DIY Kids' Art Display

I'd like to share this quick and easy DIY project I did to display November's very first water color paintings in a fun, artistic way!November had just started learning how to water color. They were so cute, I needed some awesome way to display them! ...more

The Curriculum Crutch

Lifelong Learning...more

A New Take on Reading and Writing

My 4 year old daughter loves to read.  We've been reading to her every night (and throughout the day) since she was born.  She picked up language really quickly and also knew all the letters, the sounds they made, and how to write each one before she was three.  But after she had learned all that, I knew the next step was reading, but I didn't know how to approach teaching her.  So, I started out with some basic sight words flash cards. ...more

Heroic Homeschoolers

 We tried homeschooling and it was nothing that we had expected.  Did we learn a lot?  Yes.  Did she learn a lot?  We have absolutely no idea.  We just weren't cut out for that...
Thank you for sharing your short stint into the homeschooling world.  It is good to know ...more

Homework - A Rant

 I wish I had written that poem for kids that goes "Homework.  Oh Homework.  I hate you.  You stink."  I wish I had written it because I feel it so deeply that I wrote this here rant.   Apparently being able to do homework is a skill in and of itself.  And I think that, well, stinks.

A Year's Subscription of Groovy Lab in a Box Giveaway

Sponsored by: Groovy Lab in a Box Hosted by: The Squishable Baby...more

Considering Preschool...Homeschool? {PART TWO}

In my last post, I explained why I'm considering preschool at home. In this post, I'll explain how we are doing just that!...more

Then And Now: How Being A Public School Kid Turned Me Into A Homeschool Parent

My best friend will tell you that public school cheated her out of a real education. Her husband will say the same x1000 and, in his case especially, I think he may be right. He's a remarkably bright guy and a quick and eager learner that got marginalized for all the wrong reasons.  As for myself, I never really felt cheated.Growing up in public school I always felt like I was learning. I still remember specific lessons and when I started college I had the tools I needed to keep up.I never felt like school was all bad.On the other hand, I was bored....more
I was also SO BORED throughout all of my school years. I love that as a homeschooling family we ...more