Parents: Calm down about the homework issue

One school in New York City is doing away with homework. Principal's orders. The school is elementary - kindergarten through the 5th grade.According to the principal, all those math worksheets and essay assignments they were giving out were actually a total waste of time. Instead of homework, parents are encouraged to let kids spend their freed up time reading, playing outside or doing whatever activities they enjoy — with the recommendation that parents limit time spent watching TV and playing computer or video games. (Duh, right?!)...more

Over the river and through the woods to homeschooling we go

 Is Albuquerque Public Schools a disaster? Yes, of epic proportions. Are they incapable of functioning and actually educating the children in their care? Well, that goes without saying. Am I fed up with being threatened with jail or drag my seizure ridden child to school?...more
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A Charlotte Mason Approach to First Grade

Around this time every year, when our motivation for homeschooling begins to fizzle, I look back over the year to evaluate our success in our current homeschooling plan.  I look at the year, without any biases, to see what worked, what needs tweaking and what needs to be scrapped altogether....more

4 Entrepreneurial Traits Kids Should Learn To Lead A Successful Life

You aren't born as a successful entrepreneur, but you grow into one. As parents, our main concern is to nurture our children into successful adults and have them ready to conquer the world out there when the time comes. Here are the four main traits you should help your kids develop if you’d like to see them in Fortune 500 listing one day....more

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss

Today is Read Across America Day because it is Dr. Seuss’ birthday! It is also National Reading Month. Because reading is one of my hobbies (or was when I had time to do it), I want to share why you should read to your kids – at any age:...more

Homeschool Review: IndoctriNation DVD

    I was recently invited to review the DVD documentary IndoctriNation by Great Commission Films with my family. They sent me the DVD, we watched it, and I get to tell you all about it! My opinions in this review are all mine and my husband’s. I was not paid in any way to write this review; I just want to share things with my readers so they can decide on the best things for their families....more

Touchable Tuesday- Our Home-made Reading a Writing Kit

It was perfect timing for me to come across your post. I look forward to checking out some of ...more

I Am An American And Today I Celebrate Abraham Lincoln's Birthday

Do you know who our 16th president was?Does your 3rd grader?As of today, thanks to a Congressional resolution, it is International Darwin Day, now and forever on February 12.It also happens to be the birthday of one of the (I dare say the second) greatest Presidents in this America's history.The man who chose to fight instead of letting our country be divided. A man who felt that NO ONE was better than the other and freed the slaves....more