Early Reader Books - 15 Favorite Back to School Stories

Recently, when we met with our virtual school classmates and teachers for this year at a local library, we spent a while checking out all the back to school books. We found some really great stories to share for this week's favorites post.  While many of our friends are still enjoying their last moments of Summer vacation, we're excited to be back to learning new things. Maybe a small part of us is a little jealous and longing for the long relaxing days of Summer....more

Another year of homeschooling.

Another Year of Homeschoolby Bernadette Callahan on August 22, 2014 in ...more

More than just an academic choice. #homeschool

The countdown to summer has begun here!! Less than 20 school days, and I have some decisions to make. I need to decide if we are going to continue homeschooling or who is going back to school. When we moved from Tampa to St Pete this past December I did some quick research on the schools we were zoned for, and unfortunately, I did not find too much good....more
There's of course many reasons and ways of homeschooling. But I'd agree that particularly with ...more

Another Year's Education Perspective

When another parent asks me why we chose to homeschool, I find it very easy to explain our decision. The answer is a simple one, it works best for us. It doesn't work for everyone, but fortunately we're all given the freedom of choice. If your child works better in a structured classroom, then that's what you should do. If your child requires special attention, you should find the best form of support possible. If your child is extremely intelligent and wants to learn more than school has to offer, follow their vision and watch them fly....more

Homeschool With A Side of Public

Two years ago, we thought long and hard about pulling our daughter out of public school. When we'd lived in the city we had a lot of choices as to where she could attend but when we moved to a small town the choices dried up. There was the local public school, there was the option to drive her 15+ miles one way every day throughout the Michigan winters, or there was homeschool....more

Reflections of an old school, homeschool mom

It's decision-making time again. Do you send the kid back to school or bite the bullet and homeschool? Tough choice either way. It has been 10 years since my last homeschool outing. I have seen the outcome of a variety of homeschool philosophies. Analyzing my methods and other homeschool methods, I ask, did they work, did my efforts pay off?...more

Homeschooling a child with behavior issues...well he really doesn't have those

So my son is starting his first day of homeschooling tomorrow.  I am so excited, but at the same time terrified because he is in the 10th grade and Ifinally decided to take him out of public school after years of his not being able to function.  For many years we were told he was a child with behavior problems.  He couldn't sit still, he was not able to pay attention in class, he had ADHD...blah blah blah blah.  My son has always been afflicted with one issue, he is an African American/Black boy.  That was it....more

Free Book to help Teens and Pre-teens with Problems

Toula Gordillo (Talk to Teens)www.talktoteens.com.au Hello...more
I am only new to BlogHer and would like to post information that people find personally ...more

Why I'm following Common Core for our Homeschool Curriculum

Homeschooling is a big undertaking and there are a lot of decision that must be made from your teaching method to your curriculum to extracurriculars to enrichment classes.  It’s a lot to think about, contemplate and making big decisions is not something I’m really good at.  I’m constantly thinking about things from every angle and contemplating every possible scenario....more

We're Just not "School" People...

It’s been a long summer.  8 weeks in, we accomplished less than I expected but we did make one major decision.  After three years, three programs and three schools in two countries, we came to a conclusion: we’re just not “school” people....more