Science Wrangling: Go Suck An Egg

I really didn’t think this would work…but by golly, it did!For the most part. We should have used a bigger bottle, but I just didn’t have any around. This is a really fun experiment to do with the kids, and to teach them about the properties of fire and vacuums.What’chu Need:...more

Groovy Lab in a Box Free Blogger Opportunity

Groovy Lab in a Box is giving away a Year's Subscription of their monthly STEM boxes. This is an excellent and exciting way to teach children all about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). A box goes out each month with a theme and activities to coincide, none of the boxes are duplicated. I'm not sure how they do it, but they're committed to non-duplication....more

Must-Know Rules when Searching for Online Schools that Offer Laptops

Are you one of those looking to enroll in an online college? Don’t have the essential equipment to complement your chosen field of study? Perhaps you are looking for online schools that offer laptops. Do not worry. There are plenty of educational institutions that offer laptops for specific programs....more

B is for Boo Boo's and Bruises: Essential Oils for the Owie Moments

Yesterday was the start of our Alphabetical journey into the ABC’s of Essential Oils for Health Concerns.  Use this link to read about “A is for Asthma, Essential Oils for Support and Prevention" and get caught up....more

Don't Do It!

Normally, I don’t write anti-school blogposts. Many wonderful families who love their children use the school system and many more see school as their ticket to the American Dream. That’s fine. I’m usually perfectly okay with people making decisions that differ from mine.But this time of year, I have twinge that doesn’t want to go away. It persists for about a month or so. I’m sure it’s exacerbated by all of the hoopla surrounding all the Back-to-School sales. Something in me wants to step into those shopping aisles, turn to those moms with their supply lists, and say, “Don’t do it.”I know the reactions that would get. The raised eyebrows. The defensive posturing. I hear those mothers who loudly announce to each other, “Only four more days…” With their kids within earshot, we all know the rest of that statement, “…until they go back to school and get out of my life.”I also know there have to be mothers in those stores who don’t agree. Something is tugging at them to maybe explore something else for their child. They are mothers who want more time with their sons and daughters. Mothers who see their own family as the most important unit, and not their child’s homeroom teacher and class. And these are the mothers I want to lean over to and say, “Don’t do it.”For years, these mothers have been conditioned to stop questioning the status quo, get back in line and ignore their gut about keeping their kids home. Quickly they rationalize that sending them to school is The Right Thing To Do. All of the pro-school marketing comes flooding back into their heads....more

Seven Business Gadgets and Software that can Enhance your Classroom Work Too

Gone are the days when a teacher could make her lessons more appealing or engaging with her sheer brilliance and teaching skills. The innovative world of today calls for the use of technology everywhere, no matter whether you are in a class to keep your students absorbed or in a business meeting, motivating your employees....more

Starfall for Beginning Readers

Raising Bilingual Children?

After I gave birth, my husband, Jeremy, and I decided that he'd speak to our son in English and I'd communicate with him in Turkish. It wasn't a formal agreement, really. It's not like we sat down around the dining room table and said, we should do this. We didn't conduct an extensive research about being bilingual. We didn't set strict rules. It sort of happened. It just made sense that if our child was going to be exposed to two different cultures, he would learn to speak in two different languages. ...more

Little Moments on Friday

Line up your martinis like a lady, girls. Now that school has started, I am a little busier.Just a little bit. (she says sarcastically with a wickedly wry smile)...more

Homeschool Lessons & a Mouse named Chuck

Every year we make a big deal of the first day our book lessons start. We never stop learning in our house, but as far as days being counted for our year, that starts in June. What my children consider the "official" start of our year is the day they jump into their new books....more