Dollar Store DIY: Sound Matching Hearts

You may not think that Valentine’s Day and learning games can go hand in hand, but in this case it totally works! Whether you are trying to teach children their letter sounds, letter matching, or even just want to encourage fine motor skills, this matching hearts game is the perfect solution. You can make your own version using a few simple dollar store supplies, so take a look below at how to get started for just a few dollars. ...more

Rose Window Geometry

Ah – the glories of learning off the computer! Could there be a more exhilarating way to see in a quick moment all the geometric wonders involved in those wonderful Cathedral windows of old? (Perhaps it is because I have learned to love Math so very much, that this is astounding to me!)...more

No Way! That's FREE Education?

Thank you for sharing this. I've checked it out briefly, because it seems to be working with a ...more

Gears, Math and Contrary

Gears are at the heart of so many things around here. Scott is building a race car for the Drag Strip that is around the corner from our house. Both boys like to build motorcycles and bikes, and finger bikes, and scooters and anything else with wheels, really. I can see them going into fields like engineering or design or drafting. They are artists. Anything to do with building seems to be their thing. And because of that, I taught myself to love math....more

Magnet Experiment

Homeschooling: The Path of Blood, Sweat and Tears ...more
I really liked this article!  Thank you for keeping the homeschooling experience real.  I am ...more

10 Great Online Resources For Learning

10 Great Online Resources For Learning Sweet Hippie Daughter is allergic to worksheets.  If I put one in front of her, even before the paper has touched the desktop, she is freaking out.  It’s too hard or too easy. The paper is too thin or too pulpy. It is stupid. It is pointless....more
Great information.....I homeschooled for years and will likely go back to it in the nearer ...more

Freedom in Schooling

I want to share something with you guys that’s become a wee bit of an obsession for me: it’s called the Sudbury Model of schooling. For me it all started with this book, Free to Learn by Peter Gray....more

Thoughts About Love On Martin Luther King Day

If you think that Martin Luther King Jr.'s message was about racial equality I think, perhaps, you missed the point.  Don't get me wrong. He was certainly a warrior for racial equality! Ensuring equality was central to his life's work.  But his dream was so much bigger than that....more

Homeschool S.O.S.

I have been homeschooling my two boys for nearly four years. I also homeschooled my daughter for three years before she transitioned to college for high school credit.  Here’s where I want to say that I’ve had the time of my life, wouldn’t trade it for anything and am just one big giggling happy homeschooling mom! But…I can’t. This is hard. Really hard and possibly the only thing harder is finding other homeschooling moms who will admit to having more rough days than happy ones....more