Why I Won't Home-school My Kids

There’s a "Hackschooling" TedTalk that keeps showing up on my Facebook news feed. It’s given by a thirteen-year-old boy named Logan LaPlante, who talks about how he “hacks” his education, tailoring it to suit his interests, and to cultivate a practice of being happy, healthy, and creative....more

Sharpie Paper Dolls!

Sharpie Paper Dolls!Posted on January 12, 2014 by kartwheels...more

Valentine's Day Paper Heart Leis

cute idea! i have been looking for valentine's crafts for my 3.5 year old -- she'll like thismore

This Year, I Am Going To Be Silly

This Year I Am Going To Be Silly.  ...more

10 Beautiful & Natural Toys for Children

 Okay, I'll admit it:  I'm a 30-year-old grown woman and I absolutely love toys....more
Thanks!  So glad you found some new stuff! Yay! :)more

6 Tips for Teaching Handwriting to Young Children

A child's success in handwriting depends on their fine motor development. Fine motor muscles are the muscles in our hands and fingers that are responsible for the small muscle movements used in cutting, drawing, and writing. ...more
I'd' also add ripping newspapers, connecting the dots with pens/markers/etc, and teaching kids ...more

sharing passion with our children

when first i fell in love with lens and light, i hoarded that love.  i held it as my private gift and sanctuary combined, and i had no desire to share that love.  i reasoned that i am with my children all day many days, and we share much... i needed something of my own. ...more
Hello -  Just one word came to mine when reading and looking at the pictures - ...more

It All Starts When You Don't Have Cabbage Indicator

 I'm sorry, I really am, but I am so not the type to keep Red Cabbage Indicator in my house. I never hear of it before today. And since, our local target didn't seem to be stocking it, I quickly searched for Red Cabbage Juice Indicator, how to make on my phone (while in the middle of Target) mind you.I used this one (recipe)All you need (you do need pots, but we all have them) is Cabbage (Red)...more

Homeschooling and Polymers--Grinch Style

I bought this a while ago, but I pulled it out today, during science and it so caught the boy's attention.Grinch Slime, all you need is:1 Bottle of Elmer's Green Glitter Glue (I got mine at Michael's)1 & 1/2 cups of very warm waterCombine those ingredients in a bowl...more