Encouragement for Moms of Little Ones

Love them. That seems simple enough, but make sure you communicate to your children how much you them on a daily basis. When your children are small, that is the best time to hold them in your lap, rock them to sleep, lie down with them for a nap, and snuggle as you read books to them. Hug them often. Tell them that you love them, over and over again. ...more

A Fun Learning Game for Early Readers: Easter Egg Word Families!

If you have a budding pre- or early-reader in your home, this activity is for you. It's seasonal, it's cute, and -- psst! -- it's easy. (For you, that is.) Sarah at Live, Laugh, and Learn shared how she made Easter egg word families and inspired me to go buy some plastic eggs this afternoon. ...more
@OyVeyaDay Thanks for reading! And Happy Passover to you and your family! :)more

Create Your Own Calendar Center at Home!

Editor's Note: There are many reasons why I didn't go into teaching as a career. However, the only real reason I wanted to was so I could decorate a room and have one of those cool calendars on the bulletin board that I could change up every month. Even today, I walk the aisles of our teaching supply store and gently touch the snowflakes and the apples. If you have a bit of the same nostalgia for your elementary school classroom, follow these tips from Michelle at The Momma Bird to bring a little educational activity and school-flair into your playroom. -Jenna ...more
I'd like to see a slight redesign, with a circle of months around the displayed one, the current ...more

Tips for Throwing an Easy Homeschool Valentine’s Day Party

Editor's Note: Think that school Valentine's Day boxes, candies and cards are just for those in the traditional classroom? Think again! Sarah at The Homeschool Classroom shares tips on throwing a homeschool group Valentine's Day party -- an annual event for her group that has the highest attendance every year! She has some great ideas, so check it out! ...more

A Rookie Home Schooler Mistake

Like anyone starting anything new, rookie homeschoolers make a few mistakes in the beginning. Backwoods Mom admits her mistake and it sounds like one that many might make when they're starting out. For our homeschoolers, what was your rookie mistake? ...more
I made the same exact mistake at the beginning of our homeschooling adventure.  I went and ...more

I'm Not a Homeschool Mom Anymore, but I Know Myself Better

It's interesting how we take on certain aspects of our mothering as parts of our identity. What happens when those things change? Take Scooper at a la mode for example: she was a homeschool mom -- and now she's not. It kind of shook how she looked at things. Has that ever happened to you? ...more
I completely understand!  After a year of homeschooling all three kids, I am down to just two ...more

Traditional School Does Not Have My Heart

I have been learning this year that the school system, as it exists today, doesn't allow for much variation in the many different ways children learn and need help. It has been frustrating at times and we're not currently dealing with any extreme issues. My heart goes out to those like Heather who is trying to help her son with his dyslexia. After a recent school conference, she had some really deep thoughts about schooling, preparing our kids for the future and the fundamental flaws with it all. ...more
I am quietly working within the system and doing lots of homeschooling-ish things in the ...more

Changing Tracks to Simplify: Saying Goodbye to Homeschool

Sometimes changes in our parenting plans are gradual, giving us time to get used to them. Sometimes they're whirlwind four day quick things that leave us standing in their wake. Scooper at a la mode was a homeschooling mom... and then she wasn't. She shares what happened -- and how it feels. ...more

Letting Kids in on Education Decisions

Have you ever struggled with making a decision on behalf of your child's best interests... only to realize that they should have some input and, in fact, they do have an opinion? Shocking! Idaho Dad at A Family Runs Through It recently had an experience like that with regard to the future of their homeschooling. I love when our kids teach us things in such simple ways. ...more
I recently did this with my kids.  They'd been attending a virtual charter school when I had to ...more

Where's the Good Homeschool Fiction? Right Here!

As much as I have always loved reading, I don't think I can recall a single juvenile fiction book in which the protagonist was homeschooled. I've even read a lot of Young Adult fiction in the past few years, and I still don't remember any homeschooling storylines. Lili at The Neustel Way has been seeking out and reading books for her homeschoolers to read and -- in the spirit of good blogging and sharing knowledge -- has blogged her finds. Reading how she found them and what she thinks is interesting whether you homeschool your children or not! ...more
I loved "Schooled" we love other books by that author, including "coyote in the house" it's ...more