Make Community Service Part of Your Homeschool

Teaching children the benefits of helping others in their community is one of those important lessons we shouldn't skip -- whether we homeschool or not. This post Sarah at The Homeschool Classroom shared a great post of tips and advice how to add some community service to your homeschool curriculum plan including tips for activities for all ages -- young learners to teens -- and ideas on how to find available opportunities. It's a great resource for any parent looking to add a little service into their family's life! ...more
I'm with you 110%.  As adults we know that helping others adds something to our own souls.  My ...more

It's Time for (Not) Back-to-School!

Homeschooling parents may not be gearing up to send their kids on a bus, but they're still busy getting ready for a new year of learning. Michelle at The Parent Vortex shares about how they're gearing up for their Kindergarten year at home: getting school supplies, connecting with other homeschoolers and sharing (or not) about their status as a homeschooling family ...more

Why I'm Going to Miss Homeschooling

As the back-to-school hoopla continues to amp up, I thought this post by everydayMOM was a unique perspective on the issue. She is planning on sending her kids back to private school after two years of homeschooling. Even though she knows it is the right decision for her family, she's still struggling with the internal back-and-forth of pros and cons of one version of schooling over the other. ...more
My daughter stars kindergarten at a french-immersion public school in two weeks. My son starts ...more

Gearing up for Preschool

Whether you homeschool year round, take summers off or just like to help your kids learn the nuts and bolts of education, this great little post by An Ordinary Mom is a must read. She whipped up some adorable and useful printables to start working more intentionally on learning with her two and four year old kids. They're so cute. Do you use printables with your just-learning-to-write aged kids? What are your favorite resource sites? ...more
I try. I use a lil of my own then the cheap $1 books..more

Choose Your Own Routine This Summer

The non-routine of routine can be difficult for many families. Michelle at The Parent Vortex shares the unique conundrum that homeschoolers (and as she says, "especially the unschooly kind") face during the summer months. While she struggles, she points out that the laundry can wait. And who doesn't agree with that train of thought! ...more

Missing the Pomp and Circumstance of Graduation for My Homeschooled Son

I've attended a few high school graduations over the past few years and am always hit by my own wave of nostalgia. I found this post by Elena at My Domestic Church to be an interesting contrast to some of the other graduation posts we have been running. She is a homeschool mom and her youngest son will be graduating in a simple ceremony, much different from another she attended this year. It's an interesting perspective. ...more
There are so many options available for home schooled children, including a traditional ...more

Homeschooling Do-Over: What Would You Change?

Homeschooling isn't always easy. And it's not always difficult. This post by Kim at Mommy Esquire talks about the things she would have done differently if she got a do-over, including pros and cons for each point. If you're considering homeschooling next year, it's really a must read! ...more

I totally agree that a set curriculum for the first homeschooling year is a great help. I ...more