5 Things I Wish I Knew As A Homeschooling Newbie

We’re coming up on the end of May now and the official end of our school year. Despite my initial nervousness, my daughter has done great and has continually surprised me throughout this journey....more


MOTHERS…..Today is Mother’s Day and so I find it appropriate to celebrate Mothers on this day….but the truth is we should be celebrating Mothers everyday…..For Mothers are the ones that shape a child’s life the most…..Mothers are the ones that simply take what God has given to them as a gift and proceed to shape their life throughout their lifetime…....more

What is so threatening about the "gifted" label?

What is it about the "gifted" label that creates such controversy?...more

Kids say the funniest things...

I was getting the boys out of the bath the other day and Jaron put both his hands of my face as I was drying him off and said "I love your face". Again tonight in the van I leaned my seat back to reach the boys and Jaron said "I love your beautiful face". If he only knew how much I love his face....more

Sometimes I wonder....

...why people don't put the trash in the can?...if Jaron will ever learn to eat better....if it's wrong to take prenatal vitamins with a coke?...will I ever feel this baby moving inside me?...how crazy driving a car was before they invented carseats....why is listerine called an "Antiseptic". Are mouths septic?...if water and soap get us clean then why do the baths and showers ever get dirty?...what it would have been like to live in Bible days and eat all natural food...more

You might be the mom of many small boys if.....

... several times a day you catch yourself saying "get your hands out of your underwear, it's NOT a toy!"...you have ever said "DON'T CLIMB UP THE FRIDGE!"...you superglue motorcycles together...you can quote Cars Movie word for word...you know all the words the Thomas the Tank Engine Songs...refer to your children as small, medium and large...you have a car, dinosaur and a skateboard in your purse at your doctor without any kids...more

How We Came to Homeschool Part 3: Calming the fear and moving beyond

This is Part 3 in a series about how we came to our decision to homeschool. Catch up on previous posts in the series:Part 1: Let me begin at the beginning Part 2: Saying yes to the BoldHeart Life, saying yes to homeschool...more

How We Came to Homeschool Part 2: Saying yes to the BoldHeart Life, saying yes to homeschooling

This is Part 2 in a series about how we came to our decision to homeschool. If you haven't already, check out Part 1: Let Me Start at The Beginning_________________________________________________________________________________ ...more

How We Came to Homeschool Part 1: Let me begin at the beginning

This is the first post in a series about how we came to our decision to homeschool. While I'm the first to admit surprise—even shock, some days—it is an exciting step in the "it just feels right" direction for our family. When we get started in the Fall I imagine I will write about the details of what homeschooling life looks like for us but in the meantime, I want to write on how in the world we came to choose homeschool in the first place!...more

We're Considering Homeschool

Since their birth, I have deeply felt the profound demands of my role as a mother and so have never seriously considered (or had interest in) adding to it the responsibility of personally delivering the boys' formal education. Always with an open mind, but also having little experience with homeschooling methods, I've held preconceived ideas and curiosities about the kind of family who chooses to homeschool, what motivates them, what their intentions are, what their learning days look like, and how the decision translates for their children in the short and long term....more