Thankful Turkey Craft

Thanksgiving is one of the holidays each year that seems to keep getting pushed back further and further, until all you see are Christmas lights and Black Friday lines.  All the while, we are missing out on a perfect opportunity to teach our kids to be grateful for their lives and how they could even help others.  Granted, I am toying with the idea of putting our Christmas decorations up early this year (it seems...more
Karen Ballum me too!  I got lucky with a kid who likes math and vegetables lolmore

Finding Gratitude in Two Crumpled Dollar Bills

This week on my way to drop of the kids before work I noticed two crumpled up dollars on the passenger seat. I honestly had no idea where they came from. They could have fallen out of my purse or perhaps out of one of the kids’ backpacks.  The primary point was that those two dollars were rather inconsequential to me....more

Finding Gratitude Out of Sorrow and Loss

It’s been about 10 months since my mother lost her battle with cancer.  I still remember the day in August 2011 when we found out she had cancer like it was yesterday. Mom had been having issues and was at the doctor’s. She called me in tears because a routine test was, well, moving on to more tests. It scared her and suddenly our first week of homeschool just didn’t seem important at all....more

The Beginning

This year we made the decision to homeschool our children.  It was not an easy choice.  There are so many factors to take into consideration.  The bottom line for our decision was based on our desire to live a simple and enjoyable life.  The stress and complication school was adding to our daily life was so unpleasant it felt like school was sapping the joy from our family life. Reading became a chore instead of a joy....more

Happy Fall Y'all ~ 2013 Edition


Encouraging Young Writers with Duck Tape

At the Family Forward Conference in August we had an awesome crafting session with Duck Brand duct tape and Cricut. It was all about getting families into a creative place together. We love crafts at our house so this was right up our alley. We got some awesome Duck tape paper to run through the Cricut machine from the Cricut folks. Then we got to head over to the Duck tape booth and pick out a roll of duct tape for each member of our family. We've been riding high on that Duck tape since!...more

The School Debate, One Family's Perspective

Our daughter, Pie, falls just days before the deadline for Kindergarten. She was born just a few days before the county decided was the cut off for her grade.  She has been blessed and cursed with perpetually being the youngest in her class. When her fifth birthday came around, we didn't think her freshly five self was ready to be dropped off at a bus stop at 7 a.m. (a time she only sees on the most random of days) and ushered into the public school system.  She is mature enough to handle it, but why rush it when she's got options....more
MLC311 Thanks so much! I have heard of Montessori, such a great philosophy for kids. Especially ...more

I Shouldn't Teach Math

As a  homeschooling mom, I have to teach my children in all subjects. This includes Math. I detest Math. I know, I use it every day, couldn't live without it, blah blah blah. I am married to a Math teacher. When he tries to explain a problem to me, I get mad and walk away. Stop boring me! Nope, Math and I don't get along. ...more

You Can Go Home Again

So he came home....more