Managing Meltodnws

There was a time when my son melted down every day, more than once a day. I woke up anticipating and dreading it. I stayed awake half the night dealing with it. And every single time I met someone with any experience in autism and sensory issues, I asked the same question - "What do I do when he melts down?" I asked our first OT who recommended diet changes. When we eliminated gluten and dairy, we had more meltdowns. I asked a parent who also has a child on the spectrum. She told me she never has to deal with anything violent with her son....more
Number one is so important for me, personally. Keeping a low voice is so hard sometimes, but ...more

Claire Goes Foraging

I  am combining several passions with my new book, Claire Goes Foraging.  I love well illustrated children's books and have a passion for foraging and painting.  Because I live near downtown Tulsa I see a lot of homeless people and thought that if they knew what is available to them always at the edge of the road perhaps there would be less hunger and better nutrition in their ranks. The book is pretty much done at this point and is just being edited.  I would like to share a page or two with you. ...more

Lego Gingerbread Village

Three years ago we purchased a Lego Advent Calendar and absolutely loved it.  Last year we wanted to re use our super cool Christmas Lego’s from the calendar, a brainstorming session later the LEGO Gingerbread Village was born. Our village is proudly displayed on our kitchen table for the entire Christmas season.  This is one of my favorite family activities. Everyone has the opportunity to share their creativity, plus we have fun working together....more

Unschooling through Art and Languages

*I wrote this post last year but it's one of my favorites*...more


Today, I want to talk about some of favorite type of pens to use in my planner, during homeschooling or even for my Bible study.  Over the years, I have always been a person who loves to collect writing utensils.  I suppose I get it honest, since my mother also loves to collect pens....more
I really need to try the Frixion pens. I've been meaning to for a long time but I never remember ...more

#NaBloPoMo Day 29 - Supposed to Be a Saturday Shopping

Today is day 29 of the NaBloPoMo challenge for November.  It is hard to believe the month is almost over.  Unfortunately, I don't have a "Saturday Saying" for today.  I know earlier in the week, I heard my children say several things that I wanted to record for this, but I have forgotten what they are.  I guess I need to start using the notes feature on my Ipad or the Dragon program on my Iphone to record these thoughts when I have them.  That way I won't forget....more

Of Demons and Glow-ons

Yesterday, our son (seventeen) made me a proud g33k mommy. He was telling me about a new guild he set up with some friends on WoW. He mentioned that they made a tabard, and asked me to guess which symbol they used....more