, I didn´t really put much thought into it....more

Unschooling: Screen Time

A lot of unschooling families I know (or read about), and a lot of families whose kids attend democratic schools, do not limit screen time for children. We’re one of them. We are a pro-screen family....more

Can Unschooled Children Go to College?

One of the reader questions submitted was: “Do you worry your kids will want to go to college and wonder why they can’t?” I am going to unpack this question a little bit, because to me it carries some common misconceptions about unschooling. For starters, “unschooling” is admittedly not a great name for what we do. It’s just kind of the best name we have, and I’ve heard other unschoolers bemoan this reality. ...more

Questions to Ask Homeschool Haters

This one goes out to the homeschool haters. You know who you are. You've asked (more that once) if I'm sure I've made "the best decision" for my child. Or maybe you've started posting "funny" jokes about how weird homeschooling is - or you’ve shared links to articles bashing homeschooling, adding a "just sayin" comment, as if you have some skin in the game – some reason to feel so strongly about homeschooling either way.And I’ve realized you do. ...more

S is for Smiling Sunrise: a Picture Book Review

     I recently received a children’s picture book for review, S is for Smiling Sunrise by WordsBright  and written by Vick Wadhwa. It is a bright, cheery hardcover book and I am pleased to get to talk about it today....more

Parenting Online: Taking The Internet By The Horns

Last year I had this grand vision…which I know is a big surprise.  I have huge ideas about a lot of things, and most of the time I just make a list and sit on it.  I don’t really have the supplies to complete the groovy and hip cross stitch quotes I have logged away on a Sticky note on my laptop, or the time to devote to learning how to can properly.  Some ideas I have are just too time intensive, and I never get around to carving out chunks of our day to accomplish them. Some ideas I just have to let go, but most I just forget about while I finish the laundry....more

7 Tips for Nurturing a Budding Bookworm

We have been in the used book store for more than an hour. Since my son has started reading on his own, picking out new books has become a MUCH more serious task than it used to be. I normally let him move at his own pace in the bookstore, but it is past lunch time, and I am pretty convinced he will sit on the floor all day and read every book he can if I let him. I'm so proud of him. Here are the reading habits we've instilled to create a book lover. ...more
Wonderful tips!  I'm a big believer in reading aloud, way past the pre-reading years.  It allows ...more

Washi Tape and Birthdays

Dani from Daily Mom is my guest and she is sharing WASHI TAPE with us....more

It Really Doesn't Get Easier

     It started when my first born was a baby,"It gets easier," they would say to me. I heard it all the time, and I kept waiting for it. When Turbo was 11 months old, I found out that I was pregnant with the Toolman, and I kept hearing it from other moms; I trusted them. They lied....more