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Designing Castles without Plans

Ben and I were reading about Castles in the Middle Ages yesterday, and we decided to try to find a YouTube video of some of the greatest castles in the world. Sadly, we didn't find what we were looking for. We found some with music, and some that were about haunted castles, we watched part of one about The Castle of Fear, but the video quality was so bad, we started getting headaches....more
I loved David Macauley's Castle (book) when I was young. Apparently there is a PBS movie about ...more

Does Homeschooling Need To Be Re-Branded?

Image source: week my Facebook feed was full of discussion about the "Big Debate" between Ken Hamm and Bill Nye.  They were discussing creationism vs....more

Complicating Simple

Here's how the conversation went with my husband earlier today..."I'm afraid I complicate things," I said."No, Really?" he laughed. "But first you simplify your complicated, then that seems too easy, so you complicate it again, and add layers and extra buttons, and some fancy widgets, then you scrap the whole thing and go for simple again, but only if it can be in a binder with lots of tabs."...more
I think moms are the ones that make things simple for everyone else. We are by definition never ...more

The World at our Fingertips and the Challenge of Brevity

Mom to Country Kids Not So SAHMGah, you're right. As soon as we think we have everything down, ...more

Hybrid Homeschooling

I found out some time ago that Atlanta has a parenting magazine called "Atlanta Parent". So far, this magazine has been a wealth of information for me. I read an article about Hybrid homeschool, which combines homeschool, traditional school, and online school. You can view the article here. This is a subject that I am still thinking on. While my daughter is younger and I'm working part time, she will get exposure with the baby-sitter and the other child as well....more

An Easy Way To Get Kids To Study Their Math Facts

Great idea. I'm looking forward to trying this!more

Last Day of January: How Did My Resolutions Hold Up So Far? the final stages of the holiday season last December, I wrote a list of things I would like to refocus on for the new year.  Looking back on 2013, what would I do differently?  How would I rework things?  Has there been anything on my mind that I always mean to do and just never get around to doing?  Here's what I had: What I Want To Accomplish This Year ...more
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